How To Block A Crochet Blanket

How To Block A Crochet Blanket

How to block a crochet blanket? Is this the question you always ask yourself when you are about to finish a project? I think your blanket will be the most gorgeous blanket ever!

While you are wondering how to end the crochet blanket when there are so many options. Then don’t worry, let us introduce you to some methods and ways to finish your crocheted blanket!

In this article of ours, we will bring to our readers methods to help crochet blankets with simple ways such as: washing and drying; spray steam on; Use a steam iron. With these methods, you just need to choose the one that works best for you! Hope the information we provide will help with your project!

1. Method 1: Wash And Dry

This method will include 5 steps with detailed descriptions below, see if they are right for you!

1.1. Choose How To Wash

Before entering the washing and drying process, you need to redefine how the blanket is washed. Read the comments for your fabrics to see if they are machine washable or hand wash only.

After choosing the right washing method according to the requirements of the fabric you use to crochet. If you choose to hand wash, fill the tub or basin with enough blankets and rinse with water and soak for about 5 to 10 minutes. If you choose to machine wash, choose a gentle cycle and let your comforter rest for between 5 and 10 minutes similar to hand washing.

During the entire washing and soaking process, make sure your blanket is always soaked in cool water, do not use hot water to avoid shrinkage of the fabric. Besides, you can also use mild detergents to help keep your blanket clean and smelling good. But we still recommend that you in this process use water instead of other cleaning agents.

1.2. Squeeze/Squeeze Excess Water

After a soaking time of about 5 to 10 minutes, you can now take your blanket out of the sink/tub or your washing machine to gently wring it out to remove the water that is absorbing in your blanket. . Then, spread a towel about the same size as your blanket on a large enough surface. Next, put the blanket you just wrapped on that towel. Roll the towel around the blanket to help remove any remaining water from the blanket.

You can use more than one blanket to make it easier to remove the water from that blanket! Besides, you should not use too much force or pull to stretch and damage the fiber texture of the blanket you are washing.

1.3. Pin In The Corners

After wringing/squeezing the water out of the blanket, leave a towel to dry under the flat surface of your blanket. This will both help your blanket to be more airy, and shape your blanket to look new, always smelling good and beautiful.

Then write your blanket and towel in the corners of the blanket and both sides. Push each log through your blanket and towel and push back. At this stage, you should use a stainless pin to prevent the stain from spreading to your blanket. You can also use candies to replace the pin if in case you don’t want to use a pin.

1.4. Let The Blanket Dry Naturally

After all, it’s time to let your towels air-dry, and they usually take 12 to 24 hours to dry. Drying time for your blanket will depend on the size of the blanket, thickness and type of fabric. Besides, it also depends a lot on the weather, climate and humidity of the area you live in.

Let it dry naturally, then you can remove the burner and touch some places on the blanket to make sure your blanket is completely dry!

2. Method 2: Spray Water On The Blanket

Perhaps the way to spray water on the blanket and let it dry naturally is the way that takes the least amount of effort and your time. You can consult and choose the method that is most suitable for you! 

2.1. Spread On A Flat Surface

In this method, prepare yourself to have at least two towels or more. Then, choose a flat surface just enough to put your blanket on. First, spread two or more layers of towels on the bottom and then spread your blanket over them. Besides, please use dry towels!

2.2. Pin In The Corners

After you have placed your blanket on two layers of blankets and now it’s time to secure your blanket with pins. Pin in the corners and edges of the blanket to better shape the blanket.

Choose a pin that is stainless and has the same length as your blanket. Besides, you can replace pins with those clips!

2.3. Spray Water On The Blanket

This is the most important stage of this method! You need to prepare a spray bottle and fill it with water. Then, spray your entire blanket. When you choose this spray method, it will save you a lot of time compared to using the washing and wringing method of your blanket.

With this method, your blanket will dry faster. They won’t take too long until it’s completely dry. Soon you will not have to wait too long and still have good results!

2.4. Let The Blanket Dry Naturally

When using such a spray method, it only takes about one to three hours for your blanket to be completely dry. The drying time of the blanket depends on the weather and climate where you live.

But with a time of 1 to 3 hours is an ideal time for you to take a break between hours. After your blanket is dry, pull out the pin or clip you used earlier in step 2 and check that your blanket is completely dry!

3. Method 3: Use Steam From The Iron

Of the three methods that we mention in this article, perhaps this method is the most popular and recommended method used. Are you curious why? Learn the steps with us!

3.1. Choose Your Space

In this step, spread your blanket on a large enough surface, so that the surrounding space is comfortable and airy. And make sure, the surrounding also needs to be clean to make sure your blanket is always smelling fresh and clean!

3.2. Spread The Blanket On A Flat Surface

Prepare a thick and white towel or make sure it doesn’t fade on your blanket. Then, spread the blanket over the space of your choice and then, spread the blanket over the towel.

3.3. Fixed Blanket

Then, grab a pin or clip to secure your blanket. Make sure the blanket is secured to the towel to ease the next steps. You should choose a stainless steel needle to avoid making your blanket fade and cause unsightly.

3.4. Spray Water On The Blanket

If you do not use a steam iron, use a spray bottle to moisten your blanket and take the iron, ironing it over and over with the right temperature to keep the blanket flat and beautiful. If you choose to use a steam iron, you probably won’t need this spray anymore!

3.5. Adjust The Blanket

Once you’re done ironing, adjust and stretch the blanket to your desired shape. If you need more than pins and clips, be prepared!

3.6. Let Dry Naturally

After you’ve adjusted the blanket, leave the towel there and let it dry naturally. And letting moisture and steam be released depends on the weather, humidity, and climate where you live. But 9Blanket guarantees you won’t have to wait too long!

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