How To Use A Swaddleme Blanket

How To Use A Swaddleme Blanket

Knowing how to use a SwaddleMe blanket is always a topic of wide interest among first-time parents. Properly swaddling your baby makes him feel like he’s in the womb once again providing a feeling of warmth and security.

Swaddling is a traditional method of wrapping babies in a light, a breathable blanket to help them feel calm and easy to fall asleep, plus it can also limit startle reflexes and suffocation caused by loose blankets. However, not all babies enjoy being swaddled; Maybe they don’t like the feeling of being trapped. It’s been proven that some babies don’t feel comfortable being swaddled, so try it out to see if it’s right for your baby.

Before going into the details of how to use swaddles, let’s talk about swaddle brands. One of these options is a product called SwaddleMe. Here’s our guide to showing you exactly what you’re getting with this product and detailed instructions on how to properly roll diapers that anyone can do.

1. Startle Reflex

Many new parents often wonder why you need to swaddle babies, especially newborns since they don’t move around much. Babies are easily startled when they sleep on their backs because they are used to feeling safe and protected in the womb. Babies are often startled perhaps because they just feel like they are falling and any sudden movement from their arms will startle them and possibly wake them up.

Here’s the problem, like us adults, babies have something called the “startle reflex” or the “Moro reflex”. This startle reflex occurs when a baby is startled by a loud noise, a sudden movement, or the feeling that he is falling. They respond by jerking their bodies or arching their backs, stretching their arms and legs, and then curling up.

These reactions can often wake young children from sleep and often frighten them, causing them to cry. Wrapping the swaddle by holding the baby’s arms to the body and preventing them from reaching out and disturbing them makes them feel more secure while sleeping.

2. When NOT to Use a Swaddle

Baby swaddling should only be done when the baby is on his back and before he can roll over. Babies and young children are still in the process of gradually perfecting their body functions, so they can control their necks and other organs on their own, so it is not advisable to put babies on their stomachs in diapers.

While turning over, the infant can turn his or her head, but not fully to the other side. This can lead to a situation where the head can stop halfway, making the nose parallel to the ground, which can cause the child to suffocate. So before you start swaddling your baby, you should carefully observe your child’s development to know what is the most appropriate stage.

3. Safety Precautions When Swaddling

Although swaddling is a traditional method that has been used for generations, here are some important tips to follow to ensure your baby’s safety at all times.

First, you should not wrap the diaper too loosely or too tight around the baby’s body. Neither of these is good because if the swaddling is too loose, your baby can wriggle around freely and the diaper itself can be the cause of suffocation. If swaddled too tight, the diaper will tighten against the baby’s body, hindering the baby’s ability to breathe and move freely.

After swaddling, check to make sure your baby has enough room to move his hips and legs. This is very important because it will stimulate the development of muscle groups in the body in the most natural way.

Swaddling is only appropriate until your baby is able to roll or turn over – once they can roll back forward, swaddling this way will no longer be safe.

Babies should only be placed on their backs to sleep to avoid the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS.

4. About SwaddleMe

For more than 30 years, Summer Infant has designed products to help parents feel more comfortable in the process of nurturing and accompanying their child’s development. One of the baby care products that have received widespread attention is the Swaddleme diaper.

This comfortable fabric is designed to keep the baby warm and avoid the startle reflex, which can make the baby feel comfortable in use. In addition, parents should be careful not to wrap too tightly because this can interfere with the baby’s breathing.

This product has a 0.3 tog rating, the right thickness, and is made to fit babies after premature birth and between 7 and 14 pounds. It is suitable for a wide range of climates for both cold and colder regions. While swaddling your baby is a safe practice, certain safety precautions should be followed.

The product comes in a variety of sizes and can be used with or without a blanket. It can be wrapped tightly around the baby to make the baby more comfortable and feel more secure because it feels like a parent is always there.

5. How to Use the SwaddleMe Blanket

One of the important things that new parents should learn and learn carefully is the SwaddleMe blanket technique. As I mentioned above, swaddling helps your baby sleep easier, and longer, and doesn’t wake as often. It is designed to wrap around your baby and secure their arms inside the bag.

It does not require much effort from parents, as long as you focus and follow the steps below, swaddling a baby is no longer a difficult problem.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to wrap a SwaddleMe blanket. This blanket has the advantage of having a built-in foot pocket, which simplifies the process. SwaddleMe takes the guesswork out of learning how to line up your baby. It’s super easy and user-friendly.

  • 1. First remove the blanket and flatten both wings of the diaper on a flat surface and adjust the creases in the middle.
  • 2. Place your baby on his or her back on the blanket and place the baby’s shoulders parallel to the top of the SwaddleMe.
  • 3. Gently place the baby’s feet in the available swaddle bag with enough space.
  • 4. Once you’ve secured the foot in the diaper, start placing the center wing up to the baby’s chest and under the neck and pull the velcro.
  • 5. Parents must secure the cloth to the top pocket of the foot pocket. Then start with the left-rounded edge – not with the tabs, and keep the child’s arm by the side.
  • 6. Pull the round side of the SwaddleMe to the opposite side, tucking it under your baby, while leaving the other arm free.
  • 7. Pull the taped side of the wrap to the opposite side to stretch the baby then place the velcro sides soft and snug.
  • 8. Make sure the right-wing hugs the baby’s chest. And you must put your baby to sleep on his back to avoid SIDS.


In short, swaddling is the perfect way to recreate the womb-like environment your baby is no longer exposed to after birth. It helps to reduce the effect of the startle reflex on external factors which can prevent the baby from waking up. So we can’t deny the huge impact of swaddling in keeping your baby comfortable.

However, parents must follow the instructions and precautions when swaddling before use. When done properly and following safety instructions and information, it can be the perfect way to soothe your baby.

9Blanket hopes this article will be useful to learn how to use swaddling for babies and give you some useful knowledge in the process of raising children. If you feel the knowledge we share is useful, don’t hesitate to spread the good things to others!

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