How to Make Sherpa Blanket Soft Again

how to make sherpa blanket soft again

What worries us during use is how to make sherpa blanket soft again? That’s okay, it’s a common concern for all of us, not just sherpa blankets but all different types of blankets. We always expect each blanket to stick with us for a long time because this both saves costs and protects the environment. But more importantly are the memories we have with the blanket.

To make a blanket always as soft as the original, it must rely on many factors such as how to wash the blanket, how to use the blanket, how to take care of the blanket when not in use, … and many other factors. And right here in this article, we want to share with you a few ways to take care of your blanket like new.

1. Are Sherpa Blankets Any Good?

Like many of the articles we have shared above, sherpa blankets have many types with different materials such as 100% fleece, or polyester synthetic fiber. They have two sides sewn in two different ways, one side of the blanket sewn with fine knit fabric and the other side with fleece.

And the common feature of these ingredients is to provide you with warmth in the cold winter. With its lightweight, non-bulky features, you can easily carry the blanket flexibly like taking it to a picnic, which is also very reasonable. A sherpa blanket is also considered an indispensable accessory for your room.

2. Why do Blankets Have Lint?

During use, we will inevitably wear out the blanket. A blanket becomes lint, the fibers clump together because during the washing process, you can wash the blanket with many other fabrics, due to the high temperature at washing and drying.

It could also be because your blanket is made from a variety of fibers that are prone to shedding such as cotton, synthetics, knits, linen, etc. carefully. Now we will go to find out more closely to see the difference between the current and the clumping. If you pinpoint the exact problem your blanket is having, it will be easier to deal with.

2.1. What is Lint?

Lint is the phenomenon of loose fibers, the fibrous area is higher than other areas. Lint is often detected after we wash the blanket, especially after the drying phase of the washing process. There is a way to help limit lint that is washing blankets with vinegar, although a folk method, but very effective.

There is an effective but probably more expensive way, if you have several sets of microfiber clothes. Then while washing the blankets in the washing machine, you can put them in the wash with your blanket. These microfiber clothes will help you get rid of the lint, so you won’t have to deal with the lint left in the washing machine.

2.2. What is Clumping?

The second phenomenon that often appears on your blanket after a period of use is called clumping. Clumping is what you call it when loose lint sticks together to form a round lump on the surface of your blanket. Now you just need to treat them by using a razor or shaver, scraping a gentle line on your blanket.

Clumping is easy on felt, fleece and wool fabrics. It is also easy to appear when you care for it not in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations during washing and drying. Even in some poor quality fabrics this phenomenon will appear more easily.

3. How to Make Sherpa Soft Again

If you are a fan of cleaning and washing, you will be no stranger to ways to make your sherpa blanket back to its original softness.

In this article, we will mention three popular and easy ways, which are used and trusted by everyone: washing blankets with vinegar, using razors and using adhesives. Depending on the situation that your blanket is facing, choose for yourself the most suitable way!

3.1. Washing with Vinegar

Washing blankets with vinegar is one of the most effective ways to get rid of lint and clumping in blankets. Vinegar not only helps you deal with lint and clumps, but they are also a great way to remove stains and unpleasant odors to regain the soft fragrance of the blanket.

Use vinegar in the machine wash to treat coarse sherpa blankets and lints. Here is the process of washing blankets with vinegar:

  • Step 1: Put the sherpa blanket in the washing machine, choose a gentle wash mode with cold water.
  • Step 2: Add white vinegar instead of detergent and start the washing program.
  • Step 3: Finish the washing process, then dry the blanket on the lowest temperature.

3.2. Shave Blankets

The blanket scraping method will help you get rid of lint and clumps easily. You can use a shaver, to ensure absolute safety, you can choose a fabric shaver.

This is the fastest and easiest way to deal with clumping and lint problems. With their operation, the device will easily remove even the smallest lint. To shave safely, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Place the blanket on a flat surface.
  • Step 2: Start at one corner, scrape its entire length with the slightest force.
  • Step 3: Repeat the shaving operation along the length until the area of the blanket is exhausted.

3.3. Use Adhesive

Use a roller or duct tape to get rid of the lint. The adhesive in these items will help you pull out the lint quickly and easily with the following steps:

  • Step 1: Let the blanket lie on a flat surface.
  • Step 2: Take the adhesive surface of duct tape or roller onto the surface of the blanket to pick up lint.
  • Step 3: Repeat step 2 until the lint is gone.

4. Some Notes to Keep Sherpa Blankets Soft

After arming yourself with ways to deal with lint and clumps in blankets. We would like to mention to you some more methods to make the above more useful such as proper cleaning and maintenance.

If you know and understand your blanket and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, then I believe you will easily master your blanket in any situation.

4.1. Proper Cleaning

The first thing to make your blanket always smell good, the book will be durable and colorfast, is to clean it properly. Here are a few things to keep in mind when cleaning your sherpa blanket:

  • You can combine washing powder with white vinegar.
  • Always wash the blanket with cold water when using the washing machine.
  • When washing in the washing machine, choose a gentle wash.
  • Tumble dry on low heat after washing.
  • To keep the blanket from getting wrinkled, use a feather blanket.

4.2. Proper Maintenance

And finally, maintenance of your blankets when you don’t use them like summer vacation, when you don’t have a home to use them,… all need a way to help the blanket maintain its look. Its original beauty with the following methods:

  • Avoid detergents, harsh chemicals that treat stains, and fabric softeners.
  • Never use heat during washing, drying and ironing.
  • It is advisable to ventilate the blanket regularly.


Owning a sherpa blanket is great, isn’t it? It will be even better when you use, care and maintain it properly. With the above article, 9Blanket hopes you all have found a method to handle lint, clumps and how to soften the sherpa blanket again in the process of using the blanket. I hope you have a very useful experience! 

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