Neutral Ballon Dinosaur Milestone Blanket

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The dinosaur milestone blanket is certainly not a strange product in recent years for parents who are about to welcome their first child. To mark each step of your child’s growth, this is one of the indispensable products.

The Dinosaur milestone Blanket is a perfect blend of cool and refreshing hues that imbue a sense of calm and tranquility. The fresh green color of the blanket is reminiscent of the dense foliage of a prehistoric forest, adding a touch of wildness and adventure to the overall design. The white accents on the blanket create a striking contrast against the green background, evoking a sense of purity.

Above the blanket, the illustration depicts a clear blue sky with the warm sun shining down on the world below. The rays of the sun cast a warm glow over the entire scene, enveloping everything in a bright and cheerful light. The sky is dotted with fluffy white clouds that drift lazily overhead, creating a peaceful and dreamy atmosphere.

On the ground is a mischievous and adorable dinosaur family depicted, riding in a chariot that is overflowing with fun and happiness. The chariot is adorned with balloons of all shapes and sizes, adding a sense of magic and wonder to the design. The balloons are shaped like stars, moons, hearts, circles, and other delightful shapes, each one adding to the sense of adventure and excitement.

The dinosaur family is portrayed in a joyful and carefree manner, each exuding a sense of playfulness. The parent dinosaurs are portrayed with believable images, while the baby dinosaurs are full of curiosity. Together, they create an extremely warm and happy atmosphere.

This is definitely the most suitable piece to have new babies born. They will be very excited when they grow up to see the childhood photos taken by their parents with this lovely blanket.

Sherpa Blanket:

The cozy sherpa blanket is the ultimate accessory to keep your baby warm. This blanket has a soft polyester side and a silky smooth sherpa side.

  • 100% polyester.
  • Ultra-high definition, full overflow,
  • High-quality photo printing no fading or discoloration

Fleece Blanket

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Meaningful gifts

Ideal gift for new mom and  baby shower: The ideal gift for new parents is to capture the best moments of their newborn’s life.

Please Note

The Blanket NOT Include Milestone Marker. The mockup image is just a description of how to use the blanket.