How to Wash Fuzzy Blanket

How to Wash Fuzzy Blanket

Before we want to know how to wash fuzzy blanket, we need to learn through some content and some notes. This will help you get to know your blanket better and it will be easier for you to use it longer! There are many definitions of a fuzzy blanket, but in general it is a soft blanket that is warm and gives you comfort.

Fuzzy blankets are easier to wash than other types because you can use the washing machine right away. However, we still recommend that you read the manufacturer’s instructions before actually embarking on the washing process!

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And right now, let’s learn about the fuzzy blanket together! In this article, there will be content such as: What is a fuzzy blanket? How it works and how to wash it! Let’s find out together now!

1. What is a Fuzzy Blanket?

Like many other blankets, in addition to a variety of sizes and designs, fuzzy blankets have additional outstanding features such as the types and materials from which they are made. But more than that, when it comes to fuzzy blankets, we will immediately remember soft and luxurious blankets.

Because they are made from microfiber and soft, from 100% polyester synthetic figs. They are then stylishly knitted and they are connected by a stake at the bottom of the quilt surface. Inside the blanket are layers of soft, warm cotton.

Helps limit heat generation, keeping you warm all night long even when your home doesn’t have a heater. When it comes to comforters, you will remember the inner cotton layer and today we will also learn how to wash that cotton layer.

They are also very flexible, if you don’t want to use the outer lining such as: silk layer, wool layer, faux fur lining, … then you can still use that comforter layer directly!

2. Warm and Comfortable Fuzzy Blanket

On cold winter days, people tend to choose fuzzy blankets. This is because they retain heat and insulate very well. You won’t have to wear layers or thick clothes in your own home!

Even on cold days, you can wear short sleeves, thin clothes and curl up in a fuzzy blanket, very warm and comfortable. The blanket will hug and envelop you, plus you can watch movies, listen to music, read stories, any form of entertainment. From the bedroom to the living room, it will take you forever.

Plus, the blankets are so easy to clean, they don’t get dirty even with the lightest of colors! It is easily machine washed, very fast, convenient and cost-effective!

3. How to Wash Fuzzy Blankets

You can completely wash your fuzzy blanket at home quickly, conveniently and save both cost and time. Cleaning and washing blankets is also how you remove fine dust, bacteria, mold and other viruses.

Before washing we need to prepare a few things such as: carefully read the instructions for cleaning the blanket according to the manufacturer’s standards. For some items that need to be dry cleaned, treat them with dry cleaning or take them out to the laundromat!

3.1. Check before Washing Fuzzy Blanket

To prevent your comforter from being damaged and costly, you need to check if your comforter can be washed normally. If the manufacturer recommends dry cleaning only, then we think it’s best to just dry clean it.

And the best way to dry clean is to take it to a professional laundromat for them to handle it for you! If it can be washed at home that would be great! Right now you can wash it to your own taste already!

Before that, you need to double check your blanket. See if it’s punctured, exposed, or cracked anywhere. If so, you need to deal with it right away!

Avoid the case that you put it in the washing machine, it will cause it to throw all the cotton layers out, ruining your blanket and ruining the washing machine! Then see if your blanket has any stains that need to be treated? If so, remove it before washing!

3.2. Choosing Laundry Detergent for Fuzzy Blankets

When dealing with stains, you can use a mild non-chlorine cleaner, treating stains only in areas where there are stains! Avoid spreading detergent to adjacent areas to avoid yellowing and fading of fabrics. We recommend using white vinegar to remove stains!

As for detergents and cleaning agents, you should choose products specifically for washing specialized blankets, no bleach and gentle washing. If the entire blanket tends to stain and darken, you should use a biological cleaner that has a built-in stain remover.

These biological cleaners are relatively gentle and are not likely to damage or damage your blanket! But you should pay attention to using a sufficient amount, do not use too much to make your blanket become frayed, thin and affect the cotton layer.

3.3. How to Wash Fuzzy Blanket by Machine

Washing fuzzy blankets is really simple, because you can let the washing machine do everything for you, but in the process of washing you need to keep a few things in mind to avoid damaging your blanket! Right now, let’s wash fuzzy blankets together! You can follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Before you put the entire blanket in the washing machine, hold the blanket in the middle and gently shake it. This basically helps to remove the original threads and layers of dirt, somewhat supporting your washing machine to work overload.
  • Step 2: Then put your entire blanket in the washing machine and go prepare the washing liquid. Like I said, if your blanket is discolored all over, add a little white vinegar to your blanket during the wash!
  • Step 3: After putting the blanket in the washing machine and adding washing water, choose a gentle washing mode with a slow spin speed to avoid affecting the cotton and blanket layers! One more small note is to choose a washing water, wash it in cold water or water not exceeding 30 degrees Celsius. This will help protect the inside of your fuzzy blanket properly when machine washing.
  • Step 4: And now you just need to press the start button and wait for it to complete its cycle! Pay attention to the washing machine flushing twice to remove the remaining rinse water. Please pay attention to regularly monitor the operation of the washing machine! To be able to proactively handle emergency situations!

3.4. How to Dry Fuzzy Blankets after Washing

  • After your blanket completes the wash cycle, you can dry your blanket. However, you still need to consider whether your blanket is allowed to use a dryer! If you can’t use a dryer, you can dry it on a drying rack in a sunny place so it can be completely dried!
  • If your blanket is advised to dry in a dry place and avoid direct sunlight, you can dry it in a shady, well-ventilated place and allow the blanket to dry naturally. When exposed to such sunlight, it also helps to naturally remove bacteria and mold from your blanket!
  • The manufacturer still recommends that the fuzzy blanket should be dried as quickly as possible! And the best way to dry the blanket is to dry it half and then continue to dry it in the sun to let it dry again. That’s the best way!

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