How to Wash a Mexican Blanket

How to Wash a Mexican Blanket

Do you own a Mexican blanket and you do not know how to wash a Mexican blanket? Because your blanket already smells or has some wine and crumbs,… making your Mexican blanket not as beautiful as it was originally. And now the problem of washing blankets is confusing you because you don’t know how to handle it?

Don’t worry about these problems, we are here and write this article to help you deal with them. We will describe in detail, bringing important information to you, from how to wash blankets and each type of blanket individually. Without making you wait any longer, let’s get started!

1. Wash Mexican Blankets Properly

When owning a Mexican blanket, before you expect it to be durable and beautiful, you must know how to wash and care for the blanket first. Each type of blanket will have different care, washing and drying methods. So there will be a lot of articles about washing blankets.

After beating and synthesizing, we have found the right and most convenient way to wash Mexican blankets. Here are the steps to prepare and wash the blanket:

1.1. Choice of Detergent

During the washing process of the blanket, the detergent or washing powder you will use will greatly affect the color, style and dexterity of the dish and damage your blanket if you do not choose the right washing powder.

In addition, there are many recommendations and recommendations by most manufacturers not to use fabric softeners. Because it directly affects your beloved blanket. In addition, consider soaps because they will directly affect the skin of you and your family members.

But that’s not why you become too worried, everything will return to its orbit if you use the correct detergent according to the manufacturer’s instructions and you can add a little fragrance because the vast majority of blankets Mexico are very easy to keep the scent for a long time. They will help you relax after stressful working hours or a long tiring day.

1.2. Wash Separately

Not only Mexican blankets, but most of the blankets we recommend should be washed separately. The first is to avoid other fabrics from discoloring your blanket. Second, vice versa to avoid brightly colored Mexican blankets fading out other products washed with it.

Besides, the separate washing also helps your blanket become more beautiful, not easy to ruffle, ensuring the safety of the washing machine and the beauty of the Mexican blanket.

1.3. Cold Wash

Cold water is always preferred when washing blankets, cold water combined with detergents, gentle detergents and delicate washing programs, dedicated to special fabrics will be the perfect tool for washing blankets. your.

Mexican blankets are woven or hand-woven fabrics, so washing and utensils will greatly affect the texture of the blanket. If you use hot water or just warm water, it will greatly affect the shape of the blanket such as shrinking the blanket, causing unevenness or even damage to your blanket. Please perform the following steps:

  • Check if your blanket can be machine washed.
  • If washing is allowed, soak the blanket in the washing machine in cold water for fifteen minutes with a wool-safe detergent.
  • Then wash on the gentle cycle for two minutes.
  • Then switch it to the rinse cycle.

1.4. Drying

Finally, the last step to complete your blanket washing process is to dry it or dry it. When it comes to washing blankets, we always refer to traditional methods because it keeps your blankets safe. The same goes for drying, we also recommend that you dry it naturally, with energy and sunlight.

This way, you can leave it on the rack for a few hours in the sun and your blanket has officially finished its wash cycle. Rub! It’s great isn’t it?

But if you are a busy person and have very little time to take care of your home, you can consider drying it! As long as you dry it at the lowest temperature to ensure the fabric is always like when you bought it. After drying or drying, you should spend some time and energy reshaping your blanket. Help it return to its original form!

2. Washing Some Mexican Blankets

Besides the right way to wash Mexican blankets, we also have washing methods for different types of Mexican blankets. In this article, 9Blanket will mention more about how to wash the three main types of blankets: cotton blankets, woolen blankets and yoga blankets.

2.1. Wash Comforters

Cotton blankets are said to be quite sturdy and fixed, but they still need special care by Mexican blanket standards. Besides reading the manual when washing the blanket, you need to pay attention to a few things when washing the following Mexican cotton blankets:

  • Wash in cold water
  • Always wash separately from other clothes and items
  • Use regular laundry detergent
  • Dry the blanket

Washing your comforter should be no different than usual, but you still need to read more information and manufacturer recommendations for extra attention on how to preserve color and shape style.

2.2. Washing Woolen Blankets

If you own a Mexican wool blanket, check the manufacturer’s warning sheet to see if your blanket is machine washable. There are some wool blankets that will be preferred to wash the blanket by hand to maintain the shape and texture of the blanket.

You can also choose to machine wash, as long as you choose the right detergent and wash it in cold water. Here are the steps to wash wool blankets:

  • In the washing machine, mix a mixture of cold water and a wool-safe detergent.
  • Soak wool blankets for 15 minutes
  • Choose a gentle program for two minutes
  • Then switch the washing machine to the rinse cycle.
  • After washing, dry the wool blanket outside but out of direct sunlight.

Note: Mexican wool blankets can become rough or discolored when exposed to direct heat.

2.3. Washing Yoga Blankets

Usually Mexican blankets will make yoga blankets in a woven style and easily fold into many different shapes. Because of its flexibility, softness and frequent use in sports, yoga blankets should also be returned to birth periodically with the following steps:

  • Fold the blanket in the middle and put it in the washing machine.
  • Select a washing machine program with mild detergent and cool water on the gentle cycle.
  • Finish the outside drying process and make sure the blanket is completely dry before using it again.

Note: Check regularly to see if your blanket is still folded, and some Mexican yoga blankets recommend against using the dryer as they can easily shrink.

3. How to Care for a Mexican Blanket

Besides washing and cleaning Mexican blankets, you need to know how to take care of them to keep them beautiful and vibrant, here are some methods to help preserve the life of the blanket:

3.1. Soften The Blanket Again

Of course, in the process of using Mexican blankets, we cannot avoid the times that make your blanket appear lint and lumpy, rough and no longer as soft as the original. However, do not worry too much about this. We will help you solve them as follows:

  • It is recommended to wash the blanket by hand.
  • During the washing process, you can add white vinegar to the laundry.
  • Prioritize natural drying methods, limit machine drying.

3.2. Color Blanket Care

As for colored blankets, you only have one choice during washing that is hand washing. To keep the color lasting, you should wash the blanket separately from clothes and items of different colors, you can wash the same color with the following steps:

  • Soak the blanket in a mixture of cold water and laundry detergent for about 5-10 minutes.
  • Use paper towels to blot the surface of the blanket.
  • Then continue the washing process as usual.

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