How to Wash Fleece Blanket Without Pilling

how to wash fleece blanket without pilling

Your fleece blanket has a problem that you are wondering how to wash the fleece blanket without pilling? You must be worried about the condition of your blanket! Here we will bring you good news, that is your blanket will have a way to prevent it from getting crumpled and lumpy. Don’t worry too much about its condition!

Your fleece blanket is always by your side even in winter or summer. It has become your beloved item that you cannot be without. That’s why you always want it to look new and durable. Won’t let you wait too long, soon we will learn about the things that bring beauty and goodness to your blanket!

1. Why do Fleece Blankets Clump?

Fleece blankets are a beautiful blanket, they are soft and warm, giving users a pleasant experience when using it. You can use it when sleeping, when relaxing, enjoying movies at the end of the day, or even when you read a book next to this warm soft blanket.

Besides these great benefits, you have worries about the blanket as the blanket is prone to clumps, they become rough and appear lint. All of these issues make you very concerned, don’t they?

And the most frequent phenomenon that happens to your fleece blanket is that they are lumpy. So do you know why? Yes, your fleece blankets will mostly be made of polyester synthetic fibers and there are some better ones made of 100% fleece.

Along with measuring, high-quality blankets are naturally better than low-quality ones. Along with that, the high-quality ones will be much more expensive, durable, beautiful and warm.

There are circumstances that make it easier for your blanket to clump and not follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Make your blanket soft, weak and can break at any time. The recommendations the manufacturer gives you, all want the best for the product you have chosen to use. So please consider, read and refer to them carefully!

2. How to Wash a Fleece Blanket

Every time we wash blankets, we all know that not only fleece blankets but for any kind of blanket we have two ways of washing, that is machine wash and hand wash. Depending on your circumstances and conditions, you should choose the washing method that best suits your circumstances and conditions!

2.1. Machine Wash

Read Care Instructions

Before you actually get into the machine wash method, you need to carefully read the care instructions label for your duvet. You need to know how to choose the right type of washing powder when the washing machine, washing temperature and drying method, can be washed together or washed separately… 

These are the issues you must know to ensure the safety of your bedding me. But for the most part, we always recommend that you wash the blanket separately, not with other products and items. In addition, you should choose a gentle detergent that does not contain chlorine or fabric softeners during the washing process.

Treat Stains

During use, it is inevitable that you will make stubborn stains on your blanket such as a little wine, oil on french fries or soup or sauce in a burger. This will make you really frustrated, right? Don’t worry too much, you just need to treat it before completely putting it in the washing machine, by following these steps:

  • Use a strong detergent to treat the stain.
  • Apply bleach to the stain.
  • Let the bleach work on the stain for 10 minutes.

Wash With Washing Machine

Now that you can put your blanket in the washing machine, choose a gentle wash program to avoid excessive lint wear. Choose a cold water setting and a lower spin speed to avoid permanent wrinkles on your blanket. For fleece blankets, always choose cold water and mild detergent!


We still wish you could dry the blanket by means of drying in the sunlight in the air. But if you are in a hurry and want to complete the washing cycle, you can dry it with the dryer but set it to the lowest setting and add a roll of wool when drying, it will help your blanket less clump. more lumpy and lint!

2.2. Washed by Hand

Follow the Instructions for Use

It is not only machine washing that requires this step. But even if you choose to hand wash it, it’s important to read the labels on the blanket carefully so you can avoid possible regrets.

When washing hands, the first thing you should choose is a basin or a sink with a large enough capacity to be able to wash the blanket comfortably. However, you should still choose to wash with mild detergent and cold water!

Soak Blanket

Before washing and soaking the entire blanket, you need to soak the blanket, following these steps:

  • Fill with cold water with detergent and laundry detergent.
  • Insert the blankets and squeeze gently until they are completely soaked.
  • Soak the blanket for about 20 minutes.
  • After 20 minutes, squeeze gently to remove stains.

Rinse with Water

After you have removed the stains, dirt on your blanket, next you need to remove the remaining detergent on your fabric, with the following process:

  • Fill cold water and wash the tub.
  • Lift the blanket up and down to shake off the sticky stains.
  • Continue rinsing with water until the foam is gone.
  • Remove excess water by gently squeezing.


Hang blankets on a drying rack, securing them with clips to let them drip and dry. It will take about a day for your blanket to really dry completely. Be patient and wait!

3. Make the Fleece Blanket New Again

If your blanket is showing ruffles and clumps, add to that the color of the blanket is dull. We will share with you how to restore the blanket. Of course it is impossible for the blanket to be completely restored, but 9Blanket believe they will help you in part in renewing your blanket.

Use a pet brush or a brush with metal bristles. They are very effective for removing that lint and lint, do the following steps:

  • Spread the blanket on a flat surface.
  • Start at a corner and spray the blanket with water before brushing.
  • Brush to your liking so that you can brush all the blankets.

When you’re done, your blanket looks a lot softer than before! Try to take a moment to keep your blankets fresh and full of life when you’re around, so they can keep you warm on those cold winter nights!

4. Some Tips

Each person will have a different washing method and the force acting on the blanket is also different. But overall, there are a few tips you can use to keep your blanket soft, warm, and durable.

With the following tips, you can not only wash your clumped fleece blanket, but you can also restore your fleece blanket to a fresher, softer state:

  • Always use cool water when washing blankets.
  • Choose a gentle cleanser.
  • Choose a gentle and delicate washing program when machine washing.
  • Wash fleece blankets separately from other items.
  • Do not use a brush when your blanket is still wet and damp.

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