How To Get Putty Out Of Blanket

How To Get Putty Out Of Blanket

How to get putty out of a blanket is a common question of many parents with children in the family. Silly Putty first appeared during World War II with the purpose of helping to fill and mold machines. After the war ended, a new use for the object was found – as a flexible toy for children.

Unfortunately, children are often very active and mischievous, they throw miscellaneous putty in every corner of the house, including the living room, the dining room, and even the bed. And if you find Silly Putty on your favorite duvet, what do you do to get it out?

Once Silly Putty has crept into the tiny fibers of your favorite upholstered furniture, clothes, or blankets it seems impenetrable. However, you can still remove it simply and quickly even if it has settled in a comfortable compress or other soft material without causing damage to the area. 

You just need to follow the specific steps we have set up to be able to remove the most stubborn Silly Putty stains. Now, what are you waiting for, get to work and that Silly Putty class will be gone in no time?

1. What Is Silly Putty?

Originally created by Silly Putty to aid the military as a potential rubber substitute in the 1940s, this pliable toy later became a children’s pastime. Bounce silicone polymers can flow like a liquid or break when pushed or pulled to the limit. There is a viscous elastomer liquid inside it.

This allows it to be very flexible, malleable, and resilient, and this is also the main reason why it is so difficult to remove it on upholstered furniture, car seats, pillows, and especially blankets. difficult and full of challenges.

In fact, Silly Putty will be present on any surface it happens to leave behind. Viscous elastic fluid is played with by children with manipulations such as pulling, squeezing, and throwing, … and the longer it is played with, the more elastic it becomes. This is the point where it tends to lose its sturdy shape and become long and loose. 

This could also be the point when the kids start to get bored with Silly Putty and leave it somewhere. If “somewhere” is a bed, Silly Putty can be tied up and stuck in layers of bedding or in her hair which is a huge problem for many parents.

2. How To Get Silly Putty Out Of Blanket

2.1. Freeze The Blanket

Silly has a soft and elastic texture like gum so you might consider freezing it to remove those nasty layers of Silly Putty. This is the fastest and easiest method to effectively remove it from the surface of a blanket or any other surface. 

Freezing the silly putty will make it easier to remove without leaving any unnecessary marks on the surface of the blanket.

You freeze your blanket overnight to get the most out of this freezing method.

However, there are still some blanket materials that may not be compatible with freezing, so aim to replace Silly Putty with ice cubes. To follow this method you need to follow certain steps below that suggested by 9Blanket:

Step 1: Put the blanket in the freezer overnight the freezer’s cooling mechanism will allow you to gradually crack the layers of Silly Putty.

Step 2: The next day, after taking out the blanket you will notice that the putty has cracked, it will now be easier to remove. With layers of Silly Putty completely frozen, it can pop open on its own. 

In case it hasn’t come out yet you can start peeling and removing the putty from the blanket. If the layers of Silly Putty are too thick and cannot be removed the first time you can repeat the process.

Step 3: After removing the silly putty from the blanket, you can now proceed to clean the blanket to remove any remaining stains. You should use mild detergent so as not to damage your blanket.

After washing, your blanket will return to its original shape.

2.2. By Using a Lubricant

The method of freezing blankets is quite quick and convenient, but it only applies to certain materials of blankets. In case your blanket is made of fleece, freezing or using ice is unlikely to help. Since fleece is made up of a soft synthetic material, it can make it more difficult to remove stains when they get on the fabric.

In such a difficult situation, you can still remove the putty without damaging the surface of the blanket by using a popular lubricant called WD-40. This is a very popular lubricant used in the market to remove stubborn Silly Putty. It is extremely easy to find and effective that you should use.

You Follow The Specific Steps Below:

Step 1: You must scrape the putty as much as possible with a dull material or even a butter knife so that you can’t scratch or puncture the surface of the blanket.

Step 2: Saturate the affected area with WD-40 lubricant. If possible, soak it for about three minutes. You can apply more lubricant to increase the effectiveness while wiping the affected area with a clean cloth.

Step 3: Then take a clean cloth soaked in isopropyl alcohol before working with some fleece blanket cleaner and rub the cloth in the silly putty-stained area for a few minutes. You apply a little dish soap to lubricate the affected area to make it easier to remove the washcloth.

Step 4: Re-rub the area with a cloth Once the stain is removed, you can now proceed to rinse with a clean cloth moistened with water.

Step 5: Once the paste has been removed, you can wash your blanket in the usual way. If you still don’t know how to properly wash your fleece blanket, you can refer to our previous articles.

After washing the blanket, your blanket will be clean again without any remaining stains. How satisfying and wonderful this feeling is!

3. Will Vinegar Remove Silly Putty?

As we all know vinegar is an excellent stain remover, safe for human hands, and friendly to most fabrics. Vinegar can help remove any remaining putty from contaminated surfaces after you have removed most of the putty. 

If you dissolve 1-2 teaspoons of white vinegar with filtered water and put the blanket in it to soak.  Vinegar has a softening effect on the fibers making it easier to remove stains. You can also use it after lubricant and alcohol to remove stains left by Silly Putty on fabrics.

3.1. Stain Removal

In addition to being able to dissolve vinegar with water, put a blanket in it after using a razor to clean the silly putty layers, you can use it to gently rub it directly on the stain so that the vinegar penetrates the fabric fibers and dissolves the remaining slime. back of putty.

Once it’s done, you may be worried your blankets will smell of vinegar, which can cause discomfort. To get rid of this unwanted smell you can rub the affected area with baking soda to get rid of it. 

You can also sprinkle baking soda on the surface and vacuum it up after an hour or two to solve the problem. White vinegar or baking soda are both natural and organic cleaning agents, so they are safe to use.

Some ideas that you will need: