How to Get Dog Hair Out of a Blanket

How To Get Dog Hair Out Of A Blanket

Your dog is in the molting stage and you are always wondering: “How to get dog hair out of a blanket?”. Here, there are many people who have the same question as you! If you don’t know what to do, we’ll help you find the answer! First, the phenomenon of dog shedding is completely normal, so you do not have to worry about your dog too much!

People often compare dogs with hair loss to people with hair loss, so hair loss is not dangerous or a signal that your dog is having a dermatological problem! Your dog probably molts once or twice a year, so if you’re a longtime pet owner, you’ll know what’s normal.

Once they have shed their feathers, your house will have their hair everywhere. To reduce hair loss on blankets, sheets, pillows, cushions, sofas, etc., you should brush them regularly to limit this. It doesn’t completely remove it, but it does help you to limit it!

After each season of the dog’s coat, the first thing you need to do is clean, wash the blanket and remove the dog’s fur from your blanket. Do you know? There are so many ways to get dog hair out of your blanket! Right now, let’s find out together!

1. Why Remove Pet Hair From Blankets?

Have you ever wondered why it is important to remove dog hair from the blanket|? Well, there are so many reasons, but we’ve rounded them up into two main ones: Furs can cause odors in your blankets, and in the process of washing them they can pose a health hazard. your blanket! And now, let’s learn a little more about this issue!

1.1. Pet Hair Makes Blankets Smelly

You know, during the process of your dog molting, they often release unpleasant odors, these odors are often secreted to protect your dog! Since during the days your dog molts, they have extremely fragile skin, so this fluid acts like a film to protect the tender skin inside them!

When hair falls out, it is inevitable that blankets, sheets, pillows, cushions, sofas, … And countless other household items affect your home. Moreover, if your house is not cleaned regularly, it will leave an extremely unpleasant odor!

Even if you spend a few hours cleaning the house, it is still impossible to get rid of the smell in the pillow. So it is necessary to remove the feathers from the blanket because they can be a risk for you to cough, or not good for people with asthma.

1.2. Pet Hair Can Damage The Washing Machine

Do you think your pet hair is harmful to your washing machine? The answer is yes! Are you surprised by this answer? Let us explain it to you! If you wash a blanket with pet hair in it, in the process of washing when it encounters water, moisture will clump and even cling to the walls of the washing feathers.

When the hairs stick to the wall of the washing machine, the next items you wash will have a very high chance of sticking to them. In addition, if the pet hair is old, they will be able to find the drainage pipes and may accumulate there, causing clogged pipes, clogging your drains and causing the machine to malfunction. Your laundry has problems and malfunctions.

2. Ways To Remove Pet Hair From Blankets

There are many ways to remove pet hair from your blanket before you even start washing the blanket or simply want to clean it every day!

In this article of ours, I will give you 5 easiest ways that you can manipulate, you can also use similar items to do with your blanket: Use duct tape , Use latex gloves on blankets, Use vacuum cleaner, Use pumice stone, Wash blankets with vinegar. Here are detailed descriptions of how to do with these items!

2.1. Use Adhesive Tape

Dog hairs will easily get stuck on your duct tape! All you need to do is wrap the tape around your hand, with the adhesive side facing out. Then move your hand over the blanket to let the tape do its job to stick the hairs and help your blanket become more airy and clean.

If the tape on your hand is covered with hair and it cannot stick, you can change another layer of tape and continue to do it until the dog’s hair is gone!

Likewise when you use a lint roller, you can instantly get a lint roller in your home to do just that! You just need to roll your blanket back and forth so that when the lint roll is full, you can simply tear off the old sheet and use it until the dog hair is no longer clinging to your blanket!

2.2. Use Latex Gloves On Blankets

The idea of ​​using rubber gloves is a pretty good idea! Bring any pair of clean rubber gloves you have, get a pair that is both dry and clean! Do not worry! Dog hair will stick to your rubber gloves like a magnet!

Once you’re done, just dip your hand in the water and the dog’s hair will float on the surface of the water bowl and the gloves will be clean again. We don’t think you should flush your hands under the faucet because that will make your drains more likely to clog because of this hair!

Similar to you using a rubber drag brush, when you use this brush! Simply lay your blanket out on a clean, flat surface, then pull the broom over the blanket in a single path to gather the dog’s hairs together. When you have finished pulling one turn, you just need to collect the lice hairs and put them in the trash.

2.3. Use A Vacuum Cleaner

Using a vacuum cleaner will help you get the hairs out of the blanket easier, especially for hairs that are deep in the blanket. Besides, you can also use a standard vacuum cleaner that is safe on your blanket.

You can buy vacuum cleaners specifically for pets, and you can buy them at pet stores. To make your house cleaner, you can use an air purifier. But try to change the mesh regularly to help the machine last longer!

2.4. Use Pumice Stone

Are you worried about pumice stone’s ability to get dog hair out of the blanket? Don’t worry, it’s the rough side of the pumice that will help you get the fur out of the blanket! First, spread the blanket on a clean flat surface, then hold the pumice stone in your right hand, and hold one end of the blanket with your left hand.

Start at the top edge of the blanket and draw a line from the top. You should move the pumice stone on the blanket in one direction because if it is too many directions, it will easily damage your blanket!

When you finish at the bottom corner then gather the feathers. Once you’ve got it all in a big pile, you can collect it by hand, using a lint roller or a vacuum cleaner.

2.5. Wash Blankets With Vinegar

When you wash a blanket with vinegar, the vinegar will do its job of softening the fur and making it easier to remove the fur from the surface of that blanket!

But first, try to remove as much dog hair as possible from your blanket. This method is used in cases where your blanket is smelly with a lot of dog hair on the blanket.

You can then put the blanket in the wash on rinse-only mode and add about 100 ml of vinegar to the wash along with your blanket. The dog hair will be removed from the surface of the blanket and you will be ready to use it soon!

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