How To Make A Lovey Blanket

How To Make A Lovey Blanket

When you are waiting for the baby to be born, and wondering how to make a lovey blanket for your baby. Or you have a sister, friend, brother, … or any relative who is in the process of giving birth and wants to find a gift for the little angel, this is the article for you! This gift will not contain your love and care for your baby!

This article is an article that teaches you how to make a lovely blanket for your baby, so you need to read the instructions carefully and prepare some necessary supplies. Are you ready to prepare? You can read this article over and over again before actually doing it so you can have a relaxed and relaxed mind for the best results!

When the gift that you hand-made with your love for the child, the child will also feel your boundless love! Just seeing them happy, lying comfortably next to the blanket that you sew yourself is already an overwhelming joy for you!

1. Prepare Before Practice

It is important before making a blanket to prepare all the necessary items to avoid shortage of items while you are unfinished. Now let’s focus on some essential and certain items that you must have!

You can use paper and pen to write down what you have to buy more, what your home already has. This will help you become more assertive when going to the store, avoiding rambling and wasting unnecessary items.

1.1. The Best Material For Baby Blankets

Up to now, 100% cotton knitted fabrics are always recommended for use at any age and it is especially safe for children. The properties of this fabric are breathability, good sweat absorption, stretch and heat retention. It is these outstanding features that make children feel comfortable and happy, and sleep better.

But if you don’t want to make it with a 100% cotton knit fabric, you can also do it with that other fabric. So that these fabrics are not stretchy but still soft and warm can comfortably wrap the baby, especially the following fabrics:

  • Draper
  • Minky
  • Old T-shirt
  • Quilted fabric

1.2. Prepare The Fabric

Usually, you choose the size of the blanket before you can estimate the amount of fabric needed. Most baby blankets will be 35” x 35”, which is the perfect size for a baby in a crib or being pulled by a parent in a stroller, or for a walk around the park. It will make you and your baby feel more relaxed!

With the size we have recommended above, the size of the blanket you need to prepare is about 2 blankets, one on the front and one on the back. However, the size of the blanket will depend on the length you want.

We hope that you can be creative without worrying about being limited to a certain framework. So before you go to buy fabric, you need to determine when you make baby blankets? Blankets on the bed, blankets for strollers, blankets in cribs, … from which to determine the exact amount of fabric to be prepared.

1.3. Other Items

  • Fabric: Oh! Of course, the fabric is the first item and is also mentioned by us above. Besides preparing 2 yards of fabric (one for each side), you also need to prepare another half yard of knitted fabric. This fabric will be used to sew on the girl part, the hem of that blanket. If you’re more careful, you can be prepared to be a bit more prepared just in case!
  • Pins: In making cute baby blankets or any knitting crochet project, this stapler is needed. They have a fixed function, keeping the edges of your blanket from moving so you can finish the project with ease. Besides, when using and choosing pins, remember to choose anti-rust pins! If the pins get rusty, your fabric will bleed, tarnish and even damage your fabric!
  • Ruler: This item helps you to have a square blanket, more complete! This ruler helps you accurately measure the size and the seams and cut lines become sharp, making everyone praise it!
  • Scissors: This is also an indispensable tool, as it helps to cut threads, or cut fabric straight without gagging, provided that the scissors are sharp. When using sharp objects such as knives and scissors, you should keep them out of reach of children and do not let them come into contact with these items to avoid injury to children!
  • Needle: With one item this is also essential in your whole sewing process! You should choose a needle size that is neither too big nor too small to make your seam look more delicate and beautiful!
  • Sewing machine: This is an effective support tool for you! Your seams will be straight, even without a single error! But it also requires you to know how to use basic seams to be able to easily use and operate it according to the correct process to make your quilt complete!

2. How To Make A Blanket

So we have all the necessary materials ready! Now 9Blanket can start making the blanket! And let’s start with the first step!

2.1. Step 1: Make A Rabbit Head With A Machine

Cut two identical shapes to make stuffing easier. Like making a rabbit’s head, you need to cut two circles of equal size and 4 pieces of rabbit ears of the same size. Then use the left side to sew the hem around but leave a little bit to turn the left side in and the right side out!

Plus, you can embroider or decorate the rabbit’s face before sewing the hem! You can then stuff the inside after you turn the right side out and the left side in.

2.2. Step 2: Cut Pieces Of Fabric

Then, align them so that they are round and square to look more aesthetic and neat. You can also remove the excess fabric or thread from the bunny’s head and ears.

Make sure that both the head and ears of the bunny are stuffed to make them look more alive and beautiful! If you don’t want to stuff the bunny’s ears, that’s okay too. You absolutely can’t necessarily stuff your ears with cotton to avoid it getting heavy.

2.3. Step 3: Sew The Ears To The Rabbit’s Head

In this step, take a pin to fix the rabbit ears to the rabbit’s head. Then use a sewing needle close to the seam pins to avoid revealing the seam! This step requires you to be meticulous and a little careful will make them look as beautiful as buying them from the store!

2.4. Step 4: Cut The Fabric To Make The Bunny’s Body

At this point, take two pieces of fabric, one meter each to prepare for making the body of the rabbit. Similar to making the rabbit’s head and blanket, keep the right side in and the left side outside. In addition, take a cotton sheet measuring 1 meter and sandwich it between the two pieces of fabric that we prepared in advance.

Then take a pin to fix the corners and use a sewing machine to fix it completely. Remember to leave a corner to turn right side out first. Then you use the needle to complete the rest of the openings!

2.5. Step 5: Attach The Rabbit’s Head To The Body Of The Blanket

This step is similar to attaching breathing ears to the rabbit’s head! Use pins to temporarily secure the rabbit’s head to the blanket! Then use the needle to gradually fix the blanket completely with the rabbit’s head. Be a little more careful with this step!

2.6. Step 6: Done

Congratulations! That’s it, you’ve finished the adorable bunny blanket for your baby! Check again to remove excess threads. If you are more careful, wash the fabrics before proceeding to make the blanket!

Now you can look and be proud of your achievements. You can put it in a box to wrap it up and give it as a gift. Your baby will love this gift from you!

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