How To Use Swaddle Blanket


Are you a new mom, and don’t know how to use a swaddle blanket? Yes, this is completely normal when you have not started a childcare course for new mothers. The swaddling blanket for the baby is quite important, as it replaces the mother’s embrace, making the child feel as safe as being held by the mother.

Help stabilize the baby when sleeping to prevent the baby from being startled. But when your baby grows up, do you feel sorry for those swaddle blankets? Recycling the swaddle blanket as part of it is environmentally friendly and economical for your family.

Do you know? Your baby’s swaddle blanket can be used for so many occasions and is extremely useful! Have you thought about what it can be used for? Let’s explore together now!

1. What is Swaddle?

For those who are parents or for those who are about to become parents, it will be no stranger to swaddling. This job is not a simple job because it requires gentleness, tenderness, meticulousness, care because just a little deviation will easily make your child uncomfortable.

Swaddling has traditionally been the norm for babies, with a blanket that fits snugly around the body. The baby’s embrace of the diaper makes babies more tender, making them feel like they are in the mother’s womb. So the baby feels warmer, more obedient.

They feel comfortable, so diapers quickly become a companion to the baby, both beneficial for the baby and beneficial for the mother, helping the mother in soothing and putting the baby to sleep faster, deeper.

Another benefit of swaddling babies is that it helps prevent babies from waking themselves up through a sleep reflex or what they call startle. They respond by spreading their arms and legs, tilting their heads back, crying, and folding their arms and legs. But using a swaddling diaper will help limit the baby being startled during sleep!

2. Is Swaddling Safe?

The baby’s swaddling blanket is only safe from the moment the baby is born until the baby is contagious and turns over. This process lasts about 3 saints from the time the baby is born.

During this period, swaddling is an effective technique to calm the baby and promote sleep when done correctly. For some parents who have the time and conditions to participate in childcare courses. Most teachers will tell students the rules and ways of swaddling babies.

But there are some rules about sleeping when placing a baby that is: put the baby on his back when sleeping in his own space, encourage parents to use a hard mattress, no sheet or a blanket that is not too soft.

2.1. The Best Blanket For Babies

Newborn babies have very thin and sensitive skin. So at this stage, parents should choose for their children blankets with the softest, most breathable fabric, such as muslin or cotton blankets.

But the vast majority, experts recommend blankets made of muslin fabric because they are quite airy, stretchy to help babies not be constrained more comfortably when the weather is sunny and to avoid the hot weather of children.

2.2. Steps To Swaddle A Baby

Many parents wonder how to swaddle their babies. Parents sometimes become confused by this situation if not prepared in advance! So how to swaddle a baby? You can watch the video and combine it with the description below! They are very simple, let’s do it together!

  • Step 1 – Preparation: prepare a muslin blanket of the right size for your child. Then fold the scarf in half into a triangle. So that the top of the triangle is at the bottom. Next, place your baby in the center of the scarf, so that the bottom of the triangle is level with his or her shoulders.
  • Step 2 – Swaddling with Arms: Place baby’s right arm parallel to body, maybe slightly bent. Take the blanket on the baby’s right arm and pull it securely over the baby’s chest. So that while pulling your hand you shake the baby’s arm under the blanket. Tuck the bottom edge of the diaper under your baby’s body on the baby’s left hip. Meanwhile, the left arm is left free.
  • Step 3 – Treat the tail: Fold the end of the diaper over your baby’s legs, and secure the fabric by tucking the cloth over the baby’s shoulder.
  • Step 4 – Finish: Take the rest of the blanket on the left side of the baby, fix the baby’s hand by holding it parallel to the body but can be slightly curved. Take the left side of the fabric over the baby’s chest so that you keep the baby’s hand under the blanket. And you fix the blanket under the baby’s body!

3. Different Uses Of Swaddle Blankets

Besides swaddling your baby, the swaddling blanket that you once invested in your baby will be sorry to throw them away. So 9Blanket have continued to write this section to help you deal with this dilemma! Read our next section to see what you can use them for!

3.1. Shawls

A shawl not only helps you add a luxurious and noble style but also saves you money. Besides, you do not need to spend a lot of money to invest in a shawl that can immediately take advantage of your child’s swaddling towel.

To make a shawl, simply put it over one shoulder and drape it over the other shoulder. So you’ve got a new scarf to protect you on cold winter days, right?

3.2. Trolley Cover

After the baby is more than a month old, it is necessary to take him outside to help him get used to the environment. What do you think if there is an extra shade for the stroller to prevent the sun from reaching your baby? And somewhat help prevent dirt from entering the baby. It’s great if you use that baby’s swaddle blanket!

The swaddle blanket is big enough to cover your baby’s stroller. Simply secure the two ends of the blanket to the dome of the stroller, and you’ve got a handy and creative stroller cover!

3.3. Diaper Changing Table

In an emergency such as when you travel with your family, go to the mall, … and the problem is that you take your child to a public restroom but there is no diaper changing table to put your baby in.

That’s right, your baby’s swaddle blanket is a great solution! You can take the swaddle blanket and lay it down on a clean flat surface and then it will take the place of the baby’s changing table.

At this point you can safely place your baby and continue your work. Right after that, you can easily clean the blanket by taking it to the laundry. It’s convenient!

3.4. Gift Box

As in previous articles, we have introduced to you how to wrap gifts with blankets. And no exception, your baby’s swaddle blanket is no exception that can be gift wrapped.

Wrapping gifts with swaddle blankets is both convenient and helps you save the environment! Not to mention that your child’s unique blanket is very diverse and unique, making the gift stand out in a crowded party!

3.5. Tablecloths

Well, your baby’s swaddle blanket is so handy, isn’t it? If it is a special gift to wrap gifts, it is also special to make a tablecloth, to decorate your home! Not only that, the swaddling blanket can also replace the blanket every time your family organizes that picnic!

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