How to Sew a Double Sided Fleece Blanket

What will you do on this winter break? Hmm, what do you think about how to sew a double-sided fleece blanket? It’s fresh and interesting, isn’t it? Would you like to experiment with this for a bit?

Instead of pondering and thinking, you can read this article to the end to consider the current status and see if you really want to do this project! Now you can follow our processes and content to make the best and informed decisions! Hope this article can bring you the best experience!

In this article, we will cover the content to help you better understand the fleece blanket as well as how to make a double-sided fleece blanket! The first two content items are to state the concept or more accurately explain what a fleece blanket is?

The benefits it brings and finally the 7 steps to make a double-sided fleece blanket. Don’t let you wait any longer, let’s find out the content in the article one by one now!

1. What is a Fleece Blanket?

First of all, fleece blankets are often referred to as square or rectangular blankets. They are available in different sizes. Today, they are even more diverse in size to be able to promptly respond to customer needs and new tastes.

Fleece blankets are known for being lightweight, super warm and helping you stay warm on cold winter nights even while you’re sleeping in bed and entertaining on the sofa. To get the popularity they are today, they were made with polyester fleece.

Even so, it’s still reasonably priced and inexpensive, so it’s accessible to most customers, which is why it’s available at various quilt, sheet, pillow, mattress and fabric stores.

2. Benefits of Fleece Blankets For You

Fleece is a common material for household use and is used to make clothing. It is both convenient and diverse, so there are many benefits to you. Here, our 9Blanket will list some of its benefits. If you know of any other benefits let us know!

  • The fleece blanket is suitable and safe for all skin types, so it’s comfortable even when you’re active. Plus, it’s made from polyester fur so it’s durable to use for a long time!
  • The polyester fleece will help you get a balanced amount of heat, keeping you warm on winter days and not making you too hot on hot summer days.
  • There is good news for you. That’s it, it’s easy to machine wash and dry comfortably, so it’s handy no matter how busy you are, and it’s also easy to put away when you’re not using it.
  • With its easy to use and inexpensive price, it is also quite cheap, so it is a great choice for you to bring as gifts or birthday gifts for your friends and relatives. there!

3. Prepare The Material Before Stitching The Double-Sided Fleece Blanket

Before you really start sewing double-sided fleece blankets, prepare some of the following necessary materials so that your making process goes smoothly and you can finish the product faster:

  • Sewing machine: is an item that helps you to have a stronger and more durable quilt seam.
  • Pins: An essential item for you to fix the ends of the blanket’s edges.
  • Sewing Pattern: Be the color you like, or you can be more creative, create your own one-of-a-kind blankets by adding some of your personal logos!
  • Fleece fabric: Go to the store and choose the fabric, fabric color and size that you like!
  • Scissors: A sharp pair of scissors is the key to success for your blanket.
  • Ruler: An item that helps you to accurately measure each corner from the part of the blanket to make your blanket look more balanced!

4. Steps To Sew A Double-Sided Fleece Blanket

Now it’s time for us to really shake hands and sew the double-sided fleece blanket! We recommend that you read all the steps and then follow them one by one! This pre-reading will help you identify and avoid common mistakes. Sewing a double-sided fleece blanket is made in the following 5 steps: 

4.1. Cut Your Fleece Fabric

Before you cut the fabric, you need to determine what size blanket you want to make. If this is confusing for you, here are some standard bed sizes for you:

  • Cot blanket: 45 inches x 60 inches
  • Double bed: 66 inches x 90 inches
  • Twin bed: 80 inches – 85 inches x 90 inches
  • Queen Bed: 90 inches x 90 inches
  • King Bed: 90 inches – 100 inches x 108 inches

We think you should determine the size of the blanket you want to sew and then go to the fabric store to buy fabric for the blanket! This will help you avoid wasting fabric when you buy too much, with more convenience you can ask the craftsman or salesperson to cut to size for you!

In addition, when preparing the fabric, you need to prepare two pieces of the same size! If you like to be out of the way or have a personality, you can cut two pieces of fabric that are the same size but have a different color or pattern.

If you are after a simple, elegant style, you can cut and prepare two pieces of fabric that are the same in color and size!

Then you place the two pieces of fabric so that they coincide and the right sides of the fabric are facing each other. Next, use the pins you prepared earlier to fix them together for convenience in the next steps!

4.2. Sew Two Layers Of Fabric Together

Before actually sewing the two layers of fabric together, make sure that the right sides of the fabric are facing each other, and the left side of the fabric is facing out. Still keep the pin on your quilt and start stitching from the hold of one edge stitching outwards. There are a few things you need to pay special attention to:

  • The distance from the edge of the fabric to the stitch is about 1/2 inch. Then sew slowly and steadily to all the edges and corners of the blanket.
  • After stitching all the edges and corners, you can remove the pin from the blanket to prevent the pin from stabbing you during the stitching process!
  • Before you sew all the edges of the blanket, remember to leave a stitch space of 5 inches – 10 inches to facilitate your future quilting! The space left can be flexible when you make a larger blanket!
  • If, after stitching one turn, you find that the stitching is not strong, you can sew it over and over again one or two more times! You can also swap out the double stitch to make each stitch more secure!

4.3. Turn The Blanket Right Side Out

You’re almost done with your blanket! In this step, you just need to turn the blanket right side out. But please pay attention gently from a little bit to avoid the situation where your blanket is chipped and you have to do it again!

To make sure the corners are pushed out, you can use an iron, or any other object that can be safe with your blanket! To make it easier, watch the video and do it!

4.4. Sew The Remaining Space

Now it’s time to finish the rest of the sewing! Tuck the remaining parts into the quilt, you can use pins to secure its edges to ensure absolute safety and accuracy when sewing your blanket. Then you continue to make the stitches as you did. For extra security, you can secure a diagonal line between the two pieces of fabric.

4.5. Decorate Your Blanket

Congratulations, you’ve finished your quilt! Now, you can decorate some textures to make your blanket look more beautiful and lively with some decorating suggestions from us as follows:

  • Embroider the name of you or the recipient of the blanket.
  • Tag a name or nickname.
  • Sew the ribbon in the corner of the blanket.

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