How To Wash A Wool Army Blanket

How To Wash A Wool Army Blanket

How to wash a wool army blanket properly seems to be the question of many people. As we all know wool blankets, even those intended for military purposes, are very fragile. So you must be careful with how you wash them.

Although military blankets are not usually made of 100% wool and are more durable, knowing how to wash a military wool blanket is still essential to avoid reducing its lifespan.

In this guide, we’ll show you exactly how. Please refer to the ways to wash woolen blankets below to both ensure safety in the washing process and keep the blanket like new ones.

1. What Is A Wool Army Blanket?

Military blankets to many people still seem quite strange and not very popular. But in fact, military wool blankets are not too different from ordinary wool blankets that we often use at home. However, it will have different properties that make them unique and used for other special purposes.

However, for the rigors and difficulties in military environments such as the military, military wool blankets are often also larger and significantly thicker to meet the needs of inclement weather.

In addition, military wool blankets use fireproof materials and can provide the best moisture. It is a fact few people know that normally military blankets will not be made entirely of wool, only about 75% pure wool.

2. Preparation

Before going through the steps of washing military fleece blankets, you also have a good understanding of the material as well as the basic characteristics of the blanket to avoid causing unnecessary damage during the washing process. Next, we will give you the necessary materials and supplies that will be needed in the pre-washing stage.

The followings are the equipment and materials used in the cleaning process, including:

  • Clean Brush
  • A Clean Cloth
  • Mild Detergent (Or White Vinegar/Clear Soda)
  • Vinegar
  • Washing Machine
  • Large Pots/Buckets
  • Clothesline
  • Electric Fan (Optional)

3. How To Wash A Wool Army Blanket?

3.1. Removes Any Surface Stains On The Blanket

The first step that we need to do before washing the blanket is to remove the dirt, and pet hair, .. on the surface of the blanket. Use both hands to hold the ends of the blanket and then use your hands to shake it thoroughly to remove anything that has accumulated on it.

When using a strong enough force the dirt will automatically fall off. This will make the washing process less stressful later. In addition, you can hang the blanket on the clothesline and the dirt will automatically fall off without much effort.

Take the time to do this carefully. The more thorough and careful you are in this step, the easier the following steps will be.

3.2. Determine The Stained Spots

Now the next step you need to identify all the stains on your wool blanket before taking them to pre-treat with other cleaners. Knowing the location of stubborn stains and stains in advance will save you time and effort in the process of removing them. Additionally, this will ensure that there won’t be any unsightly blemishes on your freshly laundered blanket in the end.

Before you wash your blanket with any detergent, however, you need to check the label to see if there are cleaning solutions recommended for pre-treating stains. If so, follow the prompts. If not, use the ways we suggest below.

3.3. Make And Apply A Spot-Treatment Solution

Removing stubborn stains before taking the blanket to the official washing is also a useful way to remove all stains on the blanket. This way, the discoloration won’t go deep into the material, which can happen inside the washing machine. Please check the detergent to see if it is safe for wool or if it follows the manufacturer’s safety instructions.

When it comes to pre-treating woolen blanket stains, you have three main options:

  •  Is a combination of mild detergent and cold water in a ratio of 1:12 or 1:18.
  • Cup white vinegar and cup cold water
  • Cup of clear soda and cup of cold water

Apply one of the mixtures mentioned earlier to the stain on the blanket. Then, use a white microfiber cloth to gently dab over the stains until they disappear or fade significantly. If the fabric is colored, be sure to test it first to see if the fabric dye will change color.

Then, soak the blanket for 20-30 minutes in cold water with a few drops of laundry detergent. Never use hot water as it will shrink the wool.

3.4. Wash The Military Wool Blanket

When it comes to the actual cleaning process, you can choose to hand wash the blanket or put it in the washing machine. Depending on the needs and time of each person, we will have different options. But I will help you visualize the specific washing steps of the two methods above.

Method 1: Hand Wash

If you have time, it’s a good idea to hand-wash wool blankets to minimize possible damage to this delicate material. The good news is that most of the process involves soaking the blanket in a basin for 20–30 minutes in cold water mixed with a few drops of detergent, which should remove most stains. So you just need to focus on cleaning the blanket in the following steps.

After half an hour, put your hands in the basin and gently rotate the blanket around. If there is still a stain, gently rub the fabric with your hand to remove the stain. You should note that using a very light force to rub the blanket only will cause damage to the blanket.

Then wash the blanket off all soap with cool water until no more bubbles appear in the water. Gently squeeze out as much excess liquid as possible, which will aid in the subsequent extraction process.

After using cool water to shake off all the soap bubbles, hang the blanket on a drying rack to let the liquid drain out. Then take the blanket to dry.

Method 2: Machine Wash

We can put the blanket in the washing machine as long as you check the label first and follow the safety precautions while washing the blanket. To protect the duvet during the washing process you should use the gentle cycle setting in the washing machine. It is even more ideal if your washing machine is a modern machine without a central agitator that can overuse wool.

Besides the washing machine, pay attention to the ideal detergent and water temperature for your wool blanket. Some blankets prefer cold water and detergents like Woolite. However, avoid bleaches and fabric softeners to maintain the integrity of the wool.

Put the blanket in the washing machine and wash it on a cycle of 3 to 5 minutes. Then put the machine in rinse mode. Once everything is done, you can move on to the next step of drying.

3.5. Air-Dry The Blanket

As soon as the wash cycle is over, dry your wool blanket. First, absorb as much moisture from it with a white towel. You can use a towel to pat, absorb water or roll up the blanket. But don’t try to dehumidify by wringing out the blanket. This can cause damage to the wool.

Next, hang it on a clothesline in a well-ventilated place but out of direct sunlight to dry the blanket as naturally as possible. 


Through our suggested steps below, you will probably find that washing a military wool blanket is not as difficult as you imagine. Although military blankets are heavy duty blankets, they still require proper care and maintenance. 9Blanket also wants to emphasize the importance of reading care instructions labels.

Simply apply what you’ve read to get the job done. If you have other questions, leave them in the comments section below. We will get back to you!

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