What is a Woobie Blanket

What is a Woobie Blanket

Ever heard of woobie blankets? What is a woobie blanket? I am also very curious about this blanket, and want to learn about it. Today, I will write this article to share with you about this blanket. What are they used for and how to use them! Are you excited about today’s post? Let’s consult and learn more about these issues!

To get this information, we have researched and verified a lot of information from many sides. And we found these aspects very interesting, so we wanted to share them with you.

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1. What Is A Woobie Blanket?

When it comes to woobie blankets, they will surely become a memory of many people. With older generations, woobie blankets became known during the Vietnam War in the 1960s to 1975s. They were used to meet the needs of the military with tropical weather in the Southeast region ASIAN.

In the tropics, in the morning it will be somewhat dry and even hot, but at night, the temperature tends to decrease and there is fog and humidity. Soldiers often have to lay blankets on the ground and with such weather it is easy to affect their health and make them sick.

Therefore, the woobie blanket is made with two different sides. The layer in contact with the ground is called a poncho lining, they are usually made of polyester canvas, they are quite tough and can withstand impact.

They can be likened to an elastic rubber layer that prevents moisture, mold odors from entering and harming soldiers. The top of the blanket is made of nylon that surrounds the bottom polyester canvas. They are like a blanket that can wrap around the body and resist the cold. So they are very popular in the military.

In addition to the name military woobie blankets, they are also known as comforters, poncho blankets and become an essential standard of equipment and become an indispensable item for military personnel.

2. History Of Woobie Blankets In The Military

In fact, poncho material has been used and widely used in the years of the American Civil War (1861). The poncho was released for field use as a protective cover to cover the ground and protect the uniform in wet weather.

And it was issued by the United States Armed Forces and was chosen as standard equipment in the field. And from there the military woobie blanket was born.

In the next few centuries, the poncho was improved in material and design in the Second World War. The vest is used to protect the soldier from the elements of the field, they are used by each soldier as a companion to them wherever they go.

During that time, the poncho has changed a lot. It wasn’t until the 1960s that the Vietnam War broke out so they were brought to Vietnam and distributed to special forces in Vietnam. Featuring standard poncho liners that can replace wool blankets, protecting soldiers from the cold!

Besides, they are very light, so soldiers can easily fold them or even roll them up and put them in their backpacks easily. They can be stored very quickly when wet, so soldiers don’t have to worry about them not being able to dry in a short time.

3. Why Is The Woobie Blanket Loved In The Military?

When it comes to woobie blankets, every soldier is excited. They say they love this woobie blanket. There are many reasons to love them. In the military it is affectionately known as the security blanket. The most special thing is that it is extremely useful, practical, suitable for the soldier’s situation, so it is really loved like that.

It also serves as a military mirror, as it can withstand extreme heat and freezing cold. In urgent cases, you can use it to make a raincoat. No problem! It will dry quickly!

In case even if it gets wet, it can still keep your body warm! In addition, it is very light and can be folded neatly in a soldier’s backpack, supporting the soldier’s lightness during mobility and movement.

Below we will introduce you to two more contents: How to use it in the military and the content of cotton blankets. Below is the content of the woobie blanket that we cover. Hope this content will help you, if you are intending to own a woobie duvet, please refer to our information below! Hope 9Blanket‘s article and our content will help you!

3.1. How Are Woobie Blankets Used In The Military?

Since being present in the army, the woobie blanket has become an indispensable item in the soldier’s equipment. It is their flexibility and convenience that are very useful and loved, so they can be used in every soldier’s life. In the army they were made the following items:

  • Blankets to cover
  • Pillow
  • Sleeping bag
  • Hammock
  • Mattress or baseboard
  • Tent Separator
  • Used for camouflage
  • Used as lining for jackets or raincoats
  • Seat cushions
  • Protection from damp, cold elements

Perhaps when you read this far, I believe you understand why the woobie blanket is so popular in the military! It can replace and handle all difficult situations, and help soldiers always feel comfortable in use. With those characteristics, in the following content we will introduce you to other uses of woobie blankets in your daily life in the following sections!

3.2. How Are Civilian Woobie Blankets Used?

Today you can easily find woobie blankets anywhere. You can type online in the search area to find woobie blankets, find out where the blanket is sold. And it’s not difficult when today you can buy them on strong online sales sites. And you can also buy them and enjoy the benefits of them.

Today, with the times of peace and to meet the needs of the people, woobie blankets are created with a variety of products and colors, even sizes. With the structure unchanged, it is now diversified to be easily accessible to all customers.

So in the civilian world, what is the woobie blanket used for? Hmm, you will be surprised with this answer! They are sold and used quite widely by forest hunters, adventure and camping travelers or it provides other outdoor activities.

It keeps you protected from the cold outdoor air. The ground is wet and dusty. For hunters, it is such a companion, so hunters can comfortably style animals without worrying about contact with wet soil.

And one more important thing! Now, even in your home, that very common and useful woobie blanket! You can use it for barbecues with family in the garden or bbq sessions with full members.

Besides, the woobie blanket can also be used on the couch, on the floor or on the bed. It will work and take advantage of all the uses it has to prevent stubborn layers of water, dirt and stains from entering and your sofa, furniture, bed and car.

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