What is a Receiving Blanket

What Is A Receiving Blanket

What is a receiving blanket? When it comes to this type of blanket, I am very confused and pondering over what a blanket is. Because so far, like you, I only often heard about cotton blankets, fur blankets, throw blankets, wool blankets,… but never heard of receiving blankets. Are you curious like me?

No problem, now, let’s learn about this kind of blanket! See what kind of blanket they are, what they are used for, how are they different from other blankets,… In this article, we will help you answer these types of questions! If you find our information useful, please read and follow our articles!

1. What Is A Receiving Blanket?

I don’t know since when, a specialized soft blanket for wrapping babies is called a “receiver blanket”. The reason it has such a name is because the blanket is often used to give to children and those who are about to be fathers and mothers!

This blanket can be gifted from a close relative of the baby’s parents or from friends of the parents. And this blanket will be their love for the baby! This receiving blanket is usually square or rectangular in shape, they are common in size 30 inches by 30 inches.

Depending on each country, they have different common sizes, some countries take the size of 30 inches by 30 inches, but there are also countries that take the common size of 36 inches by 36 inches. Or they will be in the form of 30 inches by 36 inches. But most commonly they will be in the form of a square.

This blanket is for babies with sensitive skin, so they are given special attention to the material. Usually they are used with muslin, cotton, felt and 100% cotton fabrics. Since they are all soft yet breathable fabrics, they keep your baby comfortable and warm during long sleeps.

2. Some Information About Receiving Blankets

As 9Blanket briefly introduced above, the received blanket is used to swaddle the baby, to know more about the information about the receiving blanket let’s understand this part!

2.1. What To Use The Receiving Blanket For?

For the parents, the blanket received is used to swaddle the baby. This swaddle blanket helps your baby feel snug and secure like in the womb. Help your baby stay comfortable and can flexibly move around.

Besides, this blanket can be used as a burp blanket, baby play mat, nursing blanket, or can also be used as a blanket in the baby’s crib, in the baby’s stroller.

In this article, we will write content about receiving blanket information. But besides that, we will introduce to you about 5 ways to wrap your baby with blankets received through the video that we introduce here. You guys have a great experience!

2.2. Size Of The Receiving Blanket

The size of the receiving blanket will depend on your purposes and circumstances such as:

  • Blanket for premature babies: This is the smallest size blanket, if in rectangular form, it will be 18 inches x 20 inches. In square form, they are 24 inches by 24 inches.
  • Standard Receiver Blanket: With a rectangular shape, it will be 28 inches by 34 inches. In square form, they will have a common standard size of 30 inches by 30 inches.
  • Larger-than-standard blanket: This is a blanket for chubby kids or parents who need a larger blanket. They are usually 34 inches by 46 inches rectangular in size.

Therefore, the school has a variety of blanket sizes to suit the requirements of each family. So, you should choose for your family the size of the blanket that is suitable for the purposes, circumstances and uses that parents want to use for the baby!

3. Compare Blankets Received With Other Blankets

To better clarify the difference between receiving blankets and other types of blankets, this section will compare receiving blankets with other common blankets. This will make it easier for everyone to decide whether to use a receiving blanket or not!

3.1. What Is The Difference Between A Receiving Blanket And A Regular Blanket?

Compared to ordinary blankets. The blanket received is a blanket used exclusively to wrap babies with the advantages of comfort and breathability because it is made of lightweight materials such as cotton, felt and has a smaller size than ordinary blankets.

On the other hand, regular blankets come in many sizes but most of them are larger than the receiving blanket. Not only that, blankets are also made from heavier fabrics such as wool and cotton. They are often loved by adults or older children to cuddle and keep warm.

3.2. What’s The Difference Between A Receiving Blanket And A Swaddle Blanket?

The swaddle blanket does exactly what its name suggests. It’s only for swaddling my baby! The swaddling blanket has two sides like wings to make it easier for parents to swaddle their baby.

But blankets get more flexible use because they come in a variety of sizes that make it easy for parents to use for many different purposes.

3.3. What’s The Difference Between A Muslin Blanket And A Recliner?

Compared with the receiving blanket, the muslin blanket is rated as a softer blanket than the receiving blanket. Because muslin blankets are made of cotton, a fabric that’s great for babies’ sensitive skin, they’re often used in baby wipes, diapers, and other types of baby bedding. new-born.

The blanket is a kind of blanket made of felt, fleece is often used to make blankets wrapped around the outside, covering the outside of the baby. But what these two blankets have in common is that they can be easily cleaned and dried!

4. Other Uses Of The Receiving Blanket?

The blanket is attached to the newborn baby in the early stages of life very closely. But over time, when the baby matures and grows, he will no longer use the receiving blanket. So what will you do with this blanket then? Let us list some solutions for you!

  • Alternative to baby burp cloth: This receiving blanket has the advantage of being larger than a baby’s burp cloth. So its wide coverage is larger, helping children keep the cleanliness when eating and after eating.
  • Replace pads when entering public toilets: On days when your family has a picnic, go to the supermarket, … or any public place where you go to the toilet without a towel to line it up. then you can take advantage of this receiving blanket!
  • Use it as a mat to help your baby explore the world and be safe: This blanket you can carelessly spread on the carpet when your baby is in contact with the floor, but you are not sure about the hygiene. Now they act like a carpet!
  • Breastfeeding visor! It comes in very handy as a veil for you when your baby demands to breastfeed in public! Conveniently, right?
  • Alternative to car covers: this blanket comes in handy even when you and your family are moving around in your favorite car, but still helps your baby feel at home to avoid anxiety and fear!

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