How To Decorate A Blanket Ladder

How To Decorate A Blanket Ladder

If you love the unique and glamorous decor I do, then a farmhouse decorative ladder could be just what your home is missing. But how to decorate a blanket ladder in a stylish way, not everyone knows.

Decorative storage ladders or blanket ladders are trending into interiors for more reasons than you can imagine. These items are aesthetically pleasing, very versatile, and somewhat unexpected but quite practical – and not just for climbing. A blanket ladder will enhance the decor in any room in your home so if you want your rooms to be stylish decorate them with a blanket ladder.

They blend easily with almost any design preference, as there is a wide range of styles available to consumers, from wood and metal to those featuring arches and painted steps. Add visual interest to your space by incorporating decorative storage like blanket ladders in your home design. Continue reading for all the ways to style a quilt ladder in your interior in style.

1. Layer The Ladder With Blankets

A ladder and blanket going together is a fun and perfect combination. Put these chic pieces somewhere else to hang off the floor or sofa by adding a decorative ladder. Such a blanket and ladder layout has the effect of creating extra storage in your space. You need to pay attention to the folds of the blanket so that it is neat and flat so that our decorative space looks clean and neat.

While you can simply hang blankets onto the steps or hang them from the top posts for a casual, lively feel, there are other ways to fold throws properly that can enhance the image. display. Not all blankets are uniform in color, as some like comforters have stitching, patchwork, and designs that make them unique.

For the most unique decorative quilt, fold the blanket into three parts placing the best pattern you feel like outside of the unique designs you want others to see. This is a great way for you and your guests to appreciate the blanket even when it’s not in use.

2. Place A Basket At The Bottom

The blanket ladder itself can be a rather bland decoration as the design can be relatively simple. Even if you like its simplicity, you can still surround the ladder with other interior elements that will help bring texture and variety to your space. 

Besides adding layers of blankets to the ladder as 9Blanket mentioned above. Instead, we use items around the ladder to add accents to the blanket. Decorative elements that you can consider such as natural woven baskets bring a rustic, approachable style to your home without overwhelming it.

Blanket ladders often have a gap in the bottom perfect for sliding a decorative storage basket. Take measurements to be sure the basket you choose will fit properly without obstructing footpaths or interfering with ladders. 

Style the ladder with your choice of the multipurpose basket in natural materials like seagrass or water hyacinth. Plus you can perfectly use the basket to hold any items – shoes, extra sheets, or more blankets – that you might need to hide from view. This is a decoration that can both add storage space and make your home stylish.

3. Add A Few Books

If you are an avid reader and are always hungry to learn or explore new things, using a blanket ladder as a bookshelf decoration is a creative snag’s idea that you should try. If your bookshelf is too tight and there is no room to store new books, this is a great solution to relieve the pressure on your bookshelf. You can arrange to put the blanket on the balcony or any space you feel comfortable and convenient to get a book to read at any time.

Then choose your favorite books that you want to read. Place your book on the steps with the spines facing out for easy access. Add a way of tea or coffee, a gentle, relaxing music can elevate reading to a new level. Ladder blankets are not only decorative items in the house anymore, but now they are also associated with your hobbies and passions.

4. Use As A Drying Rack In The Laundry Room

A blanket ladder can be used for more than layering decorative elements or adding a unique touch to a room. The blanket ladder here can also be used with a more practical use that is used as a drying rack. To decorate with this item, consider using it for all items of clothing that you don’t want to put in the dryer. You can reuse this ornament and use it as a drying rack for damp clothes and delicates in the laundry room.

This is a great alternative for homes with small laundry rooms that have limited floor space, as it won’t take up as much space as a traditional drying rack. You can even customize the size of a ladder by creating your own, DIY-style blanket ladder.

You can create one of your own by following these simple instructions. First, you buy your favorite drying ladders, arrange them in the right space, then you can always use them for the purpose of drying clothes. This is a very convenient and space-saving solution.

One housewife revealed that instead of paying $250 for an expensive drying rack she saw at Pottery Barn, she made one herself for under $10. Now that’s a steal! Purchased or personalized, add a cozy touch to the laundry room with a purpose and minimal space with style.

5. Dried Flowers On A Vintage Ladder

Flowers always have style and bring an attractive and charming beauty that nothing can replace. Flowers not only add vitality, fragrance as well as freshness to your space or home. When you see the dried flowers that are stylishly placed on the blanket ladders, it looks so artistic. They make anyone who enters your home admire such a perfect combination.

This way of decorating with dried flowers is very unique and economical. Fresh flowers can be left to air dry, then used as a decoration for your vintage quilt ladders. You can make this decoration by following these simple steps.

First, secure the dried flower with a string around its stem. Depending on your style and personality, you can hang flowers as you like on the blanket. You should remember that this is a personal preference, so no matter how you decorate it, it will show a unique artistic style that does not match anyone else’s.

6. Add Greenery To The Rungs

If you’re looking for decorations in your living room or bedroom to place alongside a window or to cover an empty wall, consider decorating with a blanket ladder – but do it a different way.

Instead, get rid of the thrown things and decorate the stairs with potted plants instead. Yes, plants. This is not your usual tree stand. Use a blanket ladder as a unique way to incorporate greenery into your modest abode. Plants help us to naturally add color and texture to any interior and instantly soften the look.

Plants always give us a feeling of comfort and relaxation. So bring a bit of the outdoors inside by displaying a selection of favorite plants and flowers. Adding a little greenery to your living space helps you reduce stress after a stressful working day.

Assuming the steps of the blanket ladder are rounded and uneven, finding planters with hangers, like those offered at H&M, is ideal for securing pots to round steps. If your ladder has flat steps, try arranging the pots on each step to look balanced. Arrange several planters of different colors and sizes, filled with a variety of greenery, to form an organic collection that will liven up your interior.

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