How Big is a 30×40 Blanket

How Big is a 30x40 Blanket

How big is a 30×40 blanket and where in your house can you use a blanket of that size? You must be very confused with the options for your home? With an average size of 30×40, we think this is a very popular size.

The blanket is about the size of a one and a half year old baby. With units of meters, the approximate value is 0.73 meters x 1.02 meters. As for the unit in feet, it will be 2.5 x 3.3 and when in centimeters, it will be 76.2 x 101.6. So this is the perfect measurement for a 30 x 40 inch blanket.

1. Other Sizes Show Blanket Size 30×40

You can see that 30×40 blankets are very popular among parents and young children. As these bedding items are perfect for your one and a half year old baby. With this size there are different types of blankets for both babies and adults. In the following, we will cover the common types of blankets and their sizes that are commonly available in the market.

Depending on the needs of each person, the specific size to use for different purposes is different. There are some that are best for babies, while others are designed for adults in the winter.

1.1. Crib Blanket

For babies besides aesthetics, high-quality bedding and bedding is essential. Compared to rough or poor quality sheets and sheets, they help prevent any possible irritation or allergies. These blankets typically measure 30 inches by 46 inches or, more commonly, blankets that measure 30 inches by 40 inches.

A very versatile high-quality crib blanket, they are a perfect addition to any nursery. In addition to being used in a nursery, the crib blanket can also use it in a car or stroller. It even acts as a mat for your baby to use when playing on the floor or other potentially dirty surfaces. However, there may be a slight variation in size as babies grow faster and therefore require larger items with more frequency.

1.2. Twin Blanket

With a larger bed, you can also use the double blanket as a blanket for it. Usually a double blanket measures about 90 inches by 60 inches. And they are the perfect blanket for a small and cozy double bed. This is one of the great options to best decorate your bed on cold winter days.

1.3. Double

The use of the double blanket is as the name suggests, this is a 2-layer full sheet blanket for the bed. The double duvet is usually a whopping about 90 inches by 80 inches. It is only slightly wider than a double blanket. Besides keeping the user warm throughout the night, it is sometimes used as a blanket.

1.4. Queen

For the queen size blanket, you can also use it more creatively, such as a wall rug. Its size ranks as the second largest blanket on this list. It boasts a length of 90-100 inches and a width of 90 inches. Just like the double blanket and twin blanket, it does its job to keep the user warm! The queen size blanket is especially suitable for king size beds and thin king size beds.

1.5. King

Following the previous blanket, these take their name from its royal size and are used in full-size mattresses. The blanket is the perfect size for a large bed or sharing a blanket. This is one of the largest and warmest blankets available on all the markets. It measures 108 inches wide and 100 inches long.

2. How to Store Blankets 30×40

After learning about the sizes of blankets and their uses. We found that the 30 inch x 40 inch blanket is the most commonly used for babies. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep this blanket clean and smelling good as it is safe for your baby’s sensitive skin. Below, we bring you some helpful tips and tricks to keep your blanket clean and hygienic.

2.1. Tip #1. Wash Frequently

Blankets are both decorative items and have close and long contact with human skin, so regular washing is necessary. Clean blankets weekly or biweekly, depending on exposure to dirt and depending on the material of the blanket, you may need to hand wash or machine wash.

It is important during the washing process that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions because washing your blanket improperly can lead to irreparable damage. And here, we will summarize the things you need to keep in mind when washing any type of blanket:

  • Firstly, there are two ways to choose a washing method: hand washing and machine washing.
  • Second, is the temperature of the water. Most blankets are usually washed in cold or warm water. Absolutely avoid using hot water as hot water can cause irreversible damage to the stain.
  • Finally, you should only use mild detergents, especially for more delicate materials.

2.2. Tip #2. Dry 

The way the blanket is dried is also a factor that greatly affects the shelf life of the blanket. To dry a blanket properly, it must be exposed to the right amount of heat. And similar to how to wash and dry blankets, there are also two ways

  • Method 1: Using a dryer, you can put the blanket in it and choose a gentle cold drying program.
  • Method 2: Hang the blanket outside to dry in the sun. But if you’re more careful, it’s best not to expose the blanket to direct sunlight. Because direct sunlight can fade your blanket or any other fabric you leave out in the sun.

2.3. Tip #3. Store When Not in Use

When not in use, it is essential to keep your blanket in a cool and dry place. The fabric of the blanket is also important in the care of your blanket as there will be specific care instructions for different fabrics. For example, wool should be folded with acid-free paper towels and then stored in a vacuum bag.

2.4. Tip #4. Brush Your Blanket

The last tip may sound a bit strange, but combing is a common thing people do to keep their blankets soft. Sometimes you will encounter some cases, the blanket manufacturer even recommends that you groom your blanket a few times from time to time. Because brushing your blanket can help remove lint and other debris from the surface of the blanket. Besides, it can also help increase the strength of your blanket fibers.

3. Frequently Asked Questions

What is Considered a Large Blanket?

A plus size blanket is primarily considered a large sleeping blanket. These blankets typically measure about 72 inches wide and 80 inches long. A large king size blanket will be more comfortable and look more luxurious when they are left to decorate your bed.

What is The Right Blanket Size for Babies?

In the market you can see several types of baby blankets that are usually 40 inches × 60 inches, which can cover the entire toddler when placed in their crib. However, many parents prefer the 30×40 blanket because it is a multi-use blanket.


We now believe you know the exact dimensions of the 30×40 inch blanket plus more size options. And again, I repeat with blankets this size used for babies. Besides that there are also many different types of blankets available. You can choose the best one according to your mattress size and intended use. 9Blanket hopes our article will be useful to you and your choice!

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