Custom Name Blue Rainbow Baby Monthly Blanket

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This rainbow milestone blanket has the main color of white combined with horizontal lines to create a soft feeling for the viewer.

The centerpiece of the blanket is a rainbow. Painted with different tones against a green background, this rainbow brings a feeling of freshness to the baby.

The green color is soothing and calming, which can help to promote restful sleep and relaxation for your little one. In addition, the fresh and vibrant color scheme of the blanket can stimulate a baby’s senses, helping to promote their cognitive development and creativity.

The green line of the rainbow is printed with small white dots, adding a fun touch to the design. The light green line of the rainbow has a more intricate pattern. It is printed with undulating yellow jagged teeth on the outside, which might give the impression of a leafy border. On the inside of the light green line, there are dashed lines, representing the shining sun. This could create a beautiful contrast between the cool colors of the rainbow and the warm, sunny colors of the sun.

To make the design more impressive, the rainbow is attached to a pair of fairy wings. These yellow wings curl up extremely soft. They are mounted on either side of the rainbow as if to welcome the adorable little angels.

In addition to its colorful rainbow design, the blanket also has a practical purpose: helping parents keep track of their baby’s height as they grow. To do this, the blanket features 4 small rainbow shapes arranged alternately along its length. These rainbow shapes are 15cm apart from each other, making it easy for parents to measure their baby’s height as they reach each milestone.

To use this blanket, parents will lay their baby on it, take pictures over the months and see how much taller they are each month. With indescribably soft material, babies will definitely have a good sleep.

  • 100% polyester.
  • Ultra-high definition, full overflow,
  • High-quality photo printing no fading or discoloration

Fleece Blanket

This super soft, fluffy, lightweight fleece blanket not only keeps you warm, but it’s also light enough to take on the go!

  • Made with 100% soft and silky polyester
  • Ultra-high definition, full overflow
  • High-quality photo printing.

Meaningful gifts

Ideal gift for new mom and  baby shower: The ideal gift for new parents is to capture the best moments of their newborn’s life.

Please Note

The Blanket NOT Include Milestone Marker. The mockup image is just a description of how to use the blanket.