How Much Power Does Electric Blanket Use

How Much Power Does Electric Blanket Use

Before using an electric blanket, do you often think “how much power does electric blanket use“? That’s right, everyone will think like you! People often tend to find out information about the product they intend to buy a lot. Part of it is wanting to see if it’s the product you want or if it doesn’t fit your needs.

In this article, we will provide you with the most useful information about the electric blanket that you learn. Let’s find out if it’s right for you and your needs. Therefore, if you choose our article as a reliable source of information, we would like to thank you for your love and support. We will filter and analyze, synthesize all the most useful information to you!

1. What Is An Electric Blanket?

An electric blanket is a type of blanket that at first glance looks like a normal blanket. But they are capable of providing the warmth, the temperature you desire. Electric blankets were first thought of by humans in 1912, by a noble doctor who always thought of patients on cold winter days.

They both have to face illness and suffer the torment of that harsh weather. With that enthusiasm and determination, in 1920 the first electric blanket was born and promoted to the masses.

Electric blankets are the same name as their construction, on the outside they are ordinary blankets, but inside they have a heat conduction system and include a temperature control knob normally at the top of the blanket and a cord. Connect the blanket to the electrical outlet. The wire from the outlet to the blanket is responsible for transferring energy to the blanket so that they convert from electricity to heat.

Recently, blankets have been improved with timer function and temperature sensor. There’s even a way to charge the battery like a phone! The timer function is set to be able to automatically cut off the power or stop providing heat to the blanket when the user reaches a certain time.

The thermal sensor is installed as the task of automatically disconnecting the power when it reaches a certain fixed temperature, to avoid fire and explosion. Today, they can even be charged as an alternative to direct plugging to serve everyone’s travel needs while ensuring consumer safety! Avoiding you sleeping soundly leads to the failure to promptly handle unfortunate cases.

Today’s weather is more severe, and technology is also much more modern than before, so the creation of technological gadgets to serve people is always an improvement. It’s these blankets that will keep you warm on relaxing movie nights, sleeping in on weekends, or those cold times when you need warmth.

No matter how modern the objects are, they will have their advantages and disadvantages. Because nothing in the world is absolute and neither is the electric blanket! So what are the advantages and disadvantages? Let’s find out together!

1.1. Advantages Of Electric Blankets

  • Convenient transportation.
  • Energy saving.
  • Optimum productivity.
  • Provides uniform warmth over the entire blanket.
  • There is a wide choice of colors, sizes and patterns.
  • Some electric blankets have additional timer functions, automatic power off and temperature control mode.
  • Only being warm in the place with a blanket does not affect other areas.

1.2. Disadvantages Of Electric Blankets

  • Concerns about the harmful effects of electric fields although so far there is no evidence to prove their harmful effects.
  • Fear of outdated models that do not have a power-off function, which can easily cause electric shock and fire.
  • New bed sheets when not used properly because they have a touch function, so it is easy to cause burns to the user.
  • Easily damaged by not being cared for, properly preserved and pets.

2. How Much Energy Does An Electric Blanket Use?

Perhaps in today’s article, this is the main question that readers are most curious about, right? Yes, and this is the main body of this article! Hopefully the following information will help you answer your questions and make informed choices!

2.1. How Much Electricity Does a Blanket Use An Hour?

Depending on each model, each phase and the setting of the blanket, each blanket will have different electricity consumption. But for a typical electric blanket, it uses about 200 watts per hour on average.

And if one night, you open it for about ten hours then it costs you 2 kilowatt hours of electricity. Accordingly, depending on the country, it will have different amounts, for example in Vietnam it will cost about 4000 to 6000 VND. And it will fall between 15 and 30 cents.

Currently, electric blankets also have many functions such as automatic power-off, timer, so it is possible that the amount of electricity you consume in a day, a night will be less. Moreover, depending on each different area, the cost you have to pay for the power consumption of the blanket will also be less. Because of that, the electric blanket is an economical electrical appliance that you can choose and use!

2.2. Can An Electric Blanket Be Used With A Generator?

The needs of consumers are increasing day by day, so the technological product lines also require new ones to meet human needs! So moving the electric blanket is also a need that can be completely met. So you can completely use your electric blanket with a generator!

These days, you can even pre-charge electric blankets at home and take them on a trip if it’s a short field trip. If you go longer, you can use a USB or a small generator that requires a minimum current output of 12 volts, they can completely keep you warm! If you’re traveling by car that includes a heater or mini-fridge, a larger generator is a great idea!

3. Tips Before Buying An Electric Blanket?

Before you really decide to buy yourself an electric blanket, we would like to give you some information to help you in the process of choosing and shopping for an electric blanket as follows:

  • Choose the type of electric blanket that senses heat and automatically shuts off: They will automatically cut off the power for you when it sees that the temperature is too hot!
  • Carefully consider the capacity of the blanket: Choose for yourself a blanket with the right capacity because a blanket with a higher capacity will heat faster. If you have a large family lying on the same bed, consider a large capacity blanket!
  • Check electric blankets before buying: Before buying and using, please consider a look to see if they are scratched or exposed anywhere! They are very dangerous if exposed to electricity. So you need to check carefully to ensure the safety of yourself and your home!
  • Choose the blanket with the most stars: Blankets that are often rated with many stars are usually blankets of good quality and shape. Since they are trusted by many people, I don’t think they will let you down either! Besides, please read some more reviews from previous consumers to have the most objective and honest view of the product you want to buy!

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