How to Wash Minky Blanket

How to Wash Minky Blanket

Wondering how to wash the minky blanket? With the softness and lightness of pink feathers, the minky blanket is a baby blanket, giving you a wonderful experience when using it. But you are wondering about how to wash the blanket to keep the blanket soft without losing its original shape. So what is the new way to wash the blanket to keep it smelling fresh and clean?

Don’t worry too much about them. Here we will provide you with detailed information about minky blankets, how to properly wash the blanket and notes during use. I guarantee that after reading this blog, you will have new knowledge to help your beloved blanket stay beautiful and long-lasting.

1. What is a Minky Blanket?

Minky blankets are made from polyester and are often used as baby blankets because they are soft and comfortable. Minky fabric also known as fleece fabric or fleece fabric always cares for your and your baby’s skin.

With the composition of 100% polyester fabric, the blanket becomes thicker, more durable, but still keeps the blanket as soft as fleece.

These soft blankets come in a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes. You can even find minky fabric by the yard to make your own blankets, clothes, or other projects.

They make great gifts for adults and children of all ages as they are soft and cozy. They are perfect for birthday gifts, housewarming gifts, or baby showers. I believe the recipient will love warm and meaningful gifts like the minky blanket!

2. Why Should You Buy a Minky Blanket?

Blankets are indispensable items in each of our homes, Blankets bring us warmth when winter comes, luxury fashion in the house. However, taking care of minky blankets is always soft is something that makes us wonder and often struggles with that, but on the contrary, taking care of the blanket is not difficult.

In addition, minky blankets not only have superior softness compared to other blankets! They are also softer for a longer time, which is a huge plus for both saving money and making memories with it.

With the development of the times, today’s minky blankets are more diverse in color, design and size. It allows you to choose a blanket that meets the needs of each member of your family. There are strict demands on materials, colors, designs and textures. Because each place uses a blanket is different, it also requires different requirements!

If the things I just mentioned above are completely suitable for you, then what are you waiting for without owning a minky blanket? I think they will not let you down with so many outstanding features!

In today’s cold winter weather, they are a safe and suitable choice for sleep, giving you great experiences to help you regenerate energy. It can be said that the blanket, pillow, and mattress are the right investment for the health and safety of you and your family!

3. Minky Blanket Washing Styles

Minky blankets should be washed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Based on the instructions provided on the care label, you may proceed with the below steps. So we have two ways to wash the minky blanket:

  • Machine Wash: Machine washing blankets is a great option for you if you are short on time and love convenience. When washing by machine, we have many options for washing power from light to strong for our blanket. With the washing machine, there are also many washing programs for minky blankets, so that the duvet cover is not lost like when it was first purchased.
  • Hand Wash: When washing blankets by hand, it will make it easier for you to control the stains that accumulate on your blanket. At the same time, the blanket will be more durable, not easily ruffled like when washing by machine. But make sure that you have enough patience and enough time to wash the blanket because it is quite cumbersome.

Let’s include both approaches. See which one suits you best! Please consider both ways to wash minky blankets! See which way suits your time and effort best. Either way, make sure they come out clean, smelling good, making using your minky blankets fun, comfortable, smooth, and full of fun!

4. Minky Blanket Washing Steps

4.1. Machine Wash

Washing minky blankets in the washing machine is an easy process. We have the process of washing blankets by machine as follows:

  • Step 1: Pre-Soak the Blanket: If your blanket is extremely dirty, pre-soak it in a bucket of cold water mixed with a mild detergent.
  • Step 2: Load the Washer with Minky Blanket: Whether you are washing one Minky blanket or several, make sure not to overload the washing machine. It’s best to wash not more than 2 Blankets of the same color at one time.
  • Step 3: Select the Right Settings: Minky blankets should be washed in cold water using the delicate cycle settings. Only mild detergents should be used, do not use bleach or other harsh chemicals. If your washing machine has the option to set the spin speed,  simply select a low spin setting.
  • Step 4: Run the Wash Cycle: Once you’ve set the washing machine, simply run the wash cycle. Take the blanket out of the machine after completing the wash cycle and check for any remaining stains.
  • Step 5: Hang to Dry or Tumble Dry on Low Heat:  Minky blankets can be hung to dry or tumble dried on low heat settings. We should not use the dryer, instead we should dry it naturally. However, if you are in a hurry and want to use a dryer, select a low-temperature and delicate tumble setting.

Note: When washing a minky Blanket, make sure you are not mixing other fabrics with the load as it may damage the fabric.

4.2. Hand Wash

In order to hand wash a minky blanket, follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Pre-Soak the Blanket: The very first step is to pre-soak the blanket in a bucket of cold water mixed with a mild detergent and leave it aside so that all the dirt and stains are loosened up.
  • Step 2: Rinse the Blanket: After the pre-soaking process is complete, rinse the blanket. Gently swish the blanket around in the soapy water and then let it soak for about 15 minutes. Rinse the blanket off the soap bubbles under cold running water after 15 minutes.
  • Step 3: Hang to Dry:  Once you have rinsed the blanket, it’s time to hang it out to dry.


The comfort that minky blankets bring to us is a great thing. They help us have family experiences that are especially meaningful for young children. Therefore, we should consider investing in a quality minky blanket.

When you have that beloved blanket on hand, you also need to pay attention to the notes during use and washing so that they are always new and durable with time. I believe that a blanket will keep the family happy, secure and happy.

9Blanket hope this article can bring you something new and useful. Thank you for reading this article in its entirety! Wish you success in washing minky blankets with the things we mentioned above.

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