How To Get Nail Polish Off Of A Blanket

How To Get Nail Polish Off Of A Blanket

You just got nail polish on the blanket and you don’t know how to get nail polish off a blanket? Nail polish on blankets both risks making your blankets lose their original beauty and making them smell bad. There are many factors that can cause your blanket to smell, but don’t worry we’ll help you get rid of those nasty stains!

Our article uses extremely simple and easy ways. Along with the items that any house has available. Without making you wait any longer, soon we will learn how to remove those stubborn stains! Now let’s get started!

1. The Reasons Why Nail Polish Sticks To The Blanket

There are many reasons why nail polish can get on your blanket. These include reasons such as: Your nails are not dry, accidentally spilled nail polish on the blanket and while you are painting you choose to sit in the blanket to warm and accidentally get it on. Here are a few reasons why and how to be more careful when using nails!

1.1. Nail Polish That Hasn’t Dried Yet

You’ve just finished a manicure and have a rush to get something from the blanket, or you want to get under the blanket to feel warmer. It is also possible that the paint you are using is a difficult one to dry and requires a tool to dry faster.

In this case, you should wait patiently for the paint to dry completely before doing anything else. Waiting patiently will help you both be careful and have a perfect manicure.

1.2. Spilled The Nail Bottle On The Blanket

Looks like you’re shopping for a new set of nails, and you’re trying out these colors next to your bed? And inadvertently a few times you’ve smeared nail polish on the blanket.

Oh that’s bad, isn’t it? No problem, you can design and decorate yourself an area to paint your own nails!

1.3. Nail Polish On Blanket

This happens when you are curled up in a warm blanket but still want to take advantage of beauty and accidentally get nail polish on the blanket. If you don’t want to affect your blanket, you can buy yourself a nail dryer!

2. Ways To Remove Nail Polish From Blankets

This is probably the part you’ve been waiting for the most, right? With the ways below and the items available at home. I believe you will soon choose the best solution that suits you best! So what are the ways?

2.1. Use Acetone

For women, you will no longer be unfamiliar with a solution called acetone. This is a type of solution made of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. They are also known as nail removers when you want to remove the current polish to match your natural nails or you want to change the color of the polish. There are also some nail polish removers, such as varnish removers.

There are some problems when you use this acetone solution to remove nail polish from blankets, it is in the composition of acetone that contains some ingredients that stain fabrics, even destroy fabrics. 

With an acetone solution, we follow some of the following steps to remove nail polish from the blanket:

  • Step 1: Secure your blanket on a flat surface and prepare a small piece of paper or cloth.
  • Step 2: Wet the paper or cloth with acetone solution.
  • Step 3: After the cloth or piece of paper is wet enough, dot it on the stain. At this step you can repeat the operation until the stain is completely removed.
  • Step 4: Wash the blanket again as normal washing cycle. So you’ve got the stain removed and the blanket is like new.

2.2. Insect Spray

The mechanism of action of insect spray is quite similar to that of acetone solution. So it’s also included in the list unless you don’t have an acetone solution at home. Besides, insect spray is also very safe for the body and fabrics. With insect spray, you can do the following steps:

  • Step 1: Using a spray bottle, spray on the areas with nail polish on the blanket.
  • Step 2: Using a brush, gently scrub until the dirt is gone.
  • Step 3: Wash the blanket by hand and cold water to help your blanket get rid of the bug spray smell and avoid contaminating other clothes.

2.3. Toothpaste

When you use toothpaste, they also contain some mild bleaching ingredients like ethyl acetate. They are safe for people and so are your blankets! You can use any kind of toothpaste, but to be sure, we still recommend using white toothpaste. You can use toothpaste with the following steps:

  • Step 1: Take a sufficient amount of toothpaste on the surface of the blanket containing nail polish.
  • Step 2: Use a charcoal scrub and scrub gently until the stain is removed.
  • Step 3: Then, wash the blanket again like the washing cycle you usually wash.

2.4. Vinegar

In many previous articles, 9Blanket mentioned vinegar as a method of removing stubborn stains, yellow stains,… And now, you will know one more use that is stain removal. nail polish. In any home’s kitchen, vinegar is an essential item and is never absent. If you like this method, you can follow it!

  • Step 1: Soak the entire blanket in warm water for about 10 minutes
  • Step 2: Prepare a solution of lemon juice and vinegar in equal proportions.
  • Step 3: Soak the stain in the solution mixture in step 2 for a period of 25 – 30 seconds.
  • Step 4: Wash the blanket as usual.

2.5. Hairspray

Use hairspray! That’s right, you didn’t read it wrong! Are you doubting its cleaning ability? It’s not wrong! In hairspray there are some substances that help harden the nail polish and you will easily remove it from the blanket!

  • Step 1: Use hairspray on the nail polish area.
  • Step 2: Wait for the hairspray and nail polish to dry.
  • Step 3: After the nail polish stain is dry, use tweezers to pick up stubborn stains from the blanket.
  • Step 4: Wash again as usual.

2.6. Baking Soda

The mechanism of baking soda is similar to that of solution acetone, but acetone is liquid and baking soda is solid. So before we start with baking soda, we need a little preparation:

  • Step 1: Mix baking soda with water in the ratio of 2 baking soda and 1 water. Then mix the mixture so that the baking soda is completely dissolved.
  • Step 2: Use the mixed mixture and put it on the nail polish stain, then let it sit for about 15 minutes.
  • Step 3: After 15 minutes, use a brush to gently scrub the stain.
  • Step 4: Wash the blanket as usual.

3. What Not To Do When Removing Nail Polish From The Blanket

  • The first thing: you absolutely do not wash the blanket in hot water. This will cause the fibers to shrink. Causes the fabric texture to lose its original shape and fades the color of the blanket!
  • The second thing: You should only rub or clean where there are stains, limit the surrounding areas. Because this can cause your blanket to lose its inherent color and be prone to yellowing!
  • The third thing: When dealing with stains, you should process them from the outside to the inside. From the places where there are few stains, then go to the places where the stains accumulate a lot.

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