Why Does My Dog Suck on a Blanket

Why Does My Dog Suck on a Blanket

Accidentally you see your pet sucking on the blanket and you wonder: “why does my dog suck on a blanket?”. The first thing that comes to your mind is that you will be worried about your pet, then read the articles related to your pet sucking on the blanket. And it’s good luck to us when you choose our article for reference. Therefore, we will help you answer the questions you are facing.

In today’s article, we will provide readers with information related to your dog sucking on the blanket. So, the content of this article includes: the root of the dog sucking the blanket, the reasons why the dog sucks the blanket and the ways to fix it.

You can have more peace of mind with what you can read and help your dog improve his current situation! Now, let’s take a look at the first steps on this matter!

1. Is It Normal for Dogs to Suck on Blankets?

If your dog always feels comfortable and refreshed with the blanket and sucking on it, is it normal? Although not all dogs have a relaxation mechanism when lying next to and sucking on a blanket, the vast majority of dogs find it relaxing to do so.

Some dogs will find it relaxing to nibble on blankets before they go to sleep, and some even gnaw and drag blankets everywhere they go! There’s usually nothing out of the ordinary, but any behavior will have underlying causes behind it! To help you better understand, we have the analysis below.

1.1. Is Sucking a Natural Behavior?

One thing you can keep in mind is that dog sucking on blankets is a completely natural behavior. People often compare it to a dog sucking a blanket as natural as a dog barking, it’s like an innate thing at birth.

The instinct when a dog is born is to immediately go to their mother’s warm milk, they suck on the mother’s breast and suck on the milk to digest the milk, so this behavior is both a way for them to digest nutrients and a way to ease the feelings of anxiety and insecurity they are experiencing.

1.2. Why Does The Dog Suck on a Blanket?

Once dogs have found a way to help them feel comfortable with sucking on the blanket, this behavior is difficult to break and they are likely to follow your dog until the end. life!

Because the layers of fur and the warmth of the blanket make them feel as soft and warm as their mother. So they feel very happy, safe next to the blanket!

2. Why Dogs Suck Blankets

There are many reasons why dogs suck on blankets, but we usually divide this cause into two large groups: physiological causes and psychological causes. By dividing into two such large groups, we can easily access even more aspects to help you have a more intuitive and proactive view of your pet. Now, let’s find out the reasons one by one!

2.1. Physiological Causes

When it comes to physiological causes that can be easily seen from physical manifestations, it will be easier for you to recognize and overcome. So when it comes to physiological causes, we will mention some of the following causes:

  • Teething Puppy: When a puppy teething, it’s like a baby teething! Teeth will make them feel uncomfortable and itchy so they have a need to reach for things they can suck on and reduce the discomfort they are experiencing. So they often look for blankets or soft cotton objects to easily bite, chew, and suck on these objects! In these cases, you can substitute with soft cotton objects such as dog toys or other more convenient substitutes.
  • Compulsive Disorders in Dogs: Some researchers have shown that compulsive disorder in dogs is likely to be genetic, which suggests that in certain breeds it is possible to develop a compulsive disorder. Then include several other varieties. Compulsive disorder behavior will include some repetitive behaviors such as grooming, chasing, licking feet, and including sucking on blankets. Advice if you realize that your dog has a compulsive disorder, it is better to take your dog to see the vet so that he can prevent and limit negative behaviors because they can potentially harm your dog.

2.2. Psychological Causes

When it comes to psychological causes, there are a number of deep-rooted causes for their current behavior. Some causes may be present at birth but will manifest only recently. So when it comes to psychological causes, it is necessary to consider from many different angles and aspects such as the following reasons:

  • Missing their mother for leaving her too soon: Some puppies turn to blankets because they find comfort, safety, and happiness in being with their mother. In some cases, puppies have to leave their mothers early before weaning, so they have not had time to adapt and find things that make them comfortable.
  • Anxiety: Dogs are just like people, their moods can change and they can easily become anxious too. Situations that make your dog feel anxious are loud noises, crowds, a new house move, even if you have more pets. When they feel extremely distressed, they will seek out behaviors to relieve that pain, including sucking on blankets.
  • The scent of the blanket: The scent of the blanket is where your sweat and scent often accumulate after each time you use it. So when they miss you or they want to be with you, these scents help them feel like you’re next to them, very attractive and attractive to them! And they often suck on the blanket without paying attention to whether it is dirty or not. And some advice is given that you try washing your blankets? See if it’s still interested in that scent or not!

3. Some Safety Considerations

It is a safe trend for a dog to suck on a blanket if it is something to keep them comfortable and happy as long as there is no danger to their health. And some causes that you have fixed but your dog still sucks on the blanket, we think he has no problem.

However, you should still be on the lookout for some situations that endanger your dog’s health with some simple methods such as. You should keep the blanket clean because some cases make your blanket dirty, so when your dog tends to suck the blanket and easily make them infected.

So you need to keep blankets clean to prevent them from becoming a danger to your dog. And also a way to help your room and house become clean, cool and safe for you too.


So to answer the question “why does my dog suck on the blanket”, we have provided readers with information with content such as the root of the behavior, the causes and accompanying solutions. , besides that you need to keep your blanket clean.

Hopefully with the above content of 9Blanket, we will help you and your pet stay in a happy, happy state and have time to gather and share life’s moments. Thank you for your interest, following and choosing our articles for reference!

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