How To Wash Barefoot Dreams Blanket

How To Wash Barefoot Dreams Blanket

How to wash Barefoot Dreams blanket that gives you a headache? The softness and comfort of Barefoot Dreams blanket blankets give you a wonderful sleep experience after stressful and tiring working days. You do not know how to wash it optimally and effectively. What is the way to wash the blanket that will make your blanket always clean and smell like when you bought it? 

Don’t worry too much about those problems. Here we will provide you with the most detailed and easy-to-understand information about Barefoot Dreams blanket, how to properly wash blankets, and notes during use. I guarantee that after reading this blog you will have new knowledge to help your beloved blanket stay beautiful and last as long as possible.

1. What is a Barefoot Dreams Blanket?

The Barefoot Dreams blanket may be a familiar product for many people, but in this article, I will also introduce it to those who do not know or want to learn it in more detail.

Bare blankets are usually made from 100% polyester microfiber because they are composed of such fibers, so they have good coverage, and do not clump or tear when used. It is very soft, making anyone feel satisfied from the first touch. That’s what makes it worth every penny!

Regular Barefoot Dreams blankets are usually quite expensive because they are made from high-quality materials. Moreover, their luxurious appearance and softness make anyone want to pay a price that is not low to be used.

2. Barefoot Dreams Blanket Review

3. Why Do We Have to Wash Barefoot Blankets?

A dark Barefoot Dreams blanket makes it impossible for you to see the dirt or it is so big that you sometimes hesitate to wash it. Below I will list the reasons why we should “refresh” our blankets periodically.

Firstly, as you know, there is always a certain amount of fine dust in the air, even if we do not see it, it still exists. These tiny dust particles will cling to our beloved blankets, accumulating for a long time and making them dirty.

Second, you should wash the blanket regularly to remove stains and allergens that affect health. In addition, in case you have pets, washing blankets regularly can also avoid infectious diseases or asthma. In summary, protecting the health and maintaining the life of the blanket are the most basic arguments to support the idea of why it is advisable to wash the blanket regularly.

4. Steps to Properly Wash Barefoot Dreams

Washing a Barefoot Dreams blanket isn’t as expensive as what you pay for it. On the contrary, their cleaning process is quite simple and does not take as much effort as you might imagine. Because most of the Barefoot Blanket can be cleaned in the washing machine. So just follow the steps we suggest below and I guarantee your blanket will always be new and clean.

  • Step one: Prepare the blanket that you want to wash, and shake off all the dirt and debris on it. If you have pets, remove as much surface hair as possible with a lint roller. This helps to clean the blanket faster and reduces dirt in the washing tub.
  • Step 2: Set the gentle wash cycle, use cold water and add gentle detergent. Since the material for the Barefoot blanket is made of knitted fibers, avoid washing it with hot water, which will cause the fibers to shrink, damaging the life of the blanket.
  • Step 3: Throw the blanket into the washing tub and the next task is to let the washing machine take care of you. However, you should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when using fabric softeners, detergents, etc. to make them last.
  • Step 4: Dry the blanket and do not use high heat. Note that you should not leave the blanket for too long in the dryer because it may affect the cotton.
  • Step 5: After all that work, you just need to wait for the blankets to dry completely and enjoy the comfort they bring.

The steps to clean your beloved Barefoot Dreams blanket are easy and simple, right? If you’re still worried, taking the blanket out to the laundromat is not a bad solution.

5. Frequently Asked Questions When Using Barefoot Blanket

1. Why is Barefoot Blanket So Expensive?

With everyone going crazy for the overpriced Barefoot Dreams blankets. Many people will question whether it is worth the money or not. However, as I mentioned above a Barefoot Dreams blanket is made of 100% polyester, so it feels very soft and comfortable to use. The feeling of warmth from these blankets gives the user more than any blanket on the market today.

A Barefoot Dreams blanket is also designed to be luxurious and elegant, making a great decoration for any room. It can be a meaningful gift that you should consider giving to soon-to-be-married couples. It is for all of the above reasons that will make anyone want to own such a blanket. This is an investment in yourself that is completely worth it.

2. How Long Does a Barefoot Dreams Blanket Last?

Barefoot Dreams blankets are quite durable and can be used for many years if you use and care for them properly. Just be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and the notes we’ve reminded you of during the washing process and your blanket will last as long as possible.

3. Does Barefoot Dreams Blanket Have Any Discounts?

I know that the price of a Barefoot Dreams blanket is quite high so we still need to consider this when buying. But the good news for you is that the Barefoot Dreams blankets have discounts on Black Friday and other special occasions. Be sure to check out their information and communication channels to stay up to date with their deals.

4. Should We Buy a Dupe?

I know that we all want to experience the comfort and coziness of a Barefoot Dreams blanket, but sometimes the economy doesn’t allow it. This led to the thought of wanting to buy a dupe.

However, based on popular opinion, cheating is not worth it because fakes do not give us the same great and comfortable experience as a genuine blanket. You will not have a transparent warranty and return policy. That sometimes wastes money. Therefore, we should not support the behavior of buying dupe copies, it is not too late to wait for the discount opportunities to buy.


The comfort that a Barefoot Dreams blanket brings to us is undeniable. They help us get quality sleep and make rest time more meaningful. Therefore, we should consider investing in a quality Barefoot Dreams blanket.

When you have that beloved blanket on hand, you also need to pay attention to the notes during use and washing so that they are always new and durable with time. 9Blanket believes a Barefoot Dreams blanket will help you elevate your life. 

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