Why Does My Dog Drag His Blanket Around

Why Does My Dog Drag His Blanket Around

Sometimes you won’t understand some of your pet’s behaviors. For example, why does my dog drag his blanket around? Not sure if this worries you? Are you wondering and curious about why your dog is pulling the blanket around? Don’t worry too much about this! We will help you with these questions.

In our opinion, any behavior has a cause, including your dog’s behavior of pulling blankets around. Your dog must have something to say that you haven’t discovered yet. So, we wrote this article to help answer your questions and help your dog. Let’s get ready, let’s start reading this article!

1. The Source Of The Problem

Most when explaining any cause of a dog’s behavior, one will first consider its breed instincts. In other words, the species instinct plays an important role in the behavior of dogs. According to experts, some of these cases will occur when dogs move and scratch their blankets.

Explaining this phenomenon would also be quite similar to your dog walking in the garden and they start scratching and scratching the soil, piles of leaves, … or any other area that they can smell. Before they dig, they will go around sniffing, each has its own criteria to choose the area it marks. This action is often to explain that they want to mark their territory and create a comfortable nest to rest.

So having your dog pull the blanket around is also trying to create a more comfortable nest. For some female dogs, this behavior appears when she is about to give birth. So pulling blankets running around is like showing nesting to welcome new members. This practice represents safety, the desire for comfort and warmth when in their nest.

2. What Causes Your Dog To Pull Blankets Around?

There are many causes for your dog to pull the blanket around. In order to explain objectively, we have divided the causes into two main groups: physiological causes and psychological causes. These are the two biggest causes to control, better understand the reasons for your dog’s behavior.

2.1. Physiological Causes

When we think of physiological causes, we immediately think of physical health problems, unusual manifestations and habits such as: instinct, and the right temperature.

  • Instinct: Is the nine most commonly explained reasons when dogs pull their blankets around. There are many breeds of dogs, but the vast majority of them can be of a hunting breed. The history of this type of dog often lives in packs, so their behavior also affects. The explanation for this is like the instinctive behavior of digging in the ground, moving damp leaves and sharp twigs out of their territory.
  • Temperature: Just like humans, they are affected by temperature quite a bit. It is possible that the weather when it is too hot or too cold will lead to the behavior of pulling the blanket around. When the temperature is low, the act of pulling the blanket around appears more. Pull the blanket to create a cozy resting place. When the temperature is high, they can also pull the blanket to a cool place to have the right resting temperature. They are so smart!

2.2. Psychological Causes

Perhaps when it comes to the psychological aspect, there may be more explanations for the dog’s phenomenon of pulling blankets around, such as: territorial marking, nesting, imitation, fear, possession preference. And now let’s find out!

  • Territory Marking: The dog pulls the blanket around as a way of marking his territory. This is likely to happen when your home has many different pets and they don’t get along very well. They mark their territory to seek privacy, not allowing other pets to intrude. Dogs have a very special nose, they can distinguish a multitude of different odors, in addition to that, under their paws there are paw glands that will leave body scent wherever they go. So they feel uncomfortable when the scent of another animal appears.
  • Nesting: If your dog is female and pregnant. Then comes the behavior of pulling blankets around, walking around and scratching the itch. Then don’t worry! They are just looking for and building a comfortable and safe birthing area for their babies. This makes it easier for them to protect and keep their babies warm.
  • Mimic: If your dog is with his mother or older dogs that are darker than him. Maybe it learned new behaviors from older dogs. Because in the process of development, they always learn and grow by absorbing new things. It is also possible that they feel curious and imitate what it would feel like to do the behavior. This behavior becomes a conditioned reflex if there is a reward every time they do it.
  • Fear: It’s possible your dog is pulling the blanket around because they’re feeling it! They sense threats that are lurking around them, so they will pull blankets around as if they are establishing a barrier to protect themselves. There are also accompanying behaviors to show their insecurities such as pulling and chewing blankets. It’s like a way for them to release fear, stress.
  • Hobbies: When your dog feels happy, excited and pulls blankets around as a way they show their joy, release energy and spread joy. And can be accompanied by expressions such as tail wagging and excited sounds. Plus, they may want to play with other pets or their family.

3. How To Fix

While it’s not necessarily bad behavior for a dog to pull blankets around, they can sometimes easily tear, soil, and mess up your home. For those reasons, you want to fix this behavior? Check out our next section!

3.1. Train Your Dog

If your dog pulls the blanket around to mark the territory and starts to become more aggressive you should start training them with reinforcement. This is an active way of training with rewards after they complete something. You should repeat it many times to reinforce their positive behavior!

During the training process, you need to be patient and show love for them! Because if you train them to go ice cream with negative actions, it will make them feel anxious, scared and easily agitated and aggressive.

3.2. Make Your Dog Comfortable

You should care a little and can make them feel more comfortable by placing the bed in a dry place and paying attention to the temperature in that area. You can choose a soft bed and accommodation that is not too cold or too hot. This way your dog will feel comfortable, relaxed and moderate their behavior of pulling the blanket around.

3.3. See A Vet

You can take them to the vet if the act of pulling the blanket around is accompanied by some expression of pain or fear. Most likely they are hiding the wounds and illnesses that they are experiencing. In case you can’t figure out the real cause of the blankets being pulled around, you can also take them to the vet!


9Blanket hopes this article will help you find the cause of your dog’s behavior of pulling blankets around. Thank you for choosing us and following the whole article. If you liked this article, stay tuned for our next articles!

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