How to Fold a Blanket Into a Pillow

How to Fold a Blanket Into a Pillow

How to fold a blanket into a pillow quickly and efficiently, not everyone knows. Everyone knows that pillows are an effective support for modern people’s sleep. But you don’t always have pillows to sleep on. In such cases, our suggestions for folding a blanket into a pillow below will work. In addition, for the blankets on the sofa, the living room is sometimes entangled, but with simple steps, you can “turn” the blanket into a neat pillow to decorate the living room.

Whatever the purpose, knowing how to fold a blanket into a pillow makes our lives easier and tidier. Below we present the simplest steps that anyone can do.

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A pillow or blanket will make your living room or bedroom incredibly cozy. If in the past the blanket and pillow only did its basic job of keeping people warm, now it is integrated with many new functions such as decoration, gifts,… So we have You can easily turn an everyday blanket into a decorative pillow for your sofa with our suggested steps below.

There are many ways to fold a blanket into a pillow quickly and simply. However, you need to pay attention to the size of the blanket to make sure it is about the same size as a pillow so it doesn’t take up too much space. The second is to make sure it has the right thickness so that it can be comfortable to use.

Here are two of the most creative and fastest ways to fold a blanket into a pillow that you can try or apply.

2.1. Folding Blankets Simply

This quilt folding is the simplest one on this list. Even if you are not a skillful person, with a little effort and care it can be done. All you need to do is fold the blanket in half until you get the shape and size you want. This method can be applied to all types of blankets and sizes, so its applicability is quite high

Here are the detailed steps:

  • Step 1: Unfold the blanket completely and lay it on a flat surface to fold the blanket easily. Hold the blanket in your hand at the shorter edge and spread it flat on the floor. This makes it easy for you to make contact with every corner when making your fold.
  • Step 2: Fold the blanket in half lengthwise, making sure the edges are all aligned
  • Step 3: Fold the blanket along the remaining sides. Continue alternating sides and folding the quilt in half until you have the desired shape and thickness. During the folding process, it is advisable to smooth out any creases or wrinkles by hand.
  • Step 4: Try placing the blanket you just folded under your head to see if it is comfortable or not. If it’s soft and thick enough, you can enjoy your sleep. If you are not satisfied, you can adjust it or make it again to make it as comfortable as possible.

2.2. Rolling Up Your Blanket

This folding blanket into a pillow requires a bit of dexterity and technique, but you can rest assured that the efforts you put in will pay off. The new pillow is made up of a very neat and pretty blanket, which can be used as a living room decoration. This is a reward that you will get after only a few times so why not give it a try?

Here’s how to do it in detail:

  • Step 1: Place the blanket on a flat surface. Hold the two corners of the blanket and shake it to loosen, then straighten the uneven edges of the blanket. We do this to make the blanket easy to fold and not crease.
  • Step 2: Pinch the quilt in the center and less than 1 ft (0.3 m) from the edge and lift the fabric then tuck the edge of the blanket under the rest starting from where you clip it.
  • Step 3: Fold the blanket into three equal parts lengthwise, fold one side in the middle and fold the rest upwards. This makes it easier to curl the blanket.
  • Step 4: Place a 1 ft (0.3 m) thick blanket over the rest.
  • Step 5: Once you’re done folding, pinch the edge of the blanket with your hands and fold the end over the rest of the blanket. Then, start rolling the blanket as tight as you can.

If you have trouble rolling the blanket tightly, you can open the blanket and try again. To tuck the blanket neatly into a pocket, it’s important that you roll the blanket tightly.

  • Step 6: After you have finished rolling the blanket, do not rush to let go, use your hands to fix it a little more to make sure the blanket does not come off.
  • Step 7: Turn the corner of the bag you created initially and tuck it around the rest of the quilt to create a shape. With a little force when inserted, it will prevent your blanket from falling apart

You see, although there are a lot of steps, these ways to fold a blanket into a pillow are quite simple to do, right? Your beloved blanket is now neat and ready for whatever your future trips are.

3. Risks of Sleeping Without Pillows

Sleeping without a pillow can help some people with their stomachs, but it’s not a good idea for everyone. Because the back, hips, and spine are under a great deal of pressure and are compressed. May cause back pain, the curvature of the spine, and hip joint pain. It is best to use a pillow to help support and reduce pressure on the back of the fever column. In addition to causing back pain, and affecting the spine due to incorrect lying posture, sleeping without a pillow also puts a strain on your joints and muscles. This is also the reason that you will feel sore muscles when you wake up. 

The harmful effects of sleeping without a pillow can affect the quality of your sleep as well as your life in general, so consider carefully!


Folding the blanket into a neat pillow is very simple and easy, it makes everyone’s life more convenient in certain cases. The steps are suggested by 9Blanket  that also quite simple, so you can try and follow along and see if there will be a time when you will need to use it.

Sometimes just changing the simple and small things in our daily living space makes this life more colorful. Turning your blanket into a lovely pillow that can be used for many different purposes is also a way to refresh each person’s space and life.

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