How to Put a Throw Blanket on a Bed

How to Put a Throw Blanket on a Bed

How to put a throw blanket on a bed and still look beautiful? Hmm! Surely that’s the blanket! If you are looking to restart a work week, a new day with simple pleasures such as cleaning the house, decorating the bedroom, arranging flowers,… or simply resetting your sleeping place. You are like arranging bedding and shaping your throw blanket. I’m sure they will be interesting!

Don’t let you wait too long! With this article, we will bring you interesting experiences with the throw blanket on your bed. Let’s take a look at their designs and choose the one that suits you best!

1. Reasons to Choose a Throw Blanket in the Bedroom

Winter is next to your window, and it’s time to look for a warm and cozy blanket for your room and home. As we mentioned in the previous post, a throw blanket not only brings warmth to your sleep, but it also helps you have a great aesthetic.

Because of those versatile uses and benefits, we think that each person should own a throw blanket. They are diverse in both colors and styles, very easy to please even the most demanding guests. You can easily carry it from the bedroom to the living room or curl up on the sofa and enjoy the weekend movies. That’s so great!

2. Choose Throw Blanket Size

Before you wish to have a nice blanket for the bed. The first thing you need to do is choose a blanket that is the right size for your needs and conditions. If you choose a blanket that’s too small, I’m afraid it won’t do a good job at night of keeping you warm.

But if you choose a blanket that is too big for the size of the bed, it will become loose, and can limit your ability to function when you are in the blanket and that will make you feel uncomfortable. comfortable.

To be able to choose the right size blanket, I think you need to know your bed and how you will decorate and design it. A smaller blanket will make it easier to transport, suitable for pulling power and cleaning the blanket. But a larger blanket in winter is not a bad choice either! I believe they will be extremely warm. After all, choosing the size of the blanket will depend a lot on your needs!

In the previous article, we mentioned 3 popular sizes of throw blankets which are standard size, king size and queen size. But if you require a different size, it’s not too difficult to find, you just need to go to a specialized store and order the blanket according to the size you want.

3. The Color and Fabric of the Throw Blanket

When choosing a throw blanket, is your priority to choose the fabric or the color of the blanket first? In my opinion, you should choose the fabric you need to use first because most blankets will be neutral in color and very easy to use.

For throw blankets, there are many fabrics used from thin to thick such as velvet blanket, knit throw blanket, faux fur blanket, pintuck blanket, etc. Choose the one you like and I’m sure they will keep you warm in every sleep.

After choosing the size of the blanket, the type of fabric, we will choose the color and texture of the blanket that we want. This is also the final step for you to own a wonderful blanket as your wish! Now let’s see what your aesthetic taste is!

Do you prefer bright colors or cool colors? Do you prefer a patterned blanket or a plain blanket without a pattern? No matter how diverse your preferences and room are, the color of the throw blanket will not disappoint you.

4. Ways to Style Blankets

There are many styles of styling to throw blankets on the bed, but in this article we will cover the basic style that most of you can do: place the blanket at the foot of the bed, hang it. aside, spread like a traditional station or hang on a bench. Please choose the style that you like the most! If you want to do something more unique, let your ingenuity and creativity run wild! 

4.1. Put it at the Foot of the Bed

Out of the four styles we listed above, the throw blanket at the foot of the bed is the simplest and easiest to do. You can fold it vertically and place the entire nios on top of the bed, there are also ways to further customize the look of your entire bed.

Here are a few questions that will help you shape your look better: Do you want to display more or less throw blankets? Do you want this throw blanket horizontal or vertical?… Depending on your desired length, if you want to show a lot of throw blankets or fold the blanket in half, if you want to show less then fold the blanket in three, even even do four and five.

However, the area to fold the blanket will depend on your bed a lot. You are free to be creative so that your bed looks balanced and eye-catching.

4.2. Hanging Aside

With a lightweight throw blanket, it will be used as a decoration instead of being used to keep warm. Are you tired of leaving the blanket at the foot of the bed or like a traditional bed sheet? Why don’t you try hanging them up? Like hanging up instead of your curtain, instead of the picture on the nightstand?

With synthetics and affordable prices to make this simple bed stylish. If you invest more, you can change a blanket every season, such as spring with floral motifs, summer with cool patterns of the sea, lyrical autumn with red maple leaves and finally Buy winter with vibrant flame motifs.

4.3. Hang it on the Wall or Put it on the Couch

It’s great if you have a couch in your bedroom, to be able to put the blanket on the couch is not a coincidence, but fold your throw blanket horizontally and then hang it on the front of the couch.

Make sure your blanket is spread across the seat cushion, then hang the rest of the length of the blanket over the back. You can add a decorative pillow to complete the look of your bedroom.

5. Style Throw Blankets in Some Other Rooms

5.1. In the Living Room

The living room will be the perfect place for your throw blanket. You will have wonderful moments with your throw blanket along with watching movies, reading books or playing with your pet. Here we will suggest you styles to help you decorate your living room:

  • Hang it behind your couch
  • Fold it like pillows
  • Hang it on the wall like a picture
  • Use as a tablecloth

Those are our suggestions, you can create countless more ways to match your living room. I Hope you have a warm and beautiful living room!

5.2. In the Children’s Room

Well, the kids will love the throw blanket activity. A throw blanket is not a must-have for any child’s room. But when it comes to it, it provides an extra layer of softness to cuddle your baby and can also be used for decoration or as a play mat. The 30×40 inch throw blanket is a great choice! Here are some ways to transform a throw blanket in your child’s room:

  • Hang the blanket over the crib
  • Hang it on the back of the chair
  • Place at the foot of the crib
  • Place it on the arm of the chair


Throw blankets are not only a decorative accessory, they help keep warm in almost any space in your home! With a variety of fabrics and styles, it’s easy to make great choices! 9Blanket hopes with this article, it will be able to help you get more useful information or maybe spark your creativity.

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