How To Wash Acrylic Blanket

How To Wash Acrylic Blanket

Recently, acrylic blankets are a popular choice for consumers, so how to wash acrylic blanket? This article will help you answer those questions about how to wash those acrylic blankets!

The acrylic blanket is famous for being a convenient blanket with extremely good warming properties. But like all blankets, acrylic blankets can also get dirty easily and need to be cleaned.

But are acrylic blankets cleaned differently than other blankets? And is there anything to pay attention to when washing acrylic blankets?

And yes, acrylic blankets have some points to keep in mind compared to other blankets. So what is that? This article will answer and help you note each of the things that you need to be careful about in the process of washing blankets!

1. What Is An Acrylic Blanket?

When it comes to acrylic blankets, we will immediately remember the material to make this acrylic blanket with the feature of insulation. The reason acrylic fabric is made from acrylonitrile polymer synthetic fabric. Such synthetic fibers will be man-made using industrial and chemical methods.

Therefore, acrylic fabric is more popular than natural fibers because it is relatively inexpensive and has the outstanding feature of thermal insulation, so it is popular and widely used. In addition to that, it also has outstanding features such as being lightweight and extremely comfortable for most skin types when it comes in contact with it.

With modern times like today, people will produce products that meet almost all needs of consumers. Therefore, to meet the tastes of customers, acrylic blankets are also a type of waterproof, anti-wrinkle blanket. Versatile and helps retain shape better than blankets made from natural fibers. So they will accompany you all the way, sleep and last longer!

2. How To Wash Acrylic Blankets

Because of these unique characteristics, when washing acrylic blankets, you also need to pay more attention. Above all, it is along the label of the manufacturer’s instructions for washing the blanket. You may not know it, but acrylic blankets can be washed by hand and machine.

But depending on the type, there will be different instructions and notes, so I still recommend that you read the manufacturer’s instruction sheet first!

Once you’ve determined the washing method, follow us as we introduce to you the three most common washing methods: machine wash, hand wash and dry cleaning method. Here are the detailed steps for each of these methods!

2.1. Wash Acrylic Blankets By Hand

Apparently, hand washing is the most common washing method that can be used for all types of blankets, including acrylic blankets. Because hand washing is a gentle and safe washing method for all types of blankets. Here are the steps to wash acrylic blankets by hand:

  • Step 1 – Soak The Blanket: You need a basin large enough to hold the blanket, then fill more than half of the basin with water and add a cup of detergent or laundry detergent (if you use laundry detergent). Use your hands to stir well to mix the detergent (washing liquid) with the water. Beat your hands in the water to make the cotton mixture slightly, then add the acrylic blanket to the mixture. You need to use a little force to gently rub the blanket in the detergent mixture. Once the blanket has been soaked with the detergent, let the blanket rest for 20 minutes!
  • Step 2 – Cleaning: After 20 minutes is the right time for you to return to your blanket. This step will take some effort on your part, so rub it over and over again, and wash with emphasis on areas you think are not clean until the stain is removed from the blanket. Then, pour the water in the basin and replace it with fresh water to rinse the soap out of the blanket. You can do this over and over until the soap bubbles are completely removed from the blanket.
  • Step 3 – Drying: Then you can take the blanket out of the water, squeeze it on a drying pole or leave it on a blanket drying net and dry it outside for a day, your blanket will become clean and fragrant like the original there! Avoid direct sunlight on the blanket! You can dry them in a shaded place, so that the space is airy and dry.

2.2. Machine Wash Acrylic Blanket

If your blanket is machine washable, you should wash it in a separate washing machine. Do not wash blankets with other utensils and clothes. Because this easily causes them to fade your blanket. Then wash the blanket with the washing machine according to the steps that we suggest:

  • Step 1 – Soak The Blanket First: Put the acrylic blanket in the washing machine, select the appropriate water level and add the appropriate detergent. In particular, you need to choose cold water, not warm or hot water because it easily loses the texture of the blanket. Then, choose a gentle wash cycle for bedding. Wait for the washing machine to run for 7 to 10 minutes, then turn off the washing machine and soak the blanket for about 30 minutes!
  • Step 2 – Machine Wash: Please continue to program after 30 minutes of soaking. So keep the recording mode low! This helps to ensure the safety of the blanket. Then you just have to wait for the washing machine to do its job! Note: You should not use fabric whiteners and fabric softeners! You should only use the detergent recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Step 3 – Drying: After the blanket has been rinsed out in the cycle, the next step is the drying step. If your blanket is not recommended to be dried in the washing machine, dry it in the simple and recommended ways. If the blanket can be tumble dried, dry it on the lowest setting so it won’t affect the blanket. Next, if you want the blanket to be ventilated, let it dry outside for about 3 hours to let it really dry!
  • Step 4 – Reshape The Blanket: After the drying step, your blanket tends to get messy and needs to be reshaped to get the blanket to look like it was! Don’t worry about this! You just need to gently pat the blanket to reshape them!

3. Tips For Washing Acrylic Blankets

To keep the blanket intact and always look like new, you need to pay attention to a few notes and with the following tips:

  • Do not use strong detergents, blanket softeners in the washing process of acrylic blankets as they will damage the fabric of the blanket. Therefore, you should not use them in the washing process.
  • Acrylic blankets should not be washed with other utensils and clothes. Because other fabrics can easily fade the color of your blanket. When stained by other items, your blanket is more likely to become stale, and may even be prone to streaking, fading, and making the fabric look older faster.
  • In the process of machine washing, only choose a gentle washing program with the washing machine’s rotation speed at an average level, and especially use cold water with a moderate washing time that does not put great pressure on the blanket!

Make sure your acrylic blanket stays charged, smelling good and looking like new with our blanket washing tips from 9Blanket.

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