How to Hang a Blanket on The Wall

How to Hang a Blanket on The Wall

You want to hang a blanket like a picture but don’t know how to hang a blanket on the wall. Want to decorate a big blank wall but have no idea? Don’t worry about it, because we will help you to do this.

When moving house, decorating the house will probably bring you the most excitement as well as the most difficulty, especially with large walls. So, instead of drawing on the wall or hanging pictures, why don’t you hang blankets with beautiful patterns like a picture; you will find the space very cozy and romantic. This article will help you solve the problem of how to do it. We ‘ll suggest nails and without nail ways. 

1. How to Hang a Blanket With Nails

1.1. Nails or Pins

The easiest way to think about it is to use nails. Because the nail will tightly fasten the blanket on the wall. You’ll be driving nails into the top 2 corners of the blanket, and if it’s heavier, you’ll need a few more nails on the middle sides of the blanket. This will make the blanket less loose, it will stick to the wall better. If you find iron nails a bit difficult for you, try switching to plastic nails.

However, the use of nails also has quite a few limitations. They will make the blanket have tiny holes or over time will make the hole bigger because of the weight of the blanket. As a result, the blanket is not as good as the new one. 

Crucifixion is also a very troublesome thing, and its safety is not high. But using nails anyway makes the blanket hang firmly on the wall, even if it is heavy. 

1.2. Invisible Wooden Piece

When you hang the blanket without exposing the hanging rod, you can refer to this method. It will make your room look like a mini exhibition.

First, you need a small piece of wood about 2 inches wide, then screw on both ends of it. You will be stitching the sleeve of the blanket onto the piece of wood, which is recommended either by hand or by machine if you’re not okay with that part, as hand-stitching will make the blanket look better.

The job is almost done; you just need to drill and screw the wooden stick to the wall. So you have completed a little work in the house. This will be a bit inconvenient as you will have to hand sew the blanket, and it also secures the blanket to the piece of wood, so consider using this method when you have other purposes for the blanket. 

2. How to Hang a Blanket Without Nails

2.1. Velcro

To hang a blanket with velcro, you will need a needle and glue. First, you will choose a piece of velcro that is as long as the width of the blanket. Then sew the softer side of the velcro to a piece of fabric, and then sew the other side of the velcro onto the quilt. Remember to sew carefully so that your blanket hangs tightly.

The advantage of doing it this way is that the blanket retains its original appearance, is less prone to scratches, and can be easily removed from the velcro for cleaning. As for the disadvantage of this method, it does not hold heavy blankets. It is also easy to break if you use weak Velcro glue to attach it to the wall.

2.2. Curtain Rod

You can use this method when your blanket allows the rod to be threaded. You can make use of your home’s curtain rod, and instead of using curtains as usual, we will hang a patterned blanket. It is very simple to remove the blanket for cleaning and to swap it if you want to hang it or simply change it.

However, this will fix the place to hang the blanket, making it difficult to change the place flexibly when we need to. 

2.3. Wooden Frame or Canvas Stretcher

This method will help you hang your blanket like a painting. Your blanket should have a main pattern in the middle; using this method will highlight that pattern. You’ll need an extra 2 inches at the hem to stretch the blanket over the plywood frame.

And depending on the weight of the blanket, choose the type of frame and how to make sure the frame can support your blanket. This will stretch the blanket over the frame, so you’ll need a lot of pins to attach it. If you are worried your blanket will be damaged, do not use this method. Because they will create a lot of small holes in the quilt border. So think carefully before using this method.

2.4. Magnet

You will be surprised at how effective this method is. 9Blanket will use strong magnets. First, attach the magnet to the wall in accordance with the four corners of the blanket to be hung.The next step is very simple; you just need to use the remaining magnets to attach the four corners of the blanket to the pre-stick magnets on the wall.

This method is both simple and extremely suitable for those who do not want to damage their blankets and walls. This method makes it very simple to remove the blanket when cleaning, and because the magnet is quite small, it has no effect on the layout of the blanket when hanging. 

3. Where Can You Hang Your Blanket?

3.1. Entryway

If you want to impress your guests, the main entrance is a reasonable choice. You can hang blankets that are eye-catching, thin, and easy to attract attention.

Places like stairs, key hangers, and coat hangers – anywhere you think attracts guests at first sight – will make the blanket a very impressive decoration for your home.

3.2. Living Room

The living room is where we will live and receive guests a lot. Paying attention to the decoration of this room will make the guests feel the style of the house more clearly. Blankets with too many colorful patterns will most likely clash with the cozy style of the living room; instead, choose blankets that complement the living room’s decor.

The blanket in the living room looks very cozy and suits the winter atmosphere. In the summer, you can use thinner blankets to create a cooler atmosphere in the living room.

3.3. Bedroom

We frequently discover an empty headboard in the bedroom. The blanket will make the room warmer, making up for the empty space of the headboard.

This small addition to your bedroom decor is sure to set the tone, especially if your bedroom is designed with pristine wall paint and furniture. The pattern of the blanket will brighten up the whole room.

4. Precautions

Make sure to hang your blanket on a clean surface and also keep it out of direct sunlight, as it will damage the blanket. Second, pay attention to the devices used during these sessions, such as nails and clamps, because, for example, if you are using pins or nails directly into your blanket to attach it to the wall, the blanket will break down over time.

Finally, have someone in the room as you hang the blanket to guide you to the next level. Last thing, be careful while hanging them because you don’t want to see them skewed once you’ve done all the steps.

With this range of options, you’ll be able to find a desired option that won’t damage your blanket and isn’t too far from your DIY comfort zone. If you’re unsure about hanging this on your own, you can still hire a professional carpenter or builder to hang it for you to avoid possible mistakes.

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