How To Wash Fleece Blanket

How To Wash Fleece Blanket

How to wash fleece blankets is often a difficult problem for everyone. I know the softness and coziness of a fleece blanket are wonderful so everyone wants to keep those good experiences. But unfortunately, I have to tell you that usually fleece blankets often get ruffled and lumpy after only the first wash if we don’t know how to wash them properly.

In fact, fleece blankets are made from very small polyester fibers, so if you don’t know how to wash the blanket properly, the small fibers can get caught in the lint leading to knots. This is also the cause of the clumping condition of the fleece blanket.

So it is best to wash/wash them in cool or cold water to avoid excessive heat; Use a gentle detergent and choose a delicate wash cycle (if machine wash) then dry them on low heat.

I know many people who are also unaware that they are washing their fleece blankets the wrong way. But we can’t help but take the blanket to wash when it gets dirty. But what is the secret to keeping the fleece blanket from breaking its original texture as well as its original softness and smoothness?

In this article, I will share specifically how to wash fleece blankets in the most reasonable way, and how to wash them to maintain the quality and stay as new as when they were new. Please read and refer!

1. Can You Wash Fleece?

As I mentioned above, after washing, the fleece blanket will lose its original texture, but people often think that we should not wash or limit washing as much as possible to keep the original texture. the durability of his beloved blanket. But in fact, there is always dust in the air and in your home too, there is no way to clean them without washing them.

In fact, you can completely bring your fleece blankets to be washed. Not only does it make the dirt stick on the blanket removed, helping you to avoid some respiratory diseases, but it is also a way to “refresh” the blanket. You just need to follow the sequence of steps that we suggest below to be able to complete this difficult task.

Can You Machine Wash Fleece Blankets?

Of course, you can completely use the washing machine to wash those big blankets. I know that you also shy away from washing a bulky blanket by hand and don’t know how to squeeze out all the water after it’s washed. So washing fleece blankets by machine is a choice that meets and suits the requirements of many people.

However, there are also very careful and meticulous people who want to do the washing themselves because they are not secure when giving this task to the washing machine. They fear that the fibers will clump and lose their original shape. But you should know that the problem of lint or clumps is not in the washing machine itself, but in the washing machine settings when cleaning the blanket.

The first note when washing the blanket is that it is best to wash the fleece blanket separately, not wash it with other items. This will prevent friction between the fibers, avoiding the loss of texture between them.

2. What You’ll Need

2.1. Equipment / Tools

  • 1 washing machine (if you want to wash by machine) or a large bathroom (if you wash by hand)
  • 1 dryer
  • 1 soft bristle brush
  • 1 lint roller

2.2. Materials

  • Washing powder
  • Gentle detergent
  • Aerosol
  • 1 box of enzyme-based stain remover

3. How to Wash a Fleece Blanket Without Ruining It

This is probably the most awaited part which is the specific steps to wash a fleece blanket without damaging it. From the preliminary treatment of stains, and the process of washing to drying, I will share details with you. Continue reading below!

3.1. Pre-Treating

Before washing the blanket, you should do an essential step which is to pre-treat the stains. This makes the washing process faster and easier. Besides, if not treated first, these stains can stay there forever, and can not be washed anymore.

For this pre-treatment, I recommend using gentle, fleece-friendly cleaners. An option worth considering is using dishwashing liquid because it’s gentle enough on fabrics but strong enough to remove stains from blankets.

To treat these stains simply put a few drops of detergent or dishwashing liquid on the dirty surface. Then wait about 10 minutes for the detergent to penetrate the fibers to be removed. After 10 minutes, you can use a paper towel to absorb the stain.

Care should be taken to avoid scrubbing too hard, causing damage to the surface of the blanket, in worse cases, making the stains penetrate deeper. After going through this step, we are ready to wash the blanket.

3.2. Washing

As I emphasized from the beginning you should prioritize washing the fleece blanket separately, not with any other fabric. Because this causes friction between the fibers leading to lint and clumping due to abrasion. This is the main reason why the blanket is not as soft as before.

Fleece blankets are made from polyester, so they are very durable, which makes many people think they have a solid connection, but on the contrary, the fleece fabric is very delicate. Therefore, when washing, it is necessary to set a gentle or delicate washing mode. If we do so, it will reduce the vibration of the washing machine that affects the desired fabrics, ensuring the structure is not broken.

Since we’ve already dealt with preliminary stains, only a small amount of detergent or a mild detergent is needed. Do not add too much detergent because this indirectly causes the accumulation of detergent in the fibers and also causes the fibers to become rough and lumpy.

Finally, you should use cool or cold water to wash your fleece blanket. Basically, synthetic fibers like fleece blankets are made from plastic, so if you use high water temperatures, it can cause it to melt, leading to a lumpy condition.

3.3. Drying

There are two common ways you can dry your beloved fleece blanket. Do these two ways depend on the urgency you need to use your fleece blanket or not? The simplest and easiest thing to do is to let it dry naturally.

This is the best way to ensure that the texture of the fleece blanket is as fluffy and soft as possible. However, this method takes a lot of time due to its large size. The ideal conditions to do it this way is on sunny days and rainy days you should try the second way. To air-dry blankets, you can hang them outside to dry them quickly.

The second way that you can use a fleece blanket is to use a dryer. While using this way can speed up the drying time, it also increases the possibility of structural damage due to high temperatures. So be careful when doing it this way.


9Blanket hopes that these guides make it easier for you to clean your beloved fleece blanket. But you need to follow the washing steps according to the correct process and pay attention to the reminders we give you so as not to lose the smoothness and softness of the blanket!

If you followed our step-by-step guide and succeeded, please share it with other people who need help too!

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