How Many Watts Does an Electric Blanket Use

How Many Watts Does an Electric Blanket Use

How many watts does an electric blanket use is a frequently asked question by owners of an electric blanket. When the temperature begins to decrease and the cold of winter begins to penetrate into every cell in the body, keeping warm and not letting the body get cold is the top priority of each of us.

On such cold winter days, there is no feeling as comfortable and cozy as climbing on a soft mattress, curled up in a warm blanket. And electric blankets are a great choice to accomplish this.

With the development of science and technology, people’s lives are also increasingly improved, and the appearance of electronic devices makes our lives smarter and more convenient. Electric blankets are also one of such groundbreaking innovations. While using an electric blanket can warm up your body temperature quickly, it also means an increase in your electricity bill.

Therefore, the question of whether using an electric blanket costs too much is a question that everyone must consider before buying an electric blanket. In this article, we will explain to you in detail the working principle, power consumption, and basic cost of using an electric blanket so that you can calculate its operating costs.

1. How Does It Work?

An electric blanket, also known as a bed heater, is a household appliance that is composed of a blanket with an electric heater inside. When powered, the blanket will gradually heat up and spread heat evenly over its surface which will keep the bed warm before we climb into bed.

It will provide a sufficient amount of heat to warm the body during the sleep cycle. However, the exposed skin surface must be covered with another layer of textile because direct contact may cause burns.

An electric blanket that needs to work requires a plug that is connected to the network. In addition, a controller is required to adjust the temperature following the body. When the temperature is hot enough, it will convert electrical energy into heat through wires that are evenly distributed throughout the surface of the blanket. This provides warmth for our bodies and pets.

There are also more modern blankets now made from cables made of glass. They are thinner and more flexible, and the heat generated by fiberglass is much safer and more effective for the body.

2. Benefits of Using Electric Blankets

It has been shown that if used properly and reasonably, electric blankets bring us a lot of conveniences and make our lives easier. Here are some advantages of using electric blankets:

  • Firstly: The electric blanket is one of the electronic devices that provide fast, local, and adjustable electricity for each person’s purposes.
    • You can use an electric blanket to warm up the area you sleep in a few hours before bed and reduce the temperature in other places where you don’t need it. If you use the heater for the whole house, what a waste!
    • Because sometimes there are areas where you don’t need a heater that still works as opposed to an electric blanket. This helps you reduce a large amount of electricity consumption and electricity costs.
  • Second: The blanket’s adjuster is fully self-adjusting. This will help us to be able to regulate the appropriate body temperature. In addition, the electric blanket is very smart, it will automatically turn off when the desired temperature is reached and automatically activate when the temperature is reduced.
    • This helps to maintain a steady level of body temperature. Some blankets are even designed with two separate phases, each with a bed that can be comfortably adjusted to each person’s needs.
  •  Third: Electric blankets are very safe. As long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use and the appropriate safety measures, the electric blanket is a safe, body-friendly device.
    • Always remember not to let your skin come into direct contact with the blanket, but rather through a rug or knitted fabric to avoid the risk of burns.
  • Fourth: They have very low electricity consumption compared to the use of other heating devices.
  • Fifth: They are very easy to clean and clean. Unlike other blankets, they are often dirty and must be cleaned regularly.
    • Because it passes through a layer of fabric before it comes into contact with human skin, electric blankets also minimize the risk of significant dirt accumulation.

Above are the outstanding advantages of electric blankets to answer your question about whether it is worth investing in them or not.

3. How Many Watts Does an Electric Blanket Use?

A typical electric blanket will have a capacity of 100-150 watts. If you know the rules and understand how they work, owning an electric blanket is not too expensive.

On average, a person will use the blanket for about 7 hours a night with a capacity of 150 watts.

So the power consumption in one night will be: 7 * 150 = 1050 watt

In a year we will use 4 months of winter, so the electricity consumption per year will be: 1050*30*4=126kWh

If you compare it with the power consumption of other household electrical appliances, it will surprise you even more. 

For example, using a washing machine with a capacity of 1500 watts for one hour per year must consume up to 527.5 kWh of energy. Or using a heater with a capacity of 2000 watts (7 hours per day) for 4 months in winter, the electricity consumption will be 2000*7*30*4=1680kWh. The huge amount that we have to pay is 13.3 times more than using an electric blanket.

Take the average price per kWh around 12 cents = $0.12 (some areas of the US may have slightly lower or higher rates)

So the price you will have to pay when using an electric blanket for a year will be: 0.12 * 126000 = $15.12 per year. The cost cannot be more economical when using heating equipment.

4. Using an Electric Blanket

After thoroughly understanding the power consumption of an electric blanket and the principle of its operation, below 9Blanket will show you some principles to use the electric blanket in the most scientific and reasonable way. If you can fully comply with the rules that we outline below, using an electric blanket is not only safer and more efficient but also helps to optimize its cost and energy consumption:

  • Unplug immediately when not in use to save power as well as minimize possible problems.
  • Never leave your electric linens on overnight as this can lead to a fire hazard.
  • Do not roll, fold or bundle the blanket as this will directly affect the thermostat, cables, and electronic devices inside, leading to unexpected problems such as electrical overload, fire, and explosion. , electric shock, damage to cables, or internal equipment.
  • Regularly check the blanket for any wrinkles or burns so that you can contact the technical department to repair and maintain it.
  • When washing the blanket without using the spin cycle, the cable may be damaged.
  • Do not use blankets near an open window, use blankets at room temperature only because the thermostat’s construction is made specifically for room temperature. If the temperature is colder, the blanket consumes more electricity leading to an electrical overload.

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