How To Wash A Chenille Blanket

How To Wash A Chenille Blanket

You own a Chenille blanket and you are looking for how to wash a Chenille blanket, right? We understand the needs and tastes of consumers and always want to help you make the best choices for yourself and your home, especially the warm blanket you own.

Each of us owns and has our own favorite blanket. And of course, when we love it, we always want to stick with it for a long time. Because it’s with us to create great memories and moments! To be able to accompany you for as long as possible, you must also know how to take care of them properly. To keep them looking fresh, fragrant and as beautiful as when they were new.

So, today we will introduce you to an article with content on how to care for this special type of chenille blanket! If you still have doubts, or any questions, please follow us through today’s article to make the best choice!

1. What Is A Chenille Blanket?

Before learning about chenille blankets, let’s first find out what Chenille is! Chenille is actually a noun in French, they are nouns for caterpillars. Because the coat is rough, shiny, and soft, it is used to refer to those properties to indicate the blanket is called a chenille blanket.

Chenille blankets are made up of fabrics such as polyester, cotton, viscose, acrylic and polypropylene. They all have textures made up of lots of cores. Each of those cores will have two polyester threads and they are held together by a knot called a “spool”. The closer this stake is to the bottom, the taller the threads will look. Plus, they’ll look soft and slick from any angle!

A blanket, depending on the size, will have an infinite number of cores. But each core is limited to only two fibers. That’s why they look so special! They will cherish the skin of you and your baby, no matter the age!

2. Prepare Before Washing

The front of the blanket is unique, soft and shiny. But the lining underneath or inside will be a layer of cotton, cotton or even thin and weaker linen. Because of this, they will make your blanket soft and easily damaged when you improperly clean and wash it!

So, we need to prepare a few things before we really start washing the blanket! First you need to read the manufacturer’s recommendations! This step is extremely important as it determines all your future results. If the manufacturer recommends hand washing, then actually hand wash. If your blanket is machine washable, that’s convenient!

Then you need to determine what kind of detergent might be for your blanket. Whether your blanket is durable, fragrant or not depends a lot on the choice of detergent you choose. If you choose too much detergent, your blanket can be ruined in no time! But if you choose a detergent that is too gentle, it will not make your blanket clean and smelling good! This will make them even faster and more damaged.

3. How To Wash Chenille Blankets

Traditionally, we still have two ways of washing clothes in general and washing bedding in particular! It is hand washing and machine washing all kinds of blankets! In this content, 9Blanket will also introduce you to these two washing methods in detail so that you can easily imagine the steps to take care of your blanket!

3.1. Wash Chenille Blankets By Hand

After you’ve read the manufacturer’s recommendations for washing blankets and you decide to choose to wash your blankets by hand, you need to prepare the following essential items!

A pot large enough to hold your blanket is essential. Next is the detergent that you will use, of course. But we recommend choosing a mild detergent only! Because if the detergent is strong, it will greatly affect the quality of your blanket yarn! And prepare extra gloves if you need them!

Once everything is ready, now you can start washing the blanket! Please perform the following steps in sequence:

  • Step 1: Prepare washing water: First, fill the basin with enough water to match the size of the blanket. Then, add about a tablespoon of detergent with a capacity of 15 ml to 20 ml of detergent into the basin of water. Then you start dissolving to dissolve all the detergent to create foam.
  • Step 2: Dip the chenille blanket in water and gently squeeze the blanket to absorb the washing liquid mixture. Continue to gently press the surrounding area until it is completely hydrated. In case your blanket is very dirty, you can consider soaking it in the detergent mixture for about 10 to 15 minutes and then continue to press gently!
  • Step 3: After removing the stubborn stains, now take the chenille blanket out of that dirty water basin. Pull gently and slowly to avoid losing the original shape of the blanket! You can squeeze gently to remove the water layer, but avoid squeezing it at all! Because now your blanket is so soft!
  • Step 4: Rinse with water to remove any remaining foam and detergent. At this point you can empty the old water in the basin and replace it with new water to shake the blanket over again. You can also leave the blanket directly under running water without needing to fill the basin with water! And you can repeat this step over and over until it’s completely gone from the detergent and soap bubbles!
  • Step 5: Then prepare a piece of fabric that is larger than the blanket (the bigger the piece, the better!). You spread the fabric flat on a flat surface, then bring your chenille blanket to coincide with the leading edge of the fabric! Next, take the end of the fabric and fold it over the top of the piece. Have the chenille blanket as the filling and the fabric as the bread portion of the sandwich.
  • Step 6: After the fabric has removed most of the water from your blanket, take another piece of fabric and place it as in step 5. You can now adjust your chenille blanket to your liking and leave it on the piece fabric for about a day. So now you have finished washing the chenille blanket!

3.2. Machine Wash Chenille Blanket

After you’ve determined that your chenille blanket is machine washable, there are a few things you need to prepare to be able to clean the blanket while still protecting your chenille.

The first is a pillowcase, also known as a cage net that protects your blanket during washing in the washing machine. Next comes gentle detergent and a gentle, delicate machine wash cycle!

And now, let’s start washing chenille blankets in the washing machine with the following steps:

  • Step 1: Put your chenille blanket on the pillowcase. So that it can protect your blanket during the washing process, avoid your blanket being too much friction against the washing machine drum, leading to damage to the washing machine!
  • Step 2: Put your blanket in the washing machine and choose a gentle wash program for delicate, easily damaged fabrics. Besides, remember to choose cold water to avoid fabric shrinkage!
  • Step 3: Put a sufficient amount of detergent into the machine, we recommend that you put in about 15 ml to 20 ml of detergent! Choose the right water level, avoid too little water, making the blanket not absorbent enough! And now you just have to wait for the washing machine to finish its job!
  • Step 4: After completing the washing cycle, you can now dry the duvet in the dryer if your washing machine has a low heat setting to protect your blanket absolutely! Make sure, even in the final steps, your blanket is still in the protective mesh!

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