How to Defuzz a Blanket

How To Defuzz A Blanket

Do you know how to defuzz a blanket? If so, can you share it with us? On the contrary, if you do not know or are in need of learning about this issue, this is the article for you! When using a blanket, we not only use it to keep warm while sleeping, but they also accompany you and decorate your home!

For a blanket to go with you for a long time, it is extremely important to preserve, wash, and care for the blanket. Including removing lint, yellow stains of blankets. So we’re going to show you some ways to help you deal with these stubborn stains more gently. Follow our reading to see what it’s like!

1. Why Is It Important To Deflate The Blanket?

It is extremely important to remove the loose fabric fibers and the appearance of fabric piles. Once these problems are eliminated, your blanket will return to its soft state in no time! Besides, when you know how to take care and maintain the blankets, they will accompany you longer.

Create with you more memories. You will comfortably fall asleep with the warmth of that familiar blanket! And your sleep will be of higher quality, health and psychology will be better.

Not only that, when you use the blanket for longer years, you are contributing to the protection of our earth. Because each blanket is no longer in use, we only have to bury it in the ground to wait for decomposition but cannot be recycled. That decomposition time can last several lifetimes!

When you remove the lint and clumps, you can get rid of them, because they will help you somewhat reduce this situation but will not be able to completely stop this problem! So you need to do this job more often than that!

When your blanket shows this condition, you will tend to think this is a poor quality blanket, right? But maybe the opposite, they can be high-quality goods because the soft, silky fibers easily create that situation!

So you don’t need to worry too much about those issues. In this article, we will go with you to answer the questions you are having and give you solutions that you can easily do at home!

2. Ways To Remove Lint At Home

When you’re a house junkie, love being in and cuddling with your blanket. That interaction and interaction after a while will appear conditions such as clumping, lint!

And, do you want to have this problem taken care of right away at your home? It’s not difficult! We will help you right now, and now read and choose for yourself the solution that best suits your circumstances and conditions!

2.1. Using Tennis Balls

Do you wonder why they use tennis balls to remove spills and lint when they themselves are very rough and tangled? That’s right! They are capable of removing lint and spills!

Take advantage of the fact that the bristles of the tennis ball are short and shaggy so it will grip and remove the fibers in the process of interacting with your blanket. To use this method, you can follow these steps:

  • Step 1: You can wash the blanket as usual until the drying step. If you skip washing the blanket, you can put your blanket in the dryer too!
  • Step 2: Put the blanket in the dryer with two tennis balls and you can use the fluff drying mode or gentle dryer programs!
  • Step 3: Set the drying program for at least 10 minutes, the balls will take advantage of the rotational force to bounce and help you get rid of those lint!
  • Step 4: At the end of the cycle, take the blanket out of the dryer and roll the fabric, spreading it back and forth on your blanket again to remove excess fabric!

2.2. Using A Lint Shaver

Using a lint remover is another way we want to send you when your house does not have tennis but has a lint remover. To be able to remove lint and fabric fibers you can follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Spread your blanket on a flat surface. So that the entire blanket is spread straight on the same surface.
  • Step 2: Use your non-dominant hand to keep your blanket taut. Fixed force on thumb and index finger!
  • Step 3: Your dominant hand holds the lint remover and starts using a moderate amount of force and starting from the edge of the blanket going inward. With the order from outside to inside, from top to bottom!

2.3. Using a Razor

For this method you will use the same as the lint remover! When you only have this type of razor in your house, you can absolutely do it! With this tool, you can do the same operations as a lint scraper!

But be careful when using a razor, because using uneven force can lose the hair of that blanket. This is unfortunate! During use, stop from time to time and remove the removed fibers from the razor!

2.4. Using Pumice

Multi-foam is like a roller, they have many uses and one of them even helps you get rid of excess, ruffled fibers on your blanket! But when using it, be careful because they can easily puncture your blanket! If you decide to use a pumice stone then you can take the following steps:

  • Step 1: Place the wrong side of the blanket on a flat surface, so that the entire blanket is placed neatly on that plane! And the side that you see and use is the right side.
  • Step 2: Gently stroke the surface of the right side of the blanket in the direction of the fur to appear excess hairs.
  • Step 3: Use a pumice stone to start rolling into the places where ruffled fabric and fluff appear. When using pumice stones you need to be especially careful because they can easily puncture your blanket if you use too much force or use it incorrectly!
  • Step 4: So your blanket has removed excess fabric and is like new!

3. But How To Limit The Lint Blanket

To have a blanket that always looks fresh and clean, you can do some of the following small ways that we listed. Hope this information helps you!

  • Pay attention to the time during the blanket washing process: Limit exposure to chemicals, high temperatures, dryers, friction and other items for too long. The faster the cleaning time the better!
  • Do not add detergent with strong chemicals and fabric softener during the washing process.
  • Store blankets when not in use must be properly and carefully. Absolutely do not leave the blanket in a low, not cool place.


Blanket is a close, intimate item and always accompanies every family at any time and place in your house. Above, 9Blanket has suggested for you ways to defuzz a blanket.

As you use more and more, improper storage and friction, interaction during washing, keeping and caring for the blanket can also cause your blanket to appear lint, lumps and many other phenomena.

Eliminating those phenomena is both a way to save yourself and the blanket to look more aesthetically pleasing and also a way to protect the environment. Let’s join hands to protect the environment!

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