How big is A Throw Blanket

How big is A Throw Blanket

You want to buy blankets and pillows but don’t know how big is a throw blanket? Don’t worry too much about your choice, in just a few minutes we will reveal the size of the throw blanket, the type of throw blanket and how to choose the right throw blanket for the circumstances and conditions you have.

Surely you will wonder how a throw blanket can fit into your room. What size can you buy and what kind of blanket to choose? Depending on your purpose when buying a blanket, you can choose between different sizes and styles of blankets.

Without making you wait any longer, we are now taking you to discover the essentials of throw blankets and the types you can invest in!

1. What is a Throw Blanket?

We all know that throw blankets are blankets used to decorate, cover,… Throw blankets are flexible with many different functions because of their light weight and ease of use. Of course, each type of throw blanket has a different price, it will be structured differently.

It’s easy to love 100% cotton throw blankets because they’re so warm but don’t weigh you down. Cashmere wool, when used as a throw blanket, will give you a luxurious, soft feeling no less than cotton like faux fur and velvet. Besides, there are types that are suitable for most objects such as polyester and fleece as they offer a wide range of reasonable options.

2. Uses of Throw Blankets

As we mentioned above, throw blankets have two main uses: to decorate and keep warm


With the advantage of designs and diverse colors, people also choose to use throw blankets to decorate. Make your room more cozy and vibrant with throw blankets by placing them on a couch, bed or any other piece of furniture to give your room an aesthetic look.

To give your bed a chic yet casual look, place it diagonally in the corner. Just a simple throw blanket to get your bed styled. These blankets will stimulate your creativity.

Keep warm

Just like other blankets, throw blankets can provide you with warmth and comfort. They come in a variety of sizes so make sure they’re roomy enough to hug one person. No matter how tall you are or what size you need, you can buy a larger blanket to cover your entire body.

Besides choosing the size of the blanket, you can also choose for yourself the type of blanket that is suitable for the cold you are facing.

3. How to Choose a Throw Blanket?

The way to choose each person’s blanket will be different depending on your intended use. Some of you will choose to throw blankets to decorate, so the color requirements will be more.

Besides, there are those who choose to throw blankets to keep warm in the cold winter. So we can say, function and style are the most important factors when deciding which throw blanket will be most suitable.

However, on cold days and nights it’s best to choose a throw blanket that’s slightly larger in size than a standard throw blanket. If you’re choosing a throw blanket for the sofa, choose a standard sized blanket.

4. Throw Blanket Size

For some people, they confuse throw blankets with Afghan blankets or regular blankets. But they are very different in function and material.

As for throw blankets, they are mainly for creating comfort and style as accessories for beds and sofas. As they are created from a variety of fabrics such as faux fur, wool, velvet, cashmere wool and a variety of colors to match any design.

4.1. Standard Throw Blanket

In some stores, they will offer a standard throw blanket size of 54 x 60 inches or 137 x 152 cm and the longer version is 54 x 72 inches or about 137 x 183 cm. In some factories the standard or regular size is 50 x 60 inches or 127 x 152 cm.

As most blankets will be quite bulky, while throw blankets will be more compact and often placed diagonally in a corner of the bed.

4.2. King size Throw Blanket

With a king size bed but you want a blanket at the foot of the bed, the solution that you can easily achieve is to use an oversized throw blanket measuring 50 x 70 inches that will provide warmth and comfort. Design element for any room.

Wide range of bed sizes with 90 inch width and 100 inch length. With this bed size, it will be suitable for oversized throw blankets. They’re easy to find in specialty stores or you can order the size and type of blanket you require.

If you really need a larger blanket then you should be able to achieve 108 x 100 inches. That could be an extreme king size blanket!

4.3. Queen Size Throw Blanket

If the king blanket does not meet your needs, you can consider a queen size blanket. The queen size blanket will cover the entire area of the bed with a size of 90 x 100 inches or about 229 x 254 cm.

Like the king throws blankets, these larger ones are harder to find, so you can choose between them by ordering them on demand or buying them from a specialty store.

5. Types of Throw Blankets

There are many types of throw blankets, in basic size they have three types: standard size throw blankets, king size blankets and queen size blankets. Besides, you can order the blanket according to the requirements you desire.

After choosing the right size, the type of blanket is also something you need to consider such as luxe throw blanket, knit throw blanket, fringe throw blanket, recycled throw blanket, … and there are many other types of blankets. But this post we will cover faux fur throw blankets, velvet throw blankets and pintuck throw blankets..

5.1. Fake Fur Blanket

The Faux Fur throw blanket is voted as one of the most stylish blankets. For convenience, easy coordination and especially they are placed diagonally on the corner of your bed and on your couch. This is a great choice for aesthetics and provides warmth for your cold winter nights.

5.2. Velvet Blanket

Velvet throw is considered to bring luxury to your room. It’s soft, beautiful, and warm that fits all spaces to combine. If you really want to invest in space and want to use it for a long time, it will be a perfect choice and honor your beauty. 

5.3. Pintuck Throw Blanket

Pintuck means a fold in the fabric. The pintuck blanket is as its name suggests, the pintuck throw blanket has a lot of folds. And those folds are the highlight for your bed and room.

They are likened to diamonds on jewelry, always sparkling and charming with a variety of colors for you to choose from to match your bed color and bedroom color.

9Blanket bet they will attract you at first sight when you see them. If you have the opportunity, please try to feel and come back to us with your opinion about this pintuck throw blanket! 

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