How To Make a Tshirt Blanket Without Sewing

How To Make A Tshirt Blanket Without Sewing

Lately, we’ve seen a trend that’s been trending: “how to make a t-shirt blanket without sewing“. When I saw this trend I had to say “Wow” and was quite curious about it, how about you? Therefore, I have researched and wanted to write an article to share this meaningful work with everyone. This is a smart, creative, economical and environmentally friendly way of doing things.

If you also want to learn about this trend, follow the article and let us know what you think! This article will show you how to make a blanket from old t-shirts or you don’t use it anymore. If you think you throw them away, it’s a pity because they contain so many of your memories, so why don’t we turn it into a blanket full of your memories!

1. Prepare Necessary Supplies

Before we really start making this blanket, we need to prepare some necessary supplies, or must have to make this blanket! When making a blanket, there is an advantage that we do not need to use needles or any stitches!

Do you feel surprised? Therefore, it is really easy to do, even for those who are not very skillful. So you can do it to give to your loved ones and express your love for them. They sure love it!

1.1. Necessary Tools

  • Fleece blanket: When you choose a fleece blanket, you can choose the size according to your preferences and needs. The smaller the fleece blanket size, the fewer t-shirts you’ll need. On the contrary, if you want to make a large size, you will definitely need more t-shirts! But we recommend that in this first attempt, you should choose a fleece blanket that is about 40 x 60 inches. This is a reasonable size for you to easily carry out and is common in many cases.
  • T-shirt: This is definitely an indispensable item when making this blanket! You need to prepare enough shirts or maybe a little extra. These t-shirts need to be cleaned before making blankets. So make sure you clean these t-shirts before you start making blankets!
  • Permanent fabric glue: This method uses absolutely no needles or any stitches. Therefore, you need to prepare a replacement base fabric glue, you can be assured of fabric glue and they are very durable and strong, but it will depend on the brand you choose.
  • Glue: To prevent and be able to handle awkward situations in time, you should be prepared. Or in case you want to attach a certain tag, you will need this glue bottle!
  • Chalk: Convenient for size marking and cropping, chalk is a useful tool to help you accurately determine the part to cut, so you should not ignore this tool!
  • Scissors:
  •  We recommend that you prepare a large, sharp pair of scissors so that you can easily cut neatly to avoid chipping the shirt, causing jagged pieces of fabric, making them unsightly.
  • Ruler: A measuring device that accurately determines every centimeter, helping your cutting line to be in line. I am sure that having a ruler will make your product much more perfect!

1.2. How Many Shirts Are Needed?

As we said above, the number of t-shirts you need to prepare will depend on the size of the blanket you want to make and the size of the t-shirt.

As 9Blanket suggested above, if you decide to make a 40 x 60 inch blanket you will need about 17 to 20 t-shirts. If this project is successful, you can even make bed sheets.

You do not need to worry if the size of the t-shirt is uniform and afraid of lack. In case of shortage, you can use the back of the shirt. Very convenient, isn’t it?

2. Making Blankets

Now we can really get started with the first steps of the process. To complete a quilt we recommend the following 5 steps: gather materials, cut the t-shirt, arrange the layout, tie the shirt together and finish. Now let’s get started!

2.1. Collect Documents

In this stage, you need to collect samples that you like. Then you arrange the necessary tools in order so that the furniture is not lost! And especially the fleece blanket bath! Don’t forget it! The blanket should have square corners, straight lines without jagged edges, cut lines without tripping. Because it will greatly determine your product!

In this part, you need to prepare a square cardboard to put your t-shirt on the cover to make it easier to measure and cut. We recommend creating a 12 x 12 inch square cardboard. Memorize this measurement and use the ruler prepared on top of the chalks to create a nice square. In this stage, if you just miss a corner, it will greatly affect the t-shirts in the next step!

2.2. T-Shirt Cutting

First, choose one of your favorite t-shirts from the 20 that you have prepared. Then lay the t-shirt on a flat surface and place the cardboard you cut in step 1 on the t-shirt. Then you take chalk, mark on the shirt according to the outline of the square cardboard.

Once you’ve marked and squared the t-shirt’s logo, then use your sharp scissors to cut out the square, taking care to create squares with smooth edges without jagged edges.

Similarly, do the same steps over and over with the 20+ t-shirts you’ve prepared and we’ll be ready to move on to the next step. With the shirts arranged on the outer edge of the blanket, make them about 2 inches longer on the 2 adjacent sides (for 4 t-shirts in the 4 corners), and the t-shirts on the edges. only 1 side 2 inches more! After completing this stage, you have completed 2 out of 5 jobs already!

2.3. Arrange Layout

Then arrange the square t-shirts on the fleece blanket in the order you want. Some squares are larger than others, so keep them outside the edge of the blanket!

Then take a spray bottle of permanent fabric glue on the fleece underneath. Then place the wool t-shirt in the areas you’ve sprayed to secure your t-shirt to the blanket. Then carefully stroke the t-shirt so that it fits into the blanket so that it is flat and you swipe in sequence from the outside to the inside!

When you swipe like this, it helps the t-shirt to file into your blanket and helps to remove the bubbles when the bubbles are removed. Fix it from the outside edge and then to the center of the blanket. In this way, the edge cable will be more beautiful and durable.

2.4. Tie The Shirt Together

So we’re almost done! In this step, we only need to manipulate the outer edges of the t-shirt blanket. In the outer squares, cut the tassels 2 inches deep and 1 inch wide. Then do it all for the outer edges of the blanket!

Then, tie them together, two double knots each time to add strength, fixing the outer edge of the blanket. And similarly, repeat until you have finished one blanket. You just need to skillfully tie it neatly and you can have a beautiful blanket!

2.5. Complete

Then look again and take care to remove excess threads. And see which part is not sure, get glue to fix it or add more to increase the certainty of your blanket. And congrats, you’ve finished the quilt!

3. Some Tips

  • When arranging your composition, place your favorite tops or tops in the center of the blanket.
  • In case of a shortage of fabric, you can use the back of the t-shirt.
  • T-shirts should be washed thoroughly before proceeding.

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