Why Is My Blanket So Static

Why Is My Blanket So Static

Why is my blanket so static? On cold winter days, you often hear “click” noises when snuggled into your blanket. Are you bewildered by this strange phenomenon? So what are they? How do they affect your blanket? Do they pose any risk of harm?

Don’t worry too much about those issues, here we will help you answer all your questions about static electricity for the blanket. But first, thank you for trusting our article to explain the phenomenon! Now, don’t make you wait too long. Let’s learn about it now!

1. What Is Static Electricity In Blankets?

Static electricity in blankets is a phenomenon that occurs on a small scale when the balance of positive and negative charges between objects is lost. That’s called static electricity! When two objects rub together, electrons are accumulated on one of them, so it is possible that one will have a positive charge and the other will have a negative charge.

In the natural environment, objects do not carry a positive or negative charge for too long. So the electrons will be released to the next positively charged objects they come into contact with. To make it easier for you to imagine the phenomenon of static electricity.

We give an example of this problem as follows. Imagine that, under the floor of your living room is a huge slab and the handles of your living room are made of metal. In this case, the mat is an insulator and it absorbs the electrons from your body so your body becomes positively charged.

When you walk to open the door, your hand touches the metal doorknob with a warm charge, the electrons from the doorknob are released to your body and your body will absorb these electrons, making you feel jerked.

Also explain the same for your blanket. For example, during the drying process, your blanket rubs against metal in the drying drum, the blanket can create an electrical charge that is released when you touch them and the static electricity we see often occurs!

2. Items Prone To Static Electricity

In order for static electricity to occur, there is the rubbing of many objects with different types of materials with different accumulations of electricity. Some items are more static than others! Here, we will help you list items that are easy to cause static electricity so you can somewhat avoid the dangers of static electricity!

  • Wool: Listed as one of the few natural fibers that are particularly conductive.
  • Silk: with its electrostatic properties quite similar to wool.
  • Polyester: This is a very commonly used fiber, this fabric is super dry and has the ability to collect static electricity quite large.

Besides materials that cause static electricity, we found that cotton and leather are two materials that are unlikely to cause static electricity.

3. Ways To Overcome Static Electricity

Once you have a good understanding of static electricity and you have identified materials that can easily cause static electricity. But choosing items that do not cause static electricity is not common and not diverse. So here we are going to give you some solutions to have very little static electricity. And now, let’s find out!

3.1. Use Vinegar

When it comes to white vinegar, we no longer feel too unfamiliar with this ingredient, right? White vinegar not only helps your blanket remove yellow stains, keeps the softness of the blanket and now, it also helps your blanket remove static electricity too!

To be effective in reducing static electricity for your blanket. Use half a cup of white vinegar in the washing process of your blanket! Along with adding detergent, liquid detergent or mild detergent, add another half cup of white vinegar to the process. The result must make you say “Wow”! As I said above, vinegar not only helps remove static electricity, remove stains, but they also help soften blankets.

After washing your blanket with vinegar you will see a noticeable difference. And the difference between vinegar and other liquid or blanket softeners is that it doesn’t leave wax on your blankets, but leaves your blankets floating and soft.

3.2. Add Humidity In The Room

You know, an environment that is too dry is a favorable condition for the occurrence of static electricity on your blanket. If you’ve washed with vinegar and they still appear static when you cuddle your blanket. On winter days, we cannot avoid days with dry weather that make static electricity appear more.

When you fall into this situation, what you should do is moisturize your room. You can turn on the air conditioner and choose the humidity mode, but this workaround costs you, you can buy a nebulizer and put it in your room! They both prevent your skin from drying out and help you get rid of that static electricity!

3.3. Hanging Laundry Outside

This is a step if the weather doesn’t rain, you can hang your blanket in the sun with open space outside in the garden. When you hang things outside, it not only helps you reduce static electricity but also helps your blanket stay dry, cool, the natural scent of the sun and wind and avoid mold. Not only that, the midday sun’s rays will be strong enough to help you kill all bacteria, mold and other pathogens.

The drawback of letting them dry naturally is that they take a lot of your time, but on the contrary, the benefits they bring are enormous such as being able to keep the same style as when you bought the blanket, Eliminate static electricity, the surface of the blanket is always soft, no shrinkage, no lumps.

3.4. Change The Drying Cycle

If you are a busy person, do not have time and do not have the patience to sit and wait for your blankets to dry, you can still dry them with the dryer’s drying program. But you can change the drying cycle slightly so that you can eliminate static electricity by placing a damp handkerchief in the drying process with your blanket.

You can dry for 20 minutes or so the better. Plus, we’ll share with you another way to eliminate static electricity in your drying cycle. Can you guess what that is? That’s right, that aluminum ball!

Crush your aluminum balls and put them in the drying process for the last 20 minutes of the cycle. These aluminum balls will help you take away the static electricity your blanket is having.

3.5. Lotion

9Blanket will suggest another way to help you get rid of those static electricity by using a moisturizer. Using a moisturizer can both help you take care of your skin and body, besides, the wire is also a way to help you eliminate static electricity.

When using this method, you can apply moisturizer to your feet and hands, the parts that are likely to come into direct contact with your skin, helping to limit the possibility of static electricity. Still having your long, silky hair is also a cause of static electricity, but don’t worry.

You can leave your brush under running water to get it wet and then brush through your hair a little before you go to bed!

3.6. Dryer Sheet

If you are quite concerned about static electricity and are willing to invest in materials that reduce static electricity, then you can invest in a drying plate. With some types, it also helps you to remove static electricity from your bed and on your clothes.

With this drying sheet, your blanket is not only soft, not worried about static electricity, but also helps your blanket always smell nice, fresh and durable. So from now on you can comfortably, freely roll around, cuddle your blanket on your own bed!

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