What is a Yoga Blanket

What is a Yoga Blanket

If you are a follower of sports, you will not be unfamiliar with yoga anymore, right? So what is a yoga blanket? Yoga has long been known to be gentle, is to practice flexibility, patience of the body, control the breath and stillness of the body. To completely relax your body and practice in the most comfortable positions, you need a yoga blanket for yourself!

Today, yoga blankets are very diverse and have many different designs. You can find the right blanket for you. You can even order your very own yoga blanket! In this article, we will introduce you to some information about yoga blankets so that you can make the best choice when preparing to buy a blanket!

How to choose blanket content will help you know what you want and which yoga blanket to buy! So please follow our articles to be able to refer to them!

1. What is a Yoga Blanket?

Yoga blanket is called a yoga practitioner’s support, it is used to support the body in postures during practice. They help yogis find more comfort or relaxation in poses. So yoga blankets made with the right fabric, not too thick and not too thin, are great at supporting the body during specific movements.

This yoga blanket is famous for its versatility because it can easily be rolled up, unfolded and even folded whenever you want. Therefore, when it comes to the method of practicing yoga, it will be indispensable for a yoga blanket, in addition, it also helps you to fix and stabilize, relax when meditating!

2. Uses of Yoga Blankets

As mentioned above, a yoga blanket is a tool that helps people practice yoga or meditate in positions that have to be in contact with flat surfaces such as the floor, the ground. It helps yoga practitioners to keep their body warm and limit their body’s exposure to dirt.

Those are the external aspects that we can observe. Besides, our 9Blanket can list 4 other benefits from the yoga blanket such as: Cushioning the bones; Add height to poses; Support reaching deep tension; Replace many yoga props. Now let’s dig deeper into these four benefits!

2.1. Cushioning The Skeletal Parts of Your Body

Actually there is no yoga mat, it’s a yoga blanket. It is called so because of the function of supporting the body to avoid the case of your body being hit or inadvertently bumped, it will support you, avoiding serious injuries.

For example, in the plank position, when you lift your body up with your arms, the blanket is now like a support or a soft cushion when your arms can’t support and accidentally fall. And so the bones and joints in your body are guaranteed to be safe!

2.2. Add Height to Poses

In the process of practicing yoga, there will be some poses that make it difficult for you to keep the spine in an upright state for the duration of the practice. That’s why this yoga blanket is very useful to assist you further in terms of increasing your height or making your posture more comfortable.

You can fold the blankets and sit on them, then do a few stretches and relax your body. Or even when you start meditating. When you sit on the edge of the blanket after folding, your body tends to tilt the pelvis forward and help lengthen the spine, creating a feeling of great comfort.

2.3. Assists in Reaching Deep Muscle Tension

You want to do a vertebrae stretch and stretch tired muscles but you miss the exercise ball? Oh it’s okay! The yoga blanket can do just that, that’s why we say it’s versatile in any situation.

The yoga blanket fills in those gaps, by folding or curling your blanket and placing it under your body muscles to elevate them a bit. Like putting on the blanket, back and waist,… I think it will make you feel comfortable and at ease immediately.

2.4. One Blanket Can Replace Many Yoga Tools

As we wrote and you read above, a yoga blanket can almost replace those other yoga tools! A yoga blanket can transform into a small pad when you fold it. It can also turn into a yoga block if you roll it up.

Besides, it can also be a bag if you forget to bring your bag, that is, spread your workout gear on the blanket and roll up the yoga blanket. It can assist you in many other aspects and situations. So it is also considered another useful use of the yoga blanket for you! It’s great, isn’t it!

3. How to Choose The Right Yoga Blanket for You

Are you looking for a yoga blanket for yourself or want to find a yoga blanket as a gift for relatives and friends? Do you have any criteria? If not, don’t worry! If yes, you can refer to the content that we give below!

There are many yoga blankets on the market today, so having criteria before you buy is a great way to avoid purchase confusion and disappointment in the process. Either way, it will accompany you and go wherever you want, so investing in a good product is a good thing because it will follow you for a long time!

So we have consulted the market and come up with three standards that you need: Material, style and size. Here we will learn each criterion!

3.1. Material of Yoga Blanket

When you go to see and learn, ordinary yoga blankets will be made from many different materials. But the most common will have the following three documents:

  • Cotton: We are no stranger to this type of cotton fabric anymore, they are very popular and are present in most items related to fabrics. AND no exception, cotton fabric is also the most used fabric to make that yoga blanket! When the blanket is made of cotton, it has an outstanding advantage that is its durability, so they are very durable and are chosen by most consumers. However, it also has a significant drawback, which is the ability to shrink when exposed to large amounts of heat. So, if you love this fabric, consider choosing a rug with a larger size than your criteria!
  • Wool: You can also choose a yoga blanket made from wool, but I highly recommend this wool yoga blanket in the colder months of the year! Due to its thick and smooth characteristics, it will help lift the muscles and support the skeletal parts of your body!
  • Synthetic fabric: With the needs and tastes of customers, many manufacturers have created yoga blankets made from synthetic fibers, this fiber is a combination of cotton – polyester – acrylic. So their advantages are affordable and long-lasting. However, they also have the disadvantage that it is easy to fade through washings if it is dark colored yoga blankets.

3.2. Style of Yoga Blanket

Yoga blankets can come in many different designs too! In the following, we will list the two most popular blankets we see in the market:

  • Handmade Mexican Blankets: These blankets are often imported and are often hand-woven from a cotton-polyester-acrylic blend. And it stands out with the bright ethnic patterns on the blanket.
  • Indian Yoga Blankets: These blankets are usually made from cotton and have tight borders, they don’t even have a hem anymore!

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