How Many Granny Squares to Make a Blanket

How many Granny Squares to make A Blanket

How many squares to make a blanket, is the question you are wondering about making a blanket for yourself or for someone. You do not know that you have made the number of boxes, how many more boxes need to be made to form a complete blanket. These questions, we will help you answer them!

Are you wondering? Please join us to answer all questions related to this square blanket! We will learn from their names, their meanings and how to complete them. Even counting the time it takes to perfect a blanket! Now, let’s do it together!

1. Why is it Called Granny Square?

According to what we learn, the Granny square blanket has another name that is Afghanistan. The name is named after the Pashtuns of Afghanistan. With the production of colorful rugs and unique textiles all originating in this famous country.

In the early days of 1946, in the United States. Some women have bravely stood up to save the old scraps of clothes but enough to help them and their families survive the winter. After collecting a large amount of yarn, they will crochet the yarn into colorful little squares.

And they combined the squares to create a gorgeous and warm blanket. At that time, this work was often done by mothers and elderly grandmothers, so it was called “grandmother’s” square.

2. Granny’s Square

2.1. How Many Rounds Does 1 Granny Squares Have?

To create a Granny blanket requires a lot of Granny squares. So have you ever wondered how many rounds does a Granny square need? However, don’t worry about that. We’ve found that a square on a typical square blanket has four to five loops.

And it depends on a lot of factors to determine the exact number of rounds of a Granny square such as: the size of the blanket, the yarn, etc. It all depends on what you like! And now it’s up to you to let your creativity take the lead!

2.2. How Many Yarns Does it Take to Make 1 Granny Squares?

Usually Afghans use intricate patterns and they combine a lot of colors in a blanket that they make. That means you’ll need quite a bit of yarn to make them. For Afghans, it will take 13 to 18 skeins of yarn for a full-sized blanket. And will use more and more reels as they combine more and more colors.

For those new to Granny blankets, you should use fewer colors and you may only need ten rolls of fabric. All yarn count estimates will depend on your sample and the quantity you want. The Afghan shared a few tips to keep in mind while you plan your yarn count:

  • Yarn weight

We always recommend you when choosing yarn for blankets. It is yarn of acrylic blend, this is the best yarn! Besides, cotton is also the kind that we recommend you can substitute for acrylic mixed yarn. The heavier the yarn you choose, the less reel you will need. A light blanket will require more yarn.

  • Item size

When you make blankets, you need to stock up just so you can be ready for emergencies. Helps you improvise flexibly and finish the quilt sooner.

  • Stitch type

When the stitches are different, the amount of yarn used will be different. For the granny stitch, more yarn will be used than single crochet and other stitches.

  • Hook size

What you do with the crochet process will likely greatly affect your crochet pattern. Larger crochet will cause the stitches to be farther apart, which will result in you needing more yarn.

An ideal crochet tool for a granny square stitch is 5mm. And yet, it all depends on the model you choose. But if the stitches are too tight, consider using a larger hook.

  • Tension and measurement

When you design your quilt to have less stretch and stretch, you will need less tension and it will leave your quilt with more space between stitches.

3. Granny Square Blanket

3.1. Variations of Granny Square Blanket

How many types of granny squares do you think there are? If you don’t like the sharp corners of the square, there are quite a few other shapes called variations of the granny square, which we think are also quite worth a try!

  • Hook/magic ring

Wanting to create a closed center when you crochet circular patches is known as the way to create a magic circle. It sounds complicated, but it’s a pretty simple and fast way to do it.

Just loop the yarn around your fingers and sew it the way you would for any other crochet job. Next, sew in a circle until you’re done and pull it back. So you’ve got yourself a magic circle!

  • Colorful square

In the process of crocheting, a blanket can be said to be beautiful or not depending on how you express your creativity. Any color combination shows your richness and aesthetics.

You can combine multiple colors by tying a thread of a different color to the granny stitch and it will change color. Slowly work your way up until you have a nice pattern.

3.2. How Many Squares to Make Blanket

If this is your first time making a blanket from granny squares, you may often wonder how many squares are needed to make a blanket, check out the following figures:

  • For a medium-sized blanket, 88 squares will be needed, each measuring approximately 48 x 66 inches.
  • For a 42 inch wide baby blanket will need 49 large squares.
  • A full-size bed sheet measuring 90 inches will require 225 large square blocks.

However, that’s not the only metric you can do. With your creativity and passion you will probably need as many squares depending on the different sizes of blankets!

3.3. Connect The Squares Into Blankets

After you have created enough granny squares, now we will proceed to assemble them into a complete blanket. And one of the methods to connect the granny squares together is sewing with a needle and thread. A simple and convenient way through the whole process!

  • Step 1: Sew and lock the corners

Prepare a single or double rope first, depending on the strength you want to achieve. Then, starting from the bottom at the corner, loop the needle around the first granny square to the bottom at the corner of the adjacent square. Gently pull the yarn and tie it slightly, then continue the loop.

  • Step 2: Move to the following knots or loops

Having just finished the corners of the quilt, you can now move to join the sides of the two granny squares. Use the same technique as step 1. And keep making these connections until you get to the next corners.

  • Step 3: Connect to the third square and the rest of the blanket

Thread the needle through the bottom of the corner knot, then push it through the bottom of the corner of the third square. And continue until the whole edge is complete and you have reached the next corner loop.

3.4. How Long Does it Take to Finish The Quilt?

How long it takes to make a quilt out of granny squares depends on the design you have chosen and how much time a day you spend making. If you do it consistently, it can take anywhere from a few days to a week to make a full-size blanket.

In contrast, for a small muscle blanket, it will take you less time. However, we encourage you not to let time be a factor for you, especially for beginners. Work together with relaxation, comfort and creativity to create a beautiful pattern that you will love.


Do you fit this granny style? If you are still confused, then give it a try! With this granny square pattern suggested by 9Blanket, the texture is not too complicated and patterned.

So don’t worry too much about wondering how many granny squares it takes to make a blanket. It becomes very easy depending on how you want it to look.

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