How to Wash Ugg Blanket

How to Wash Ugg Blanket

How to wash ugg blankets in winter? For us, the warmest thing is to be curled up in a warm blanket and allowed to work or even to be lazy in the warmth of the blanket is also a blessing and a blessing!

But what makes us wonder is how we should wash our ugs, how we can keep them soft, and can remove stains from your soft blanket?.. and many other worries and worries.

Here, we will describe ways to help you get rid of those worries and worries! Get rid of the problems that have been bothering you for a long time. Let’s read this article together! I hope it can be useful to you!

1. The Step-by-step Process of Washing Ugg Blankets

Cleaning and washing a blanket is natural, because it helps keep the ugg blanket soft, fragrant and warms you all through the cold winter! So what type of washing and how should we wash the ugg blanket? Without making you wait any longer, let’s take the first step together!

1.1. Order Ugg Blankets Separately

The ugg blanket is made from soft, delicate fabrics, so their use and washing should be handled gently. Therefore, it is necessary to wash the ugg blanket separately so that the blanket can be intact and retain its original softness. When washing by machine, for each different type of blanket, we will use different washing levels and washing processes, so separating the ugg blanket for washing will help the blanket be cared for exactly as the manufacturer requires.

So, depending on the type of fabric, please set the mode to suit your ugg blanket, so that they are cleaned but still gently cuddled.

1.2. Wash Without Fading

When we choose to buy blankets, most of our first criteria will be the material and color. Once we have selected our favorite material, we will consider the second condition, which is color. We tend to choose neutral colors, not too bold like beige, blue, gray, or light pink… Those with strong personalities will choose bold and dark colors. more color.

When washing a blanket with neutral and rather light colors, we should wash it separately or can wash it with light and non-fading colors. Because they can easily fade your ugg blanket, fading the original color makes the aesthetic of the blanket not as original.

For dark colored ugg, they will be quite easy to fade during washing, when washed with other fabrics such as clothes, pillowcases, duvet covers, etc. The color of the blanket will fade easily. easily clings to your other fabrics. And will make them become old faster only!

So it’s also important to wash different colored blankets separately to avoid them being stained with each other, making them not retain their inherent color.

1.3. Machine Wash at the Right Temperature

Once you’ve sorted your blankets and chosen the right process for your blanket, the next step is to choose the right temperature for that blanket! Most ugg blankets will be washed in cold water, cold water will help the blanket washing process not affect the shape and color of the blanket.

If you use hot water. That’s a risk to the fur of the ugg blanket! Feathers are very easy to come apart, and shrink when exposed to hot water. They will not keep the color that is the inherent style of the blanket.

So when washing any ugg blanket, cold water is always the safest choice for your blanket!

1.4. Choice of Detergent and Softener

Detergent and conditioner will also greatly affect the quality and original style of the ugg blanket. Detergent will help you remove layers of dirt, and conditioner will help your blanket become fragrant, masking unpleasant odors before washing.

While concentrated detergents and fabric softeners will help keep your blankets clean and fresh, manufacturers still recommend using mild detergents and softeners, as they will help keep your blankets clean. Your ugg will last a long time and keep the same look as when it was new.

1.5. Drying 

There is a truth that every manufacturer wants to recommend to you is to let the blanket dry naturally. However, in some force majeure situations, such as drizzling, wet or not sunny, it is imperative that you dry your blankets by drying them in the washing machine.

When drying the ugg blanket in the washing machine, let it dry as gently as possible, because the texture of the blanket is composed of hairs, they will easily fall off the blanket before the blanket is completely dried. Dry the blanket on the lowest temperature to ensure your blanket stays intact!

If you have the option to air dry, then this is the perfect choice for your blanket! Your job is just to lift the blanket once the washing program is done and the rest is up to the sun for that day!

There is a note for you after washing the blanket that absolutely do not wring or fold the blanket when they are wet because the texture of the ugg blanket does not allow that!

2. How to Remove Stains on Uggs Blankets

The ideal time to wash the blanket is every two weeks, because then your blanket needs to be cleaned again to ensure your health and skin, preventing pathogens from having a chance to enter your body. . And this is also the ideal frequency for your blanket to be soft, in new condition and smelling fresh.

In the process of using, no matter how careful you are. The fact that your blanket is covered with grease, wine, .. from food is unavoidable. At this point, you must be very confused and worried about your ugg blanket. Don’t worry, soon we will give you a solution to remove that stubborn stain.

  • Step 1: Prepare a small spray bottle, vinegar, water and a little chlorine-free bleach. Now let’s mix it up a bit! Put the above ingredients in the jar one at a time, shake gently to dissolve them. And we have a cleaning mix that’s safe for your own ugg blanket.
  • Step 2: Take a spray bottle and spray on the stains on your blanket and wait for the mixture to dissolve the stain for about an hour. Note that only spray on soiled areas, do not spray on non-dirty blanket areas.
  • Step 3: After an hour, put your blanket in the washing machine and wash as usual with the notes above.

3. How to Wash Weighted Ugg

For heavy or weighty uggs, you can choose to wash them with rattan or by hand. If you choose to wash by hand, make sure you have a basin large enough to hold your blanket. Then prepare a little of your laundry detergent solution to make sure your blanket is soft and clean. Mix water, vinegar, and a little chlorine-free detergent! Then soak your blanket in this mixture for about 15 to 20 minutes, then rub it gently until the dirt is removed from your blanket.

4. Keep Ugg Blanket Soft

If you are just cleaning and you are still not satisfied, you want your blanket to become even more soft and smooth. Then here 9Blanket will help you become satisfied! Do the following steps

  • Step 1: Prepare a cup of baking soda, add a cup of white vinegar, mix with a cup of laundry detergent. Wow! So you’ve just created a solution that can make your blanket smooth, bouncy, and soft like the original.
  • Step 2: Carefully put the blanket and the mixture in step one into the washing machine and choose a gentle wash with cold water.

And now your job is to relax, work, cook, .. or whatever until the program to wash your ugg blanket is completed.

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