How To Wash A Plush Blanket

How To Wash A Plush Blanket

How many blankets are there in your house? Do you know how to wash all the blankets you have? So, how to wash a plush blanket? Oh, if you are not familiar with how to wash a comforter, that’s okay, because our article was written to show you how to wash that comforter! Are you curious?

The duvet is famous for its excellent ability to keep warm. On cold winter days, it’s wonderful to be at home and curled up in a warm blanket. What a beautiful scene, but no less luxurious. The reason we call cotton blankets luxury blankets is because they have an elegant appearance and are made of completely natural materials, so their prices are quite expensive!

So in today’s article we want to show you how to wash a blanket along with some tips on how to wash and care for your plush blanket!

1. Prepare Before Washing The Plush Blanket

Before washing any kind of blanket, and in any way, we also need to prepare the following items and materials:

  • Washing machine (if machine wash) / Large enough basin to hold blankets (if hand wash)
  • Gentle detergent
  • Dryer (if the blanket is dryer) / Clothes drying rack

Above are the suggestions of 9Blanket, we encourage you to add some items such as clothes fragrance beads, a soft brush if there are stubborn stains and some other items that you think you need. set it up!

2. Ways To Wash Cotton Blankets

Like many other blankets, cotton blankets also have two main washing methods: hand washing and machine washing. So are the washing steps of each way different? To be able to answer this question, let’s learn the next content to be able to find the answer!

2.1. Wash Duvets By Hand

With hand washing, you will go through 5 steps in turn. Includes: Prepare basin and washing solution; Follow instructions; Soak; Wash; Dry the blanket. Now, let’s start washing blankets by hand!

  • Step 1 – Prepare The Basin And Washing Solution: What size is your duvet? Is it big? So to make sure your blanket is filled with water, prepare a large pot to be able to hold your entire blanket! Once you’ve prepared the basin, it’s time to prepare the mixed solution to wash your blanket! First, put water in the pot, paying attention to about 2/3 of the water level in the pot. Next, add 1/2 cup of laundry detergent. If you use laundry detergent, this is entirely possible. As long as you don’t use strong detergents that cause fabric breakage, fabric softening and even fading of the blanket’s color. So we’re done with the first step!
  • Step 2 – Follow The Instructions: This step we need to carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions a little more, see if your blanket should treat stains before washing? Can fabric softener be soaked? And is it necessary to wash in cool water?… Those are all the requirements and conditions that you need to make and take seriously to be able to keep your blanket in a fresh condition, It’s clean and smells just like when it was new.
  • Step 3 – Soak: Now you can fully sink your blanket with confidence! When you put the blanket in the basin, gently squeeze the blanket until the blanket is evenly soaked! After your blanket has been surrounded by laundry solution, soak it for a bit, about 20 minutes so that the detergent can work to its full potential!
  • Step 4 – Rinse: After 20 minutes of soaking the blanket, take your blanket out of the pot and wring it out gently to remove all the remaining layers of dirt and mud on the blanket! To shake the fabric off the blanket, you can lift the blanket up and down a few times! Then you need to rinse your blanket with water. This is not just a one-time job, just do it again and again until the foam is clean! Note that you should not wring the blanket to remove the water, but gently squeeze to remove the water layer!
  • Step 5 – Dry The Blanket: Congratulations on making this last step! After you have rinsed the blanket with water, you just need to squeeze the blanket on a drying rack or a drying pole in the yard! Then, wait for a day when your blanket is completely dry and fragrant, you can continue to use the blanket or take it away!

2.2. Machine Wash Comforter

For washing down comforters with a washing machine, you need to pay a little attention. And with this washing method, you will do 6 steps sequentially as follows: Read the manufacturer’s instructions; Sort laundry before washing comforters; Dirty dredging treatment; Choose detergent; Select wash cycle and water temperature; Dry. And here is our detailed step-by-step description, please wait and read!

  • Step 1 – Read The Manufacturer’s Instructions: Most blankets are machine washable. Except in cases where blankets are made from natural materials and they need to be dry cleaned or gently hand washed. Especially cotton blankets, with cotton layers that are easy to clump when washing by machine, but you can completely choose a gentle washing cycle to ensure the blanket is always like new and durable.
  • Step 2 – Sort The Laundry Before Washing The Comforter: Cotton fabric easily attracts lint and other fleece fibers. And they easily stick to the surface of the comforter. Not to mention that other clothes, pillows, and blankets will fade into the comforter you wash with. Therefore, to avoid unnecessary troubles, you should not wash the comforter with any other items! This is also a trick during the washing process to help keep your blanket shiny during the next use.
  • Step 3 – Pre-Treatment Of Stains: Stains such as grease or oil-based ones will be difficult to avoid, but they are difficult stains to remove and handle during normal washing. So, to be able to completely clean your blanket, you need to pre-treat those stains with an enzyme-based detergent or some heavy-duty laundry detergent that specializes in stripping. . When dealing with stains, remember that you should only treat stains within the stain! Do not spread to another area to avoid spreading to another area! Apply detergent to the stain and let it work for at least 10 minutes!
  • Step 4 – Choose A Detergent: As we have recommended in previous articles, you should only use mild detergents and do not use strong detergents and fabric softeners on the entire blanket. This will cause your blanket to be fabricated, thin, and even ruin your entire blanket. Your whole washing cycle should only be one type of water / detergent, do not add other detergents!
  • Step 5 – Choose A Wash Cycle And Water Temperature: After you have removed stubborn stains in step 3, you should only choose a gentle washing mode in this step! To avoid fabric lint, you should set the washing cycle to a lower spin speed, to prevent your blanket from being pushed around and to avoid creating unnecessary wrinkles on your blanket. And the most important thing is to always choose the cold water mode, never choose the hot water mode when you wash the comforter! Here’s how to keep the blanket from shrinking and stay fresh and beautiful!
  • Step 6 – Drying The Comforter: Experts always recommend that you dry the blanket naturally, do not use a dryer or a wringer, but dry the blanket on a drying rack and leave it outside to dry naturally. However, if you are someone who does not have time and urgently needs to use the blanket, drying the blanket is completely possible. If you choose to dry the blanket, pay attention to drying at a low temperature to avoid damaging the fabric layers and keep the comfort of the comforter!

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