How To Fold A Throw Blanket

How To Fold A Throw Blanket

I have a headache from rearranging a blanket, but don’t know how to fold a throw blanket? Hmm! With just a few simple steps, you will make your home more neat, tidy, clean and luxurious!

Have you ever wondered how many ways to fold a blanket? And where should it be placed? How do you follow the vintage style? If you pursue a mature, seductive style, how should you hurry?

Well it’s hard isn’t it? It doesn’t matter, whether you’re after a cute, classic or mature, glamorous style, we have different folding styles for you! Trust me!

You will find something in this article only! Our today’s article gives readers not only how to fold blankets but also how to preserve blankets and shape the style of your home! Now let’s find out together!

1. Purpose Of Folding Blanket

Before you actually start folding blankets, you need to see what your favorite folding blanket is? Or to put it more simply, your style, taste, and personality will determine how to fold your blanket. They also greatly influence the trend of shopping, buying items and appliances for your home.

If you are a gentle, classic person and like to be neat and clean, the neat way of folding blankets will be very suitable for you. If you pursue a modern, luxurious and aristocratic style, you are very suitable for folding blankets at the end of the bed and on the sofa (also known as folding for decoration).

In addition, to serve your needs, we also have a way to fold the blanket for storage, or as a gift for any of your loved ones! No matter how you choose to fold them, they always show your love, expectations, and dedication into the blanket.

So do you have a goal for yourself yet? Whatever the purpose, these folding ways will help your home stay neat, clean and airy. Every time you come home or just after you have finished folding, you will be very proud and comfortable to enjoy the results of your efforts!

2. Ways To Fold Blankets

There are many different ways of folding blankets, but we do not list them all, but we synthesize and analyze them into different groups according to the purpose as I said above. And we decided to divide it into two folding styles: neat folding (folding for storage, gifting,…) and the second folding for decoration.

You can combine watching the video we recommend and combine it with reading our document below. For convenience, 9Blanket thinks you should read the reference first, then watch the detailed video tutorial. This will avoid rambling. Saves you that time and effort!

2.1. Fold For Storage

With the purpose of folding neatly and making the house more organized and clean, we will give you the easiest and most convenient ways to fold:

  • How to fold the blanket neatly: To be able to fold the most neatly, you need to fold the blanket in half lengthwise. Then double again horizontally and you have a square rectangle. You can now place it on the sofa, the couch or on the bed and secure it with a pillow so they stay flat and wrinkle-free. So what a great way!
  • Fold to store the blanket:
    • First you need to unfold it all the way on a flat surface to make sure it stays flat. Your hands are then angled on the shortest side, which both helps keep the blanket in place and allows you to easily control positions. Then you fold the blanket in half. If the blanket is light, you can stand up and hold the top edge, then roll it down to flatten it and lay it down on its original flat surface.
    • Next, use your hands to smooth the edges to make it flat to its full size. With this step, you should work from the inside out from the center to the edges to remove the wrinkles of the blanket. Next you fold the blanket in half to the width again! Continue to remove wrinkles from the flat side of the blanket.
    • Finally, you double the lane again to make it small enough to store. During the process, make sure to flatten it to make your blanket look like new the next time you use it.
  • Roll the blanket:
    • Lay your blanket on a flat surface, so that the edges of the blanket are always flat, anti-wrinkle and crease-resistant. Tuck about 30 centimeters of the edge of the blanket down the length of the blanket. This work helps you create the quilt cover in those final steps! Or stabilize everything! And continue to fold the blanket into 3 equal parts lengthwise as the original. We call the part that folds 30 centimeters of the original blanket edge as the head of the blanket.
    • Then from the end the blanket folds about 30 centimeters more, and then folds it again! So you’ve got twice that right? And starting, from this part will need to use more force! It’s a roll from the part you just folded in twice and remember to use force to roll tightly and make them more compact! Your hands take turns rolling and holding until the blanket is gone!
    • When you roll to the end of the blanket, press down with your hands at the ends of the blanket and hold it a little bit, so that it doesn’t come loose! It’s the last step! Turn the pocket you created in the first step outside so it does the job of holding the blanket for you! Be careful to do it little by little! Because it is very easy to come off! And congrats, now your blanket looks very neat and easy to move!

2.2. Fold To Decorate

Looks like you want to change the space in your home a bit with a throw blanket? Just a little change in the way you fold it creates a very different style!

  • Flip and flop blanket folding: This is quite exaggerated but no less luxurious! If your blankets have vibrant colors, they are a highlight for your room! As a first step, fold them in half lengthwise, paying attention to the edges and creases on the blanket! The flatter the blanket, the more meticulous and meticulous you are. Then flip it in two on your forearm. This step looks like your arm is like a blanket rack! Then you can arrange to place it in the living room, bedroom on the sofa or anywhere you like. You can put them on top to make them come alive!
  • Put blankets on the couch: With this method, you will make your living room look more luxurious with just a few simple steps! Fold it in half lengthwise, then you can fold it in half horizontally and place it on the bench! You can also put it on the arm of the chair, the end of the bed, or even the corner of the bed!

3. How To Preserve Throw Blankets

  • When the blanket is not in use, fold the blanket neatly and then put it in the basket to avoid dust.
  • If your area is limited, wash the blanket to dry and roll it according to our instructions, then store it in a vacuum bag.
  • If you have a separate space for blankets, sheets, pillows, cushions, that’s great. You just need to clean it and fold it neatly and put it in place!

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