Why Does My Dog Lick The Blanket At Night

Why Does My Dog Lick The Blanket At Night

Why does my dog lick the blanket at night? How long have you seen this in your dog? In addition to your dog licking the blanket, do they have any other symptoms? And surely, you are also the one who worries about your dog the most, right? No problem, everything has a solution for your dog with our article.

With this article, we will help you answer questions about your dog. You can rest a bit now, right? Don’t let you wait any longer, let’s find out now! First of all, we want to cover the content as to why your dog licks the blanket and some ways to fix it.

1. What Makes Dogs Lick Blankets?

During the development and growth of both puppies and cats, there are behaviors such as licking. This is one of their habits, and it’s how all living things learn. As if promoting the process of perfecting hearing, keen sense of smell and even sharp eyesight. We too, from a young age we also put things in our mouths to savor how they taste.

Your dog too, from a young age they are licked and caressed by their mother to protect them, and also a way to show love for their children. Therefore, this behavior is learned and becomes their instinct as they grow up. And in everyday life, that’s also how they show up as they grow up and mature.

But if the frequency of them licking the blanket is too much and their emotions and expressions are not stable, take them to the veterinarian for timely diagnosis and treatment!

2. Why Dogs Lick Blankets

In your opinion, what are the causes of dogs licking blankets at night? In this article, we divide into two major causes, physiological causes and psychological causes. Let’s see what those reasons are!

2.1. Physiological Problems

Regarding physiological problems, we can easily recognize the symptoms that your dog is experiencing and easily overcome those causes.

Gastrointestinal problems:

When your dog licks anything, including a blanket, they produce and release endorphins, which are like natural painkillers to help your dog feel more comfortable. .

Therefore, when your dog has digestive problems, they will lick the blanket as a natural reflex to help him reduce the feeling of nausea and reduce the manifestations of gastrointestinal problems. In this case, we encourage you to let your dog vomit and take them to the vet for timely treatment!

Adrenal disease:

Diseases related to the adrenal glands, often leaving the body in a state of thirst. So when it’s thirsty it will try to find water everywhere it can. This disease is often accompanied by some other symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, and even severe weight loss.

Research has shown that, for some breeds that are considered Standard Poodles, Great Danes and Bearded Collies are more prone to kidney disease than other breeds. So try to see if your dog has the same symptoms, then take them to a veterinary medical facility soon!

Dental problems:

Dogs with dental problems are also prone to licking blankets. Maybe they are having problems such as toothache, mouth ulcers, … or some wounds, scratches in the oral cavity.

Besides, they are also accompanied by some phenomena such as whining, drooling, difficulty walking and decreased appetite. If possible, you can help them check and determine the cause of the problem!

Dermatological problems:

This problem is also a cause that causes your dog to lick the blanket because it seems that they are feeling uncomfortable itching on any part of the body. And they do it to ease the discomfort the child is suffering.

2.2. Psychological Problems

For psychological problems, it can be difficult to recognize physiological problems as we described above. But that’s okay, here we will help you identify the psychological situations that your dog has!

Stress, anxiety:

In this case, observe and notice how often your dog licks the blanket. A dog may be overstimulated, causing them to worry when strangers are around it, or maybe you are planning to go away, move house, … and make them unprepared psychologically and suddenly overwhelm them.

So, licking the blanket is a way that they use to soothe and reduce the anxiety that exists within them. If this case goes on for a long time without being detected, it will easily make your dog become depressed, sad and lead to consequences such as not eating, limiting activities.

Leaving the mother too soon:

When the puppy has to wean from its mother and leave its mother at a very young age, it also lacks the warmth and love of its mother. So the act of licking the blanket is an act that makes them feel safe, peaceful, and warm like their mother is next to them.

In this case, you can spend time, play with them more, show them more love so that they feel your love and not feel lonely.

Due to hobbies:

It seems that in the process of living, you leave your scent lingering on the pillow, so that they feel familiar and snuggled into the blanket, even licking the blanket and feeling like you are next to them! And this behavior shows that they love you very much and are always loyal to you!

Food on the blanket:

It seems that after a quick meal, after taking a break, you may accidentally drop a few pieces of food. This allows your dog to sip at night when they go to bed, so they can smell the delicious aroma of the food. In this case, you can clean and re-sanitize the bedding to make the room cleaner, more fragrant and avoid these situations.

Above are all the physiological and psychological reasons why your dog licks the blanket at night. If you detect it in time and pay attention to it, it will help you determine the cause and be able to solve the situation you are facing.

3. How To Stop Dogs From Licking Blankets

3.1. See A Vet

Regardless of the reason your dog is licking the blanket for any reason, you should take your dog to see the veterinarian so that the doctor can develop a personalized treatment plan for your dog, promptly treat and bring him. Dogs are in normal condition!

3.2. Check Out The Diet

Helping them have more minerals and vitamins will help them have a more regular and stable lifestyle. Both avoid physiological problems and help them stabilize psychologically.

3.3. Play With The Dog

Sometimes you take your dog for a walk in the park, play with them so that they are always comfortable, happy and relieve the troubles they are facing. I hope you can be happy and have fun with your beloved dog.

3.4. Alternative Toys

Instead of continuing to let them lick the blanket because there are many risks such as leaving a bad smell, staining your blanket. Thing you can replace with items such as dolls, or rolls, cotton balls, … to help them move away from the act of licking the blanket to a replacement item that you have prepared for them.


9Blanket hopes our article has helped you find solutions and recognize your dog’s behavior. Hope you and your dog have many memories and time together. If our article is useful, please follow other articles and accompany us! Thank you for following along!

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